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  1. Did you read my first post? There are definitely thick folk around.
  2. You will have to ask the morons mate and if they know. I can’t answer your question.
  3. Or people are exasperated that it’s intent isn’t fucking working.
  4. There’s no concept. He is a Rangers player. That’s why he got booed. Who’s gonna take the knee for that and would it help?
  5. He’s not. It’s the sentiment of taking the knee that’s being booed as it has no effect on racism. If anything, it seems to have gotten worse mate.
  6. I agree with everything about your post mate except the fans booing. I think a lot of the fans that boo now are frustrated as this taking the knee has not had the desired effect. It’s like the sentiment has been watered down and is just a “oh here we go again” sort of thing. Taking the knee is having little effect on racism. How long have athletes been doing this and what have been the effects. Look at the young lads from England that missed the penalties. Taking the knee didn’t help them. Something else needs tackled here.
  7. Happy with that. Brighton will take the message down south that we’re better than the EPL expect. Good domination in the game from us. Moved the ball really well. Good afternoons work.
  8. Yep, can understand that. It’s a bastard. My son in law just got diagnosed with it. He’s not happy either. Feels like it’s just a heavy cold so far. Isolating like you.
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