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  1. Martin Bain

    ...... not to mention the equally obscene salary and severance package he sanctioned for McCoist ..... and we all know how that one turned out ....with him becoming the highest paid gardener ever .... not to mention the worst mistake as a manager ever. Yeah! Martin Bain's da man allright .... let's all welcome him home ....
  2. Willie Henderson Sahara Trek

    Good on him .... hope he does well in the fund raising .... this is not an easy trek he is taking on ... men a third of his age would battle to complete this arduous journey ... four marathons or there abouts ... some man so he is.
  3. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Well, well there you are then .... FF forever at the coal face prioritising the important issues of the day. In saying that though .... that poor innocent wall was just minding it's own business .... thinking it was in with the bricks as well ... then WHAMO .... some dirty random rabid scum twat staggers along and in the style they are accustomed to physically abuses it .... it's an outrage mate. The MOH incident fades into insignificance by comparison .... my sincere wish is that this innocent Protestant wall manages to get the help it requires to be able to recover it's dignity and stand up and be strong again after this traumatic event. I hope Club 1872 are pushing for the arrest and conviction of the smelly wee turd who brutally disfigured this well loved (wouldnae say a bad word about anybody ) popular wall .... maybe they could ask for monetary donations from their membears to ease the suffering it has caused the owners ..... One thing is certain though .... The Louden Wall will be around longer than MOH .... that we can at least be thankful for.
  4. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Correct mate .... but you know something? .... see in this specific case, I don't think we should give a monkey's fuck how the scum or the scum media try and spin it ... the fact is they will be totally wrong ... just like the fucking monkey at the centre of it all.
  5. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    The most bewildering and dumbest signing we ever made ..... what the fuck were we thinking when we brought this rabid piece of shite into our home and thought he would be loyal to us .... complete insanity.
  6. Mock up strip looks good though

    As mock-ups go it's not too shabby mate ...... I would rather the white part was Royal Blue though and used as our home strip ... but this would do well as our away strip.
  7. Arteta

    Nice one mate.
  8. Arteta

    Nice to see him cutting his managerial teeth at Arsenal .... I for one wish him all the best and hope he is successful .... always good to see one of our own succeed down south. As for St Brenda of the ladyboys .... I want him to stay put at the scum so we can rub it in when we retain the title again this coming season.
  9. Permanent Deal for Murphy

    Agreed mate .... Glad he is getting a chance to prove how talented he is now he is here on a permanent contract .... good move by the Club. He will be more effective in that role ... although he was doing ok on the left side when partnered with John, it petered out when Halliday took over ... making him virtually non-existent .... if he is played in the central position he will be allowed more flexibility and hopefully his creative flair will set up more scoring opportunities for whatever strike force we end up with.
  10. BBC Article

    Exactly. The answer is found in the name of the club mate ...... even the administrators of a certain faith do not see it as being wrong to force themselves on vulnerable children .... it is endemic of the cult they prescribe to that starts and ends at the Vatican. Big Jock Knew this but wilfully covered up the rampant abuse at the club he managed, to save theIr "good" reputation ..... and we all know where their owners religious affiliations lie. They all knew it was going on .... they all knew it was wrong ... they all knew it was illegal and morally disgusting .... they chose to ignore the crimes being committed at their clubs in the hope it would all just go away ... to inform the police would be, to any normal person, the right thing to do .... unfortunately too late for the victims of other clubs .... this policy only occurred and the appropriate actions taken (his sacking and police notification), when it came to light that Neely was at it yet again at our Club .... this crime and possibly others could have been avoided had Hibs taken the right actions initially ..... they didn't .... that is criminal in itself. This perverted report from a so called "neutral" broadcaster .... implying that we are no better than than the clubs' who actively tried to hide the facts of the molesters they employed .... and in the scum's case with Torbett re-employed ... would be laughable were it not so serious.
  11. Wee donation sent just now GB & Z ..... let's make this a great season for all the Erskine troops .... they deserve it.
  12. Ryan Jack fitness

