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  1. Rlm


    He was box office last week at the landfill...Hartson cudnt get a word in. He was brilliant and has been all week.
  2. Rlm


    Class..He's been grinning for a week now!!!
  3. I was just about to say you can never rely on the sheep...well we'l take that along as we do our job!!!!!
  4. As said above it's a huge bonus Europe...its hard to say coz theres still champions league teams to drop into it aswell. We are a good outfit playing some great stuff at the minute...so I dont think many teams will relish ibrox.
  5. I've loved some of the great things being said about us aswell this past week like... boydy saying "Rangers totally destroyed celtic today". He was dying to go ape live....its been great for us all this week. !!!!
  6. These type of Runs and wins against them were all to common place and regular prior 2012, so it's great to see how much confidence we have under Gerrard in this fixture.
  7. Rlm


    Rangers destroyed celtic today...brilliant from boydy!!!...and constantly grinning and smirking...loved it!!!
  8. Another yard stick put down to hopefully on route to a great season. Brilliant Rangers.
  9. I dont know how many we won with ferguson but you always knew he would give it everything.
  10. A brilliant record and tonight against another big euro club who are always in and around champions league.
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