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  1. Bear Andrew Gray

    Terribly sad news mate .... and of course my condolences go to you and all the family at this time. 🇬🇧
  2. Bear Andrew Gray

    There has been another update mate .... he has now been operated on and has been moving his arms and although still heavily sedated, has managed to open his eyes for a wee bit but went to sleep again .... really hope the operation is successful and he improves as time passes.
  3. Nacho Novo

    Can't keep a good Bear down for long Oz mate ..... I hope you get better soon and back to shouting at the telly when The Rangers are playing and getting the neighbours all pissed off again ...... Seriously though .... glad you survived your ordeal and are on the mend.
  4. Another Good Bear Gone

    Condolences to you his family and all those close to him. 🇬🇧
  5. Bear Andrew Gray

    Donation made now ..... hope he comes right and is home soon. 🇬🇧
  6. Ally: I Didn't Have Any Good Players

    True mate .... and his record in Europe was not that shabby either .... compared to AM? .... John Greig could be viewed as successful in the role ....
  7. Ally: I Didn't Have Any Good Players

    John Greig was more of a bear and still is than AM will ever be mate and the statue outside the stadium is testament to that .... you can rest assured that AM will not be immortalised in the same fashion. Even though his managerial stint left a lot to be desired he never said or did anything that would ever bring to our Club the humiliation that AM was responsible for .... so not a very good comparison.
  8. Ally: I Didn't Have Any Good Players

    On the playing side I agree .... as stated at the very start of my post .... but as this thread has come around to his his utter failure as a manager, I believe I made that distinction very clear. As a player he was worth his weight in gold ..... as a manager he was nothing but a failed gold digger .... and the more he makes a fool of himself in the media with his .... "please like me at all costs" rubbish .... then he is open season for the quite large section of the support who see him as a needy greedy individual ... something .... along with his inabilities as a manager .... that even his most staunch of supporters will (if they are honest about it) will find hard to deny.
  9. Ally: I Didn't Have Any Good Players

    Playing career aside ... as this is not what is in dispute .... but his dismal managerial abilities and personal greed at the expense of the support and of our Club is. At the time not one Rangers supporter was against AM being a success .... the support continually gave him and his players their undivided support ... even after some of the most astounding results in the history of our Club. Only one person is responsible for the continued unbridled distaste towards him ... and that is him and his own continued belief and denial that he was responsible for any of it happening .... he has blamed everyone else for his inadequacies but never has he looked at himself and questioned his part in the proceedings .... even the weather got a mention FFS. He now continues to make a rod for his own back by trying to joke his way out of any question that asks him to stand up and accept part of the blame for the past ..... but he has not got it in him to put his hands up and admit that he was a major part of the problem .... he deserves all the flack that comes his way for his denial to own up to the "absolute" fact he is to date the worst manager The Rangers have had the misfortune to have on their books.
  10. 🎶 .... "Monday ... Monday ..... can't stand that day" ... 🎶 🎶 ..... "Fuck the pope ...... and the ira" ... 🎶 🎶 .... "Oh! Kenny Miller V Pedro Caixinha..... it's dragging on ".... 🎶 🎶 .... "Just when the fuck will all this shite stop going on" ... 🎶
  11. Fans flip flopping on a game to game basis on Pedro

    Only Pedro can stop what is happening ..... so far he has'nt done anything that would give a person confidence that he is the one to close the gap ..... his continual assertions that we are in the process of doing so are becoming tiresome .... especially after dropping points like we did last night and basically just scraping the draw in the end .... consistency is the key .... as it was with the previous regime .... and until we get that then people will rightly be hot and cold towards him.
  12. So called Rangers fan.

