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  1. Sweettartangirl

    RFC Manager

  2. Sweettartangirl

    RFC Manager

    Everything you have posted there did not give me any type of excitement...(initially AM for the first season initially - as was hopeful, then reality hit) This time I am raising an eyebrow, but not getting over excited. Just optimistic of a turnaround. As said, it could be misplaced, but I will know when the season starts, not because virtual RM "Managers" are telling us:)
  3. Sweettartangirl

    New Strips

  4. Sweettartangirl

    Rangers related picture thread

  5. Sweettartangirl

    Rangers Disharmony Bollox

    Scottish "Journalism" 😒
  6. Sweettartangirl

    RFC Manager

    I agree with having patience, but not as far as even 1st season. First 6 games and then we will know this time, after watching previous management of the team. We should even have a rough idea after first couple I would imagine. Giving the mhutants that much of an inch would be dreadful. But I do get the whole team building exercise. If SG and his coaching team are worth their salt, then pre-season will do exactly this, if the stories on RTV are anything to go by. As said in another thread, I'm more optimistic of SG compared to the others though. He appears to tick the boxes in terms of what he is looking to gain and the winners mentality appears to be there as well which is a lot more than the complacent nonsense we were constantly having to listen to before.
  7. Sweettartangirl

    Meet BROXI – RM Bravehound Dug.

    Broxi is absolutely gorgeous
  8. Sweettartangirl

    Gerrard 8

    @Bronzy likes this.... Allegedly.
  9. Sweettartangirl

    Gerrard 8

    I like popcorn.
  10. Sweettartangirl

    Gerrard to meet (involve) Walter

    I like that he is looking to gain advice from some of our most prized managers being a rookie. But I agree with most that he needs to make his own mark with this job also.
  11. Sweettartangirl

    Of all the signings !

    This I do agree with somewhat, but I do believe he will excel where our previous managers have not:) Warburton, Caixinha and Murty did not give me anything to be hopeful of. I feel some sense of optimism this time. It could be misplaced, but I don't think it is.
  12. Sweettartangirl

    Gerrard 8

    Uncle Billy, my dad, Tim the Tosser says I can't have that Stevie G shirt that has just come on sale cause it reeks of desperation and all the RM members say it as well when he is lurking on there. I think it's smart as and all my pals have it at school already. Will YOU get me one please, Uncle Billy??!!
  13. Sweettartangirl


    I'll ask my iphone friends to see what they recommend 😀 Off to work(being a good Presbyterian;) )xx
  14. Sweettartangirl

    Gerrard 8

    I'm away to work whilst you all grumble away at anything and everything. Have a great night lads 😊
  15. Sweettartangirl

    Gerrard 8

    At present it appears to be due to season not even starting, however I can' see why it would be a stupid idea when our club does need money. Yes, that would equally work, agreed. Exactly 👍