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  1. Like the Warburton days, seems to be a fear of shooting at times.
  2. Nah the referee didn't show him one for some mental reason after he assaulted Jack in the first half.
  3. These Geordie cunts on the youtube stream are abysmal.
  4. It's must win for us due to head to head results I'm sure mate.
  5. Aye I'm £38 with Inverclyde Leisure and it's a sickener when you see the membership prices in other areas in Scotland. No other option here really though.
  6. Disaronno and coke is basically Dr Pepper in booze form so suits me.
  7. This. Big fan of disaronno though to be fair. Need to drink loads of it to get fucked though.
  8. I'd be the most vocal regardless of the result just because it's GEC.
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