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  1. Who best for captain now

    After last night's brilliant performance (not the only one he's had for us) I have to agree with you mate ... so I would second your proposal without a doubt.
  2. Aberdeen Chairman calls for apology?

    Good post mate ..... although DM was not a choice I would have favoured I would have given him the courtesy deserving of a manager of The Rangers and gave him my backing hoping against my own thoughts he would be the one to move us forward .... not to be now of course. I also do not agree that he 'shat it" and believe there is more in the mix than meets the eye and to start demeaning the guy because he had the balls to turn us down says more about our recruiting system than it does about him.
  3. The big house must stay open.

    Condolences to his family and friends. 🇬🇧
  4. Ryan Jack

    Top post mate.
  5. Denis Law

    It was mate and he showed his class by not celebrating .... as it was his old club and he was not happy to be the one responsible as an ex player of high standing.
  6. On Remembrance Day.

    Please PM me the PayPal details Z ..... thank you.
  7. Were we right to sell McKay?

    I was a big supporter of BM ..... and would have preferred if he had stayed and developed into a more reliable talent .... but he didn't and it's all if's but's and maybe's now .... the bottom line is he is gone now and we need to move on and try and get talented players who want to be at our Club and as was quite obvious in BM's case .... be much more consistent. Those reasons to me were his biggest failings with us ... and it was never more apparent at the end of W&W's tenure where his loyalties lay and they were not at Rangers. I wish him well as he was a good wee player ... but I don't think we got what we were due for him ....that of course is down to his agent and our well known historic lack of bargaining powers. His agent is a dick like the majority of them and is talking shite now ..... like the majority of them ..... shockeroonie!!!!
  8. Rangers TV

    Wears his heart on his sleeve ... and says what he feels does oor Shug ... love it when he gets going ... and Tam is not far behind him.
  9. Time you started to see what has not been achieved with this present board .... who have had the benefit of no outside interference of any degree .... and stop bringing up the past boards' deficiencies or who preferred who at the time. It does your argument no good when you persistently accuse people of not backing King&co when replying to a post ... that in essence is what does not cut it .... this board is the only one at the scene of the crime now ..... and all your deflecting otherwise will not change that fact .... they have to up their game .... if not .... there needs to be more than "questions" asked .... in fact they should own up and move on if they are man enough to admit culpability for institutional and systemic failings ..... the buck stops with the current incumbents now ... no one else.
  10. New Scouting Department Unveiled

    Very glad to see that the scouting side has been brought to light now and can only hope that MA is the man to push it forward to success .... it has been a long time coming but hopefully it is worth the wait. It has been one of the elements that have been missing for too long now and I for one hope that "Mr Deeds" produces the goods and MA has picked the right man for the job ..... only time will tell.
  11. Until we get winners at all levels of the boardroom and coaching team ...... as football is a results driven "business" ..... we will continue to be rudderless and continue to just drift ..... the truth is we have to have a clean out from top to bottom and a winning mindset installed in all areas of our Club. Easier said than done of course .... as financial investment and a proper scouting system to identify proper talent is so far lacking at the moment .... and in my opinion the main reason for our hot and cold performances over the last few seasons. This lies at the doorstep of the current board .... their time has run out.
  12. Jason Holt

    He must have been sick as a parrot after his MOM performance against Kilmarnock ..... but again today he came out and played a blinder against Hearts ..... full of energy and stamina and what was once known as an essential attribute of a Rangers player .... fight ..... today he proved he is well worth a starting position for his commitment ..... great wee player who puts a lot of our recent signings to shame.
  13. Derek McInnes

    Straight to to point of this whole debate. Totally agree mate ...... I just thought you needed a wee edit to accent your last half line .... in capitals ......
  14. 2 match ban for Bruno

    ...... dead on the money gentlemen.
  15. Favourite Rangers and Loyalist Song?

    I find it hard to see past TBB .... Derry's Walls ..... The Sash ..... Build My Gallows. Follow Follow and The Blue Sea Of Ibrox are the two Rangers songs I would class as favourites .... when it is belted out at home or away the effect is electric .... I fully expect most of my favourites to make an appearance at the semi-final and look forward to hearing them bounce around Hampden as we march into the final.
  16. Butcher's Son.

    Spot on mate ..... total respect to TB's son regardless .... the bigger picture is still being ignored by past and present governments who will run a marathon for a pay rise but will not get off their arses for guys like Chris .... who through no fault of their own end up suffering the most so that we can live peacefully. Condolences to all the Butcher family who are suffering beyond pain after losing a relative .... and a hero. 🇬🇧
  17. Bear Andrew Gray

    Terribly sad news mate .... and of course my condolences go to you and all the family at this time. 🇬🇧
  18. Bear Andrew Gray

    There has been another update mate .... he has now been operated on and has been moving his arms and although still heavily sedated, has managed to open his eyes for a wee bit but went to sleep again .... really hope the operation is successful and he improves as time passes.
  19. Nacho Novo

    Can't keep a good Bear down for long Oz mate ..... I hope you get better soon and back to shouting at the telly when The Rangers are playing and getting the neighbours all pissed off again ...... Seriously though .... glad you survived your ordeal and are on the mend.
  20. Another Good Bear Gone

    Condolences to you his family and all those close to him. 🇬🇧
  21. Bear Andrew Gray

    Donation made now ..... hope he comes right and is home soon. 🇬🇧
  22. Ally: I Didn't Have Any Good Players

    True mate .... and his record in Europe was not that shabby either .... compared to AM? .... John Greig could be viewed as successful in the role ....
  23. Ally: I Didn't Have Any Good Players

    John Greig was more of a bear and still is than AM will ever be mate and the statue outside the stadium is testament to that .... you can rest assured that AM will not be immortalised in the same fashion. Even though his managerial stint left a lot to be desired he never said or did anything that would ever bring to our Club the humiliation that AM was responsible for .... so not a very good comparison.
  24. Ally: I Didn't Have Any Good Players

    On the playing side I agree .... as stated at the very start of my post .... but as this thread has come around to his his utter failure as a manager, I believe I made that distinction very clear. As a player he was worth his weight in gold ..... as a manager he was nothing but a failed gold digger .... and the more he makes a fool of himself in the media with his .... "please like me at all costs" rubbish .... then he is open season for the quite large section of the support who see him as a needy greedy individual ... something .... along with his inabilities as a manager .... that even his most staunch of supporters will (if they are honest about it) will find hard to deny.
  25. Ally: I Didn't Have Any Good Players

    Playing career aside ... as this is not what is in dispute .... but his dismal managerial abilities and personal greed at the expense of the support and of our Club is. At the time not one Rangers supporter was against AM being a success .... the support continually gave him and his players their undivided support ... even after some of the most astounding results in the history of our Club. Only one person is responsible for the continued unbridled distaste towards him ... and that is him and his own continued belief and denial that he was responsible for any of it happening .... he has blamed everyone else for his inadequacies but never has he looked at himself and questioned his part in the proceedings .... even the weather got a mention FFS. He now continues to make a rod for his own back by trying to joke his way out of any question that asks him to stand up and accept part of the blame for the past ..... but he has not got it in him to put his hands up and admit that he was a major part of the problem .... he deserves all the flack that comes his way for his denial to own up to the "absolute" fact he is to date the worst manager The Rangers have had the misfortune to have on their books.