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  1. They fucking hated when Hearts got in their faces in that 4-0 win and was exact same today. Don't give them a minutes peace and they panic like fuck. Excellent scenes. Pedophile cunts.
  2. Fuck sake just noticed its already been posted Fuck it
  3. Watched it earlier, he's an arrogant arsehole who simply can't back it up with consistent performances. Delighted we got rid of him.
  4. I vaguely remember him sharing that story in the boozer (I was probably hammered) he was a class act and never a dull moment when he was out and about.
  5. RIP big man, it was an absolute pleasure sharing a laugh and a beer with him.
  6. Devastating. Had the pleasure of having a few beers with the big man a couple of times and what a superb character he is, his stories are hilarious and he's a gem of a guy. No surrender big man.
  7. Anyone know if we have an option to buy similar to Jamie Murphy deal last season? Sure I read that somewhere on here but could be wrong.
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