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  1. First half we generally do well...second half - garbage Indeed. Take the night off.
  2. Pipe down. It was horrendous and if we are expected to get to the last 16 then this is NOT the way to do it.
  3. I really want to be happy, but this lot better get themselves in the correct mentality now cause tonight was utter garbage.... Can't take much positivity from this tonight.
  4. Completely messed it up. What's the word... Scunnered. Not a single fck given tonight huh...
  5. My Da will be spinning in his grave:( I'm broken at how mad I am.
  6. I'm not even joking. We should have won this easily. Raging.
  7. Right get the changes on....arfield up right now please.
  8. When I had seats in Broomloan about 8 year ago(before admin)beside the UB, my two daughters were waving their flags and joined in the singing. The UB invited them to come stand beside them as well. Great bunch. My youngest was about 8 at the time, needless to say she was straight in there. My oldest was a little shy, but went to look after her little sister:) They absolutely loved it.
  9. I don't go on buses. I have 2 tickets. Depending on circumstances in my personal situation will determine if I am making this game or not. Sorry I haven't replied to PM's as yet. I will get round to it. I am telling you all here though, if I don't know you as a regular from here, I won't be giving you the tickets. Also, I won't be expecting money. I will be giving them away. If you want to pay then I wish for you to give the proceeds of the tickets to the Erskine Fund instead. That is my wish.
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