    Sorry if this post is a bit off topic .... but I agree with you mostly TMB, we do need a player injection in certain areas .... but I don't think we should discount Jack or McCrorie singly or jointly being involved in our midfield ..... my priority though would be spending money on a proper striker who can capitalise on the chances that have regularly fallen at the feet (and if only he could head a ball) of Morelos ... truth be told we would be in a much more desirable position league and cup wise had he put away even half of them .... the striker needs to be a striker, or all the CDM's hard work in stopping us leaking goals will be nullified. Also teams will continue to frustrate our midfield endeavours by parking the bus and smothering any chance of creativity from that area (they can sing that we are not Rangers anymore, but they don't believe that bullshit anymore than we do ... hence the blockades) .... and Jack and McCrorie have just as much chance of breaking them down as anyone .... and a lot less expensive .... as regardless of what King says ... the money available to SG to replace certain players alone will not be enough to do what you envisage will sort out our competitiveness. If SG turns out to be half the coach/manager he was as a player he should be able to motivate and improve a few of the severe under performers we have in the squad .... so there is hope mate .... it's not all down to being a cheque book manager .... those days are long gone for the foreseeable future I'm afraid. As bitterly disappointed as I have been this season with our performances in all areas of the field .... I still have a half glass full attitude and won't write off a fair amount of our players .... for direction and leadership I look to our new man in the hot seat and wish him every success in turning us round and moving us forward in achieving title 55.
  13. Ryan Jack fitness

    Correct on both accounts mate. P.S. Even with the edit in your post, it is highly suspect that his red card count has virtually risen tenfold.
  14. Jonathan Johansen

    Brain Laudrup .... Gordon Jury ..... Paul Gascoin .....

    ...... Mind reader .... and fucking funny too mate, cheers.
  16. Dave King Full Q&A

    I gave you a like for the first two sentences mate, as they make financial sense, to an extent ..... unfortunately you have me slightly baffled with your last sentence as it seems to contradict your first two. Care to elaborate on this enigma?
  17. BBC Scotland/Sportsound Bias

    Good on you RTID1968 ...... to ignore the bias is to accept it as fact ..... something that has been glaringly absent when reporting on anything Rangers' related from this despicable plastic Irish (sorry) Scottish branch of this so called "neutral" British broadcasting corporation. I hope you get a response that echoes the positive reporting down south on the SG appointment ... the difference in reporting from the same institution is shockingly bigoted but also unsurprising and shows them up for the idiots they are .... hopefully head office will take the same view you have highlighted on our behalf .... good luck mate.
  18. Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Honestly not sure about him .... but will give him a chance (like I have the rest) and hope he succeeds in turning us around .... my mantra remains the same though ..... continuity on the pitch, culminating in the desired results against ALL teams, is the only way to achieve success. The board giving him the means to do so is also the key ... they must come right this time round with the proper investment .... or the project is quite simply fucked. Welcome to The Rangers Steven.
  19. Michael Mols son

  20. The Murty Man speaks.

    Ah well ... at least he is being honest with himself when he says he is in charge until the end of the season. I believe he will move back to the youths in the summer and i also feel he was a reluctant though enthusiastic candidate for the top job. Not a bad guy in any way .... but unfortunately not the right man for this position.
  21. Semi Final ref announced

    I suppose we will have to be grateful for small mercies mate .... they are all shite right enough, but the two you mention are top of the shit list .... a random guy from the stands could do what they do ... fuck it up ....
  22. The Best Header Of A Ball At Rangers

    Both of them were crackers mate, especially against the scum ... but in this game Goughie's shaves it for me. Jimmy Millar was a good header of the ball as was Colin Stein, Derek Johnstone, Willie Johnstone along with Mark Hateley, Ally McCoist and Dado Prso who scored regularly this way .... though if I was to choose a favourite I would find it hard to pick one as they were all favourites of mine ... so I will have to pass .... Oh! for a good header of the ball in today's lot ... it would have made all the difference this season .... So many players from past years I have not mentioned who scored with good headers ... but we would be here all day with that one ... it was an ability that was commonplace in past squads but now seems to be a forgotten skill with our present team.
  23. RIP Ray Wilkins

    Truly gutted .... one of the game's true gentlemen ... and not half bad as a player as well. 🇬🇧
  24. Right on the money mate .... 100%.
  25. All the points after your first sentence are rightly to be taken into consideration Willie .... but that first sentence is the only one that (I think I am safely stating) is the one and only consideration all of us want to see improved dramatically ... as it is the most important reason we go to Ibrox every other Saturday.