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  1. I read an article comparing When Roy Keane was the first player to Receive £50k at united back in 1999...and there was hell on. Fast forward 20yrs and Gareth Bale is getting £650,000 split between spurs n Madrid.
  2. These backward eastern block countries likes of Russia Ukraine Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania Albania etc...living back in the stone age...they just not worth a light.
  3. I'd just dun 12 hrs on the line at Nissan...so am best not replying to any topics before going to bed lol!!
  4. Fairs fair...its all about opinions. But it's a sickener reading shite spurted at the lads at the moment...but nowt gets dun
  5. Aye well theres Englands 4 out of 5 goals last nite were from sterling, Watkins, Calvert lewin...but my point was I dont get all the Racism because a lot of the top teams have a big black contingent.
  6. ..am basically saying why all the constant racism..because these days black players are so important to any team. And any posters like this rsole on page 1 they just need a good hiding.
  7. what am I fucking talking about?..this willie sommers needs a good kicking coz without black players clubs wud suffer as they are usually the best players in the squad.. so him having a pop at us is crazy because celtics best player is black. Only way these scum learn is giving them a clip.
  8. Just needs his teeth knocking out...but its barmy coz every teams best players are probablies black.
  9. You look at Man utd there plan from mid nineties was an increase on OT from a modest 44k to 55 then 66 and eventually 76000 by mid 2000s. There revenue is scandalous...Left Liverpool 30k behind for decades even now the difference is still 22k. Utd dominated for ages and alot was down to having huge gate revenue. Surely this day in age we can fit an extra 3-5k in without fuckin removing the TVs and the ground collapsing!!
  10. Too right m8.. its aload of old cobblers..footballs gone all soft. The team will walk out on sunday knowing we are superior to them and that's all that really matters.
  11. Any Fireworks or explosives company wud love to be on the front of our tops going by all the explosions in the past fortnight. And yes I thought we were in Beirut for 5mins of the game.... brilliant stuff tho!!
  12. Imagine this for the craic..18 teams in no preference by putting a line through England. British Premier North League. Aberdeen Burnley celtic Dundee utd Everton Hibs Hearts Hull Leeds Liverpool Man utd Man.city Middlesborough Newcastle Rangers Sheff utd Sheff wed Sunderland. Obviously the southern one wud have villa, wolves, Leicester, Arsenal etc... and winners of each play each other for the British title.
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