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  1. Cracking songs to outstanding videos. Thank you millions @julescotia These mean a lot more than you probably even realise. Hope you're all keeping well. Thanks for these again. Keep up the great work x
  2. You're not on the laugh at the taigs thread then? Shame, it's a good thread. Anyway, Robb come on lad, Bears Den is for Rangers stuff only, not this. Yes we do...it's called the OT - anything goes if you can handle the consequences of what you choose to discuss:)
  3. Popcorn teeth still staying to give us a laugh whilst his own support are seething at him. 115 minutes to score the winner....ha ha ha
  4. Sitting in service user house who just wants to watch taigs get beat. Great way to spend couple of hours and get paid for it Same haha. Work will be utterly delightful tomorrow, especially when we win as well ha ha ha.
  5. The way our midfield are scoring goals, as well as our defenders, we don't need anymore strikers anyway ...ha.
  6. Wouldn't be touching their tears, burn yer throat to bits Still glorious watching them ball out though. I am still laughing like mad
  7. Meanwhile.... Seen this? https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/brian-cooper-kyleburns?utm_id=66&utm_term=738YbBNBw
  8. It's been dragging for months...I hope this kicks their bottoms.
  9. Here's hoping. I'll probably have to annoy them daily to get it sorted haha
  10. Beat me to it!!! @Zetland
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