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  1. Was a cracking header mate. He looks composed as well.
  2. Think the first team would struggle to score against Alloa tbf mate.
  3. Gerrard can not afford to lose the title this year. Consequences are huge.
  4. There should’ve been 11 captains on that park last night after what we’ve been through the last couple of days. There was not one.
  5. Never mind the sheep. We beat Dundee 1-0 and Ross County go into their midden and skelped them 5-0. FFS! Something is no right.
  6. We’re fucking shite! End of. No fucking proper direction. Same old shite. We’ve been sussed. We don’t adapt or change tactics. Teams love playing us now as we’re so insipid. This is down to the coaching team. Get it sorted. FFS!
  7. Tav let broonaldo go in the penalty box when the bastard scored. He got a free hit at the penalty. He’s been shite at defending all year. Scored for us at times yes, but how many has he gave up? Honestly don’t know what Gerrard is seeing from the sidelines at times. Baffling.
  8. If ever there was a game to make a statement it was tonight mate. Some of these cunts are living on last year. I can’t fathom what we will do in January, but we need severe quality now. Team is stale as fuck now. Gerrard needs to be honest here and make changes with this roster. Scunnered with this now.
  9. Not watching it now. Just listening to the game. 70 mins of pure pish. We’re papering over cracks with this team.
  10. We really need to get the ball into their box quicker. They get time to set up. FFS!
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