    I see that you have donated to the RM Erskine Fund ..... Well done mate ... proof beyond doubt of your loyal background ... sad to hear your Dad's memorial was spoiled ... there are more who understand your annoyance than don't mate ... I'm sure you know that. You have now had the piss taken out of you by the ever watchful on this forum ... it is ... as said above the norm on here ... so don't let it put you off mate .....
  13. Caixinha deserves respect

    Both good "feet firmly on the ground" posts ..... and I can agree with the sentiments you both highlight .... we can all get carried away at times and need to stay focused .... the reality is PC is as yet untested and until he proves himself any optimism is just that .... and is just wishful thinking. Like most I wish him success ... that's what we do .... what he needs to do is give us success one game at a time for our continued support .... or like you both rightly say he will get no respect in return ..... in football .... that is the bottom line and as fair as it gets.
  14. ..... AAAAANNNND ..... WE"RE OFF!!! .....
  15. Second Sponsor.

    People getting all het up about money coming into the Club via sponsorship is just insanity. The easiest money on the planet ... win lose or draw ... sponsorship money helps keep the lights on and lowers the risk of the unthinkable happening. Someone at the Club is at least doing their job and marketing our brand to bring in this money .... so no complaints from me for that ... and congratulations to the marketing team for a job well done.
  16. Pedro and Miller Press Conference

    Can't wait for the next two signings. Sunday will be the time for all the talking to be put aside ( although I did enjoy the enthusiasm from both Pedro and Kenny) .... but the time for action is now approaching ... and I can't wait for the season to start so that all this enthusiasm is positively played out on the pitch by the players ... who are seemingly coming together as a team .... just how much of a team we will know after the match on Sunday. Not going to fall into the trap of being over confident ... but you can't help getting excited when the season ahead looks that wee bit better than the start of last season ... on the back of the last 3 friendly games played is a bit of a stretch ... but you know? ... I keep telling myself ... calm the fuck down man .. you're a grandfather already ... but it must be something in the air around the Club at the moment .... and I'm like a wee a bairn at Xmas .... canny wait ... canny wait. I am glad I still have this feeling about our Club though .... and although past disappointments are really hard to stomach ... they rightly must be put behind us in the past as we can't change what has happened but only look to change the future ... so fuck it ... roll on Sunday and let the good times roll.
  17. Bligh God ... call yourself a Christian .... Mister ....
  18. *****The Official Motherwell vs Rangers Thread*****

    When I searched for Fir Park away dressing room ... This is what came up ....... after a recent state of the art upgrade .... This is Fir Park after extensive close season modernisation ... the architects on both projects ..... The Mafia.com ... whose motto is .... "Fuck you ... we don't do complaints .... have a nice day anyway" .... are thrilled with the outcome ... There are strong indications ... from experts in the field ... who want to remain anonymous .... their actually dead ..... that the same architects were involved with the now famous Turner prize nominated renovation/destruction of Gogzy's kitchen ....
  19. Wee man's first game.

    You definitely have a True Blue daughter there mate ..... her thought process is that of a winner and spot on .... and will soon transfer to the team's efforts on the park ....
  20. The baton carriers

    Only fault I thought I had found was when Stuart morphed into Stewart .... But I now believe it to be a cunning subliminal message purposely placed by D'Art ... that gives reference to solidify the difference between understanding and misunderstanding .... deliberate and intended .... lawful and unlawful ..... avoidance and evasion .... all traits that the media baton carrying employers and employees up here in the media find difficult to separate when reporting about anything to do with The Rangers ... before invariably wrongly choosing the negative form ... thereby confirming collusion of their intended malice. Of course it could be just a typo right enough mate ... but I prefer my explanation ......
  21. The baton carriers

    Good one D'Art .... nice to see you posting again mate.
  22. Signed top for charity auction & just giving link.

    You're the Boss mate ... of course you're allowed ....
  23. Signed top for charity auction & just giving link.

    Fuck me ..... now I run out of likes .... LPB get's my vote GB .... and you get mine also for a wonderful gesture mate ..... RMEF ... forever.
  24. Rhodent bheasts in Scotland's media

    Bastards .... get everything for free so they do.