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  1. Not disputing what you said mate. The cunt got hurt March 18th against us and 14 days later he’s playing against Arsenal with a fractured skull? Skullduggery methinks.
  2. Fractured skull? I’m sure the cunt is back playing.
  3. If you watch the flight of the ball, it’s going away from his head and he just grazes it but his arm is there. If it doesn’t graze his head it hits his arm anyway. People are never going to agree, but the ref and VAR both called it mate. All the same, City played Dortmund off the field tonight. I will admit I haven’t seen the incident from last weeks game.
  4. What calls were that mate? Stonewall penalty and?
  5. Kris Boyd is the only one I have time for now. Never stops protecting us and gives it out when needed. Some of our former players let us down.
  6. Ally and Barry. Fucking apologists man. What’s happened to them?
  7. This is true, but UEFA could’ve sorted it. I don’t hold any hope on this. It’s down to him and his lawyer now.
  8. Guilty of assaulting a player in the tunnel.
  9. 10 game ban from UEFA! That’s all they know.
  10. Kudela would then sue Glen for assault. Won’t work. UEFA have fucked it. They don’t give a shit! A cunt of an organization!
  11. No sure mate, but there’s some cunt on there called McGowan.
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