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  1. Niko is gone

    I had high expectations he would do us a turn due to his pedigree ... but he must have left that in quarantine when he landed from the States and never bothered to fetch it after the requisite period was over .... Hindsight .... as you have now quoted mate .... is unfortunately the only winner here ..... again we have had to foot the bill for yet another "what might have been" ...... and we still have a few more to shift who fall into that category ..... when will we ever learn?
  2. Niko is gone

    Pity it never turned out as well as we expected .... good new is ... well .... he's gone now ....
  3. Windass Hits Back On Twitter

  4. Players See Mind Set Coach

    .... not to be underestimated mate .... I think.
  5. Murty should be let go now.

    Top post Jinty.
  6. Warburton SSN interview

    His studio geography was always better than his pitch equivalent .... proving that actions will always speak louder than words ..... also proving that we need a no nonsense .... get the bloody job done .... type of manager. Not a "star behind the camera" all talk type.
  7. Radio 4 Programme on Ibrox Disaster

    Sorry to hear about your brother Tam ....It must have been terrible mate .... I'm sure you and your family miss him to this day .... such a sad sad time for all the families of the supporters who should have made it home that night. As you know ... back then communication was not as sophisticated as it is now and to wait so long for any news (never mind the worst) was nerve-racking. You sharing your loss makes all of us older Bears who were at the game so thankful we got home safely. 🇬🇧
  8. Windass Hits Back On Twitter

    ..... Fuck me Josh. Deer oh Deer oh Deer ...... I wunder ware he was learned to inglish reed and rite and spel .... not noing the distinked differense beetween No and Know shood bee a hanging offense. I bet you he doesn't even know the difference between an egg and an omelette ....
  9. Walter Smith via the bbc

    Must have picked that trick up from mini me Murray when he was with the Blue Knights ..... Oh! .... wait a minute it was the other round with him ... wasn't it ? ..... and an innocent couch's comfortable reputation was destroyed in an instant never to recover ....
  10. Walter Smith via the bbc

    Exactly mate ..... Walter has just worded it in a cushioned fashion.
  11. Can we please stop the fantasy now?

    ..... Ditto mate.
  12. ..... and no one is contesting that .... as usual you miss the point .... being that some men are born to lead .... as in Souness' case .... and some men are born to try to lead but sadly for The Rangers, never reach that goal ... as in every manager to date since 2011. Live with it ... the proof is in the results and they scream out loud and clear ..... WE NEED A WINNER NOW .... fact.
  13. Parking near ibrox

    I can only suggest you contact Steve Clarke mate ..... he seems to be "the go to man" when it comes to parking near Ibrox ..... and he drives a double decker bus which he successfully parked right on the field on Saturday ..... Can't get closer than that.
  14. Murty should be let go now.

    Murty himself has made it quite clear he will abide by any decision concerning his position at the Club ..... this is where I agree with you that we do have a talented and enthusiastic youth coach, but unfortunately he is not the man to lead the charge to stop the scum or reaching our 55th league title. The position he is in at the moment is in my opinion one of reluctant acceptance mixed with a genuine desire to see us succeed .... but it's not working out and he should be allowed to return to what he does best .... coaching and developing the youths. The fact that he, or any of the previous failed incumbents, don't have half the monetary resources as the scum to put up a decent challenge lies firmly at the feet of this current board, who are solely responsible for the massive let down we all know has brought us to where we are. The old saying .... "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear"....... is blatantly obvious .... without the proper tools and equipment (finances and a proper manager) we will continue to aimlessly drift between 2nd and 3rd place in this 4th rate football league. Unless the board and the DOF get in the right candidate this time ....we are only going to see continued disappointment on the field of play ..... the one and only area that keeps bringing full houses home and away and the only area we as a support care passionately about.
  15. How Much More Of The Underwhelming Dave Can We Take?

