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  1. You still have 8 left????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on RM Bears, get this sorted right now! Shocking.
  2. I'll only make the Rovers game due to being in Skye for one and Ireland the other.
  3. Actually surprised that idiot Muirhead reinstated his twitter account after his last ridiculous blurb. Really is one of the dumbest taigs I have come across...but it's clear he has a contender for that top spot now.
  4. Haven't read rest of thread lately... But this gave me a bit of Forest Whittaker eye
  5. Our club should, but I would be extremely surprised if they did.
  6. Keep this to the back of your mind though because he's doing what we asked of him months ago now....
  7. He knew alright!!! I'm absolutely raging that it got to this stage before they decided to get on board. I agree with you that it shouldn't have taken anywhere near this long considering the years we have ALL been constantly reminding them! And yes The Times got this story out, but it was out years ago! Genuine scumbags the lot of them. I could care less that tomo is now public enemy number one with the taigs. He has been an enemy with us for years because he kept swerving the truth along with every other Scottish media outlet. They're pretenders, the lot of them, just out for their paycheck
  8. Still a despicable bawbag. Doesn't need to bring the British Army into anything. Nothing to do with this at all.
  9. And there you have it.....absolute howler of a cowardice prick. I'll not be ignoring his side mentions neither. He's at it.
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