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  1. Oh, he fully admits the horrible club he supports are scumrat lowest of the low, child abusers. At least that's something I suppose.
  2. Designer vag mate. You can't even cook you lazy bawbag, so leave my veg out of it - triggered.
  3. Robb dear...you appear to be angry. Pornhub/redtube or a jolly good wank is good for stress release. Give it a go xxx
  4. Referring to the team she supports. Cucumbers...even sh*tty ones give me mad burps and hiccups so tend to avoid them 😊
  5. I did wonder about this instagram post on Grezda story...
  6. To not only get to meet his heroes, but sit with them and have a team picture will give his family in decades to come a true treasure and amazing memory of their papa. This is the true Rangers Family spirit ❤⚪💙 More Than a Club
  7. Come on bears...let's get to at least 125 members....that's only 15 more to join up and show how valuable our donations are to these lovely people at Erskine.
  8. I did. My phone is a troublemaking knob:(
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