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  1. Probably the link itself was removed due to content by the original poster(not the RM OP). Scumbags.
  2. Whatever your thoughts are on Wallace... That was a decent goal:)
  3. Jim Baxter. Would loved to have witnessed him play. My Granda and Da said he was unreal to watch.
  4. I was about to ask, would clubs not have something in their clause with BT et al about pundits behaviour and attitude towards any team when commentating on games . Should he not be keeping his opinions strictly professional and neutral to his own bias thoughts especially when it means trolling fans etc? He and the rest of his ilk have a duty of representation to the company they work for, surely? I don't know, but I don't think I have ever seen as many vile idiotic opinions being given by any other pundits on clubs as the likes of this clown and his other 2 stooges appear to make on us. Our club were right to get rid of CM. Think Rangers also need to consider what this lot bring to our club? It's certainly nothing positive.
  5. But we are paranoid protestants mind....
  6. Why is there not a love button on here yet? Absolutely tremendous @julescotia as always. Thanks so much for bringing us so much joy again. Hope things are well with yourself and your wife xxx
  7. Right enough...forgot about them, haha.
  8. Could you imagine the media outcry if he played for those rabid lot from the east?! Absolutely unreal.
  9. I agree somewhat, but I think it's safe to say that that time has now passed by. We had our chance to not go to the stadiums that wanted us gone for good and it was completely ignored - which is absolutely fair enough. The anger and hurt that was there isn't as high a priority compared to the sheer joy of watching Stevie G and our team tear our opponents a new bumhole instead(and I don't mean in the celtic sense of tearing bottoms, by the way­čÖł) So, if they want more of us to go and watch them getting booted about the park, then by all means let them get on with it. Their fanbase is woeful and that's their own fault. It's not like their club didn't offer incentives to get more bums on seats. Who remembers their Sell Out Saturday?
  10. I recently had to take one of my customers to the game they had against St Mirren. There was zero atmosphere from St Johnstone fans compared to St Mirren Fans who were going all for it with singing and creating an atmosphere. There were more St Mirren fans than there were St Johnstone fans. Really woeful state of affairs and I really wasn't in the mood for being there with losing my Da, but didn't want to let the customer down. What bile is this cheeky wreck talking about? And wanting £50 a seat from us?
  11. Morelos has only had one injury. It was a hip injury 2017 when he first joined us I think. He only missed one game.
  12. Just an example of where celtic tried to get Morelos banned whilst ignoring all fouls made on him 29th December 2018. Would like to see the board show those video examples from OP to the SFA cause Clancy turned a blatant blind eye to a lot more than Beaton did. Hope we learn from that half season as well and come back this time all guns blazing...I think we will.
  13. So...like last year are our board going to dispute this especially Morelos getting the red outside the 4 minute window... I haven't read the updates yet...I hope they are though. We already know the SFA have zero integrity so it's up to our board to remind them of the type of scumbag green tinted referees they employ.
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