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  1. 2 points out of 9..Im not sure they will do owt with livi on Wednesday either...livi on a canny run at the mo.
  2. Any Riot vans heading down the london Road?
  3. You get them ordered and il come up and put them in as got no work on atm. Lol
  4. Didnt realise how big this stand is when compared to some below 1. Man utd ,Sir alex ferguson stand 25,500 2. celtic North stand 22,000 3..Rangers Bill struth stand 21,500 4 Liverpool Main stand 20,500 5 Hampden, south stand 17,000 6 Leeds united East stand 15,100 7 Newcastle united Milbur stand 14,844 8 Man utd, stretford end 14,000.
  5. I see mcinnes is on the old crystal meth again...saying curtis mains tackle was a yellow...really derek
  6. Boydy Pulls no punches as per. Like "Aberdeen are where they are" straight up.
  7. Rlm


    Its the humour man its unreal...all the piss taking, and it's at it's best at the minute with us doing so well whilst revelling in celtics misery. Its football and a good tonic for folk.
  8. Rlm


    Fuckin scandalous m8
  9. Itl be bouncin tonite...nee doubt we'l not get a word in coz them demanding lennon resign live on air...aw I forgot he cant coz hes on the piss with the Arabs!!
  10. More often than not it's harder to break down 10 men. And immediately them taking Griffiths of for brother Duffy you knew they were going to dig in for a draw.
  11. We defo looked bit leggy /lethargic yday and it's bound to catch up, playin all over europe then domestically. Big test yday overcome..now rest up see how roofe/jack are for nxt week.
  12. In that first half I thought we were Motherwell in disguise playing that fucking 5-5-0.
  13. Has DJ been drilling her?
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