    ...... Up Shit Creek mate .... without the proverbial paddle.
  16. Fair enough mate ..... but let me explain my view ..... I think the major problem for our erratic results is the differences in man make up ..... in that Souness as a player had that killing instinct along with massive experience and success with Liverpool in all areas of the game which made him far superior to anything in Scotland at the time ..... and as player manager he instilled these attributes amongst the rest of the team and was ruthless in his player choices culminating in his successful record .... so hardly a rookie ..... more like a natural winner. Smith was assistant manager to McLean at DU and McLean was no slouch in the managerial field .... this "apprenticeship" was nurtured at Rangers under Souness and due to Smith's ability to actually learn from his mentors, had the knock on effect of making him a successful manager .... again hardly a rookie to the game and his success is testament to that. Murty is a decent youth coach and has a lot to offer in the future ..... developing our youth ..... he has not got the experience or the tactical ability or the man management / motivational skills or the killer instinct that Souness and Smith had ..... this is the difference. I don't want to be too hard on him and the differences in stature and character between him and the two above may be unfair ..... but my opinion now is that we do not have the time to develop a youth coach .... the main reason being we can't afford to let the scum get anymore titles ..... this is how serious the situation is and I don't lay all the blame on Murty ..... the current board of directors must accept their part in our woeful form and their woeful choices of manager ... they more than Murty are responsible for our unsuccessful record (due mainly to the lack of the type of team and managerial investment required for success) since our return to the premiership. All these factors must be taken into account and context, then resolved before we can expect to be successful again ..... and that is the only statistic that matters and we must get to and dig out the root of the problem .... before we can improve our performances.
  17. ..... Right on cue. As usual you prefer to defend your Op as if you had done some massive groundbreaking research .... and as usual you miss the point and the differences that I believe most of the support can see ... not that I speak for all the support .... the results lately do all that. No matter your attempt to defend the current incumbent and gloss over his record ... the truth is we are still shite in this department and all the statistics as to who is or isn't an experienced or so called rookie manager is irrelevant ...... the other difference between Souness and Smith and Murty is that they had a full season to catch up on lost points .... that is the only concession I will give Murty at this time in his tenure as I feel he has been thrown into this reluctantly (no matter what he says publicly). As for McCoist .... do me a favour .... the worst person to be in control of our playing staff ever ..... as he achieved fuck all in the top league and barely scraped to the championship with some of the worst results against really inferior teams during his time as our "manager". To even class him in the same bracket as Souness and Smith is indefensible and naive to say the least, as their records have proven without a doubt to have been solid appointments ..... compared to Murty's worst home record in 100 odd years .... basically all "managers" since McCoist to date have been abject failures by any standards never mind in a Rangers sense ..... this is solely and unequivicolly down to previous and current boards ..... that is the point I am making. Try and stop taking things so personally ... it's only another opinion after all ... so no big deal .....
  18. Not one of the past managers listed above except Murty was a rookie manager when they took over ...... no matter the stats on show .... they don't help to alleviate the manner in which we have continually conceded points to so called inferior rivals. The reason we are not moving forward is due to all the previous boards managerial appointments since the admin event and up until this present mob ..... everyone of them ( McCoist .. McCall .. Warburton .. Caixinha and now Murty) were and are ill prepared and as has been proven, tactically incapable of taking our Club forward with any degree of continuity .... whether you class them as experienced or as a rookie .... the bottom line is they were and are not capable of winning this league or any of the other trophies in it ... full stop. Everyone of them has now proven that we need someone who has experience and guile to pound out continuous points winning results ..... We have had more false dawns than Jordan has had false tits due to their (rookie) inexperience. The time has come for this board to stop fucking around and seriously get a manager who actually knows how to win ..... If not.... the lot of them should resign as they are sitting in the position where changes can be made and are not capable of making the right choices ..... basically sitting in the driver's seat without a valid license.
  19. Why bigotry is a good thing

    .... nice one OP. Proddie bigotry ...... is Good, commendable and complimentary ..... remaining steadfast, loyal, proud and true to your beliefs and not backing down is bigotry at its best. Kafflik bigotry ...... is "Bad" ..... so so "Bad" ..... and that ladies and gentlemen .... is the end of it.
  20. Morelos

    ..... Same here mate. I have been battling to take to him since he arrived ....... all the "he's a young player, he'll improve as he get's older" is fine and well .... but it doesn't help when he misses game changing sitters that even me, at my age now, could put away comfortably .... especially against the scum. All my years supporting The Rangers I remember we always had strikers who could kill off teams with regular deadly strikes .... out of nothing at times .... Morelos unfortunately does not get anywhere near any players of the past who were up for these crucial games. So after yesterday I'm afraid he has done nothing to change my mind ..... we still need a proper striker who has composure under pressure .... and as we have him until 2020, I can only hope he gets his act together sooner rather than later or we are playing a man down if our out and out striker can't get the ball in the net from a yard out.
  21. Sunday is going to be more emotional for me...

    Sorry for your very sad loss Rab ...... no words can express the pain you must be suffering at the passing of your Dad mate .... stay strong. 🇬🇧
  22. Ian Holloway "slams" Graeme Murty re Sean Goss

    Spell check?..... I just hope he is in our range and not too deer mate ..... it's not the first time I've herd a manager saying that a player was not for sale only for him to be so. Seriously though both should have kept this under the radar and under their hats for private discussion ..... all this has done is give the rabid hacks something to try and put a negative spin our way .... you would think there was an important "title challenging" game on the horizon .....
  23. Tarrier game off

    indeed mate ..... they would do anything to protect their works team after all .....
  24. Brenda reckons we have been on holiday

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sister Brenda is having a trannie moment ..... fuck him and the lady boy he rode into town on. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  25. Greg Docherty

    This lad is definitely in the same mould as the two greats you mention above mate ..... for me he was, along with Murphy, Candeias and Goss all worth the MOTM title ..... not to mention the support who were brilliant. Also bar a couple not on song this game ..... it was one of the best all round team performances I have seen in many a season .... heart warming to say the least.