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  1. Bang on mate. McLean got another one wrong.
  2. He’s not an answer for us. Bye.
  3. I know we didn’t. Kent was of no help today. It’s great having that pace, but when you put the brakes on at the 18 yard box that’s the pace advantage gone and allows the defenders to get set up.
  4. Mate, what if we had lost today?
  5. We’re all nervous mate. I’m sure the players are beginning to feel this stuff coming on.
  6. We played the bottom of the league mate and managed a draw. Happy?
  7. Think the name is wrong mate. Instead of Madina it should be Mad Isa.
  8. The little tims at Easter Road are better than Motherwell mate. We were terrible today. Played like we were trying to keep Lennon and lawwell in a job. 😉
  9. Aye mate, but this is a sore one. Motherwell are bottom of the league. A draw at Hivs I could handle, but not this shite performance today. Wish Gerrard would watch a game from a telly. He’d see our frustration and hopefully figure out who to sub. Kent! FFS!
  10. Especially Kent mate. I get the impression his head is elsewhere. Something just doesn’t seem right with him.
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