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  1. Last season we were just bulldozing teams in the first half hr....but like others say go on take a shot...have players following up incase keeper spills...but football these days every team trys to walk it in.
  2. Big fil sebo and Kevin kyle were absolute goal machines.. but never got a chance..cudnt understand why lol !!!đŸ¤•
  3. The 2010 game where Rooney scored a late penalty was a sore one.. but to think we stil have McGregor & davis playing today that played that night is great.
  4. Before last season we wud of lost that game coz our heads wud have gone down after going behind. I know we didnt play fantastic today but you cant fault how we just grabbed the game by the scruff and found a way of getting the points which was all that matters. Great 3 points, have a great weekend everyone.
  5. I think these turned up at ibrox yday with us in a mini crisis with no manager and a couple of our best players out, but we are the champions, sussed there way of playing dug deep using our squad, took our chance and that was that. True mark of champions. Brilliant.
  6. Rlm


    Its brilliant how weve just turned the tables since 2018/ 2019 and have won our last 7 and drawn 1. That win today was extra special missing Manager, key players and first old firm (full house) post covid. Since that cup final loss in 2019 weve just been a nightmare for them lot. Long may it continue.
  7. 3 wins in a week cant ask for much more. A lot of there team nxt sunday havnt played in this fixture, so Ibrox will be a cauldron and we have quite a psychological edge v them over last couple of years. But sayin that we stil have up our game. But regardless am pleased about the points today and we heading in the right direction.
  8. Gerrard has swung the old firms in our favour over last couple of seasons...and I know we not setting the world on fire but I dont think we'l get get beat. But Amenia it is first via Morocco, Iran, and kabul
  9. What time do the team get back in Glasgow will it b late friday/ early Saturday coz I presume it will be changing at Amsterdam or Munich.
  10. Thanks mate..That's fuckin outrageous...was expecting maybe 30k.
  11. Re dunfermline We can only beat who's in front of us. Goals breeds confidence..anyone know the attendance?
  12. Yerevan is further west than Baghdad and Riyadh...they shud have drawn the European competition line at Or before turkey...scandalous distances for any team in Britain goin further than turkey.
  13. My problem is you forget what it's like to lose. But with it being 2nd game into the season at least we can iron out our problems early doors. Am sure normal service will be resumed.
  14. Real Madrid & Arsenal at home ffs is great...mind I remember turning over a strong chelsea with crespo etc might be a few years ago
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