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  1. If ever a game needed a goal it was this one. Thank fuck.
  2. Fucking joke of a game between Burnley and Spurs right now. Terrible.
  3. Is that cunt Keevins wearing a snorkel?
  4. Hope somebody calls in about the “mole”.
  5. Keevins is a fucking clown! Says Celtic fans wouldn’t care if they won the Europa. Fuck me!
  6. Where the fuck is Hartson this weekend? Haven’t heard from him, unless I missed it mate.
  7. Correct mate, and had the big race with Bustino in the King George. Greatest flat race I’ve ever seen.
  8. I can only speak for myself mate. Haven’t seen enough yet.
  9. That’s exactly what the cunt is doing mate. 👍
  10. That goal should be getting more credit. Just took it in stride. Beautiful!
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