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  1. Brilliant. They're listening to us as well as watching us. Feeling their pain is simply glorious. Sing louder Bears
  2. It's something I am still holding on to...the pipe dream. Can't see Sheep trying to win. That would mean giving us the league and there is no way they want to pave way to giving us the League title. Same with Hearts after the romping we just gave them and dare I mention the hatred Livingston feel for us at the moment. They hate the Taigs, but hate us more....well their crybaby manager does. Then there is Kilmarnock. Bottom line, they'll lay down to the Taigs with their bottoms in the air.
  3. What? Just never can tell with @.Williamson. haha. Exactly.
  4. Had a female resident in Skye who was 112 years old so she's in with a good shout I reckon. She absolutely adored the Queen as well. Had loads of memorabilia in her room.
  5. Happy Birthday to our beautiful Monarch. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth Hope you have a jolly good knees up. ❤⚪💙
  6. Well that's just not good enough, is it? Us Bears want clarity....and gossip
  7. Fair enough. So was it an up ye to the Hearts fans or gesture to his Da due to inside joke?
  8. Also...this shouldn't be in Bears Den. It's not relevant to Rangers the club especially if you're using it for fishing you naughty bear.
  9. Yeah according to the papers it was aimed at his Da as a joke. Not sure I am convinced by that explanation to be honest. @tannerall I am the definition of a moaning min at present. I'm hungover to hell and have nightshift later. Oh my giddy head:(
  10. It's all about context and how it is perceived I guess. Temperament wise, Defoe is better...Agreed. Player ability...Morelos is better. How they link with other players...depends on formation. I still think Morelos mainly although I think Defoe is still improving with more games given to him. And we will still find out for definite in these last games.
  11. I don't think he will be staying. I'll be gobsmacked if he does and wouldn't be unhappy about it neither if that were to happen, but if it is thought he is worth around £20M then what wages would we be expected to pay him next season and could we afford it? These are the things we would and should be considering if keeping him. I love him, but not at the expense of crippling the Rangers coffers.
  12. Well you said it much better than how I did anyway. So much for me leaving here. I am a little intoxicated and addicted to your chat guys. Better diverse conversations here anyway. I'm stuck with a couple of girlfriends who don't like football so want to chat about make up, hair and celebrities:(
  13. Last thing.. Not for one moment would I think otherwise. Financially we do. I'm just saying I don't think he will be entirely protected. He will still get his game. If I'm wrong I'm wrong. I don't think I will be though. Goodnight xx
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