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  1. πŸ‘ With the inclusion of JA to the squad so far this window ..... and with a few more added ..... I would go through all that pain again if we managed to lift the main prize mate.
  2. Did they get them all back mate ....
  3. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Top stuff yet again Mate.
  4. πŸ‘ On the money mate ...... Along with the rest of the team .... its lack of .... was what fucked us up last season .... big time.
  5. I still rate GM ..... and hope he does well if he is sent out on loan ... though not in the SPFL (with a call back clause if required) ... he has to get regular game time without the added petty abuse from other fan groups or indeed players up here .... he is a developing talent and needs to be allowed to focus on his overall game. Our management team have given him time up here ...... but obviously feel he needs to go out on loan to further improve his development ..... I'm happy for that to happen and see him becoming a better player from this agreement ... the loan system works both wa
  6. πŸ‘ Good post mate. I would love it if they were more proactive in this department ...... but feel that the forces behind the officials will have their own fires to light next season ..... to do all they can to hinder our progress to title number 55.
  7. πŸ‘ Probably should have kept it in house as you say ..... changed days right enough ..... but as he has said it publicly now ..... I hope the players take heed and he does not need to exercise his threat.
  8. πŸ‘ That is just not acceptable for any Rangers team ..... 33 points FFS ...... this season coming hopefully rights that score and ends their run. With that high tally of dropped points last season .... along with dodgy decisions from officials which helped to a degree to make it such a high count must be severely corrected for us to win the league ....... that's obvious of course. But when we review last season as a whole .... coupled with the poor performances and points dropped by the scum .... the league was there for the taking and we fucked up badly .... an honestly great
  9. Honesty is always the best policy mate. OP is trying to get a positive vibe going ..... for me the league is paramount this season ..... a good run in the Europa would be cool also ..... if we improve the inconsistency problem we had last season .... I think we will get over the line to title 55. Always positive loyal.
  10. πŸ‘ The lad was living in Drumchapel mate ..... and he was a member of the GSL. More likely my post was the reason for confusion ... stating their (Drumchapel) RSC ... rather than his RSC.
  11. πŸ‘ I remember when he left for Liverpool and caused an even bigger stir .... lad I knew from the Drum told me they were livid .... as their RSC was named after Souness ... to call it overreaction would have been disingenuous at the time .... as many were feeling the same about his jumping ship. Like everything Rangers ... life goes on and with Walter and Archie taking the helm we battled on and won our NIAR. Truth is there to see that Souness left The Rangers in safe and capable hands ... but at that specific time he was not a popular person among a lot of our support ... or e
  12. πŸ‘ Hmmm! ..... good point mate .... and being a fairly sensible person myself ... and recognising myself to be guilty of giving this shit topic air ..... I will now leave this thread with this final note on the difference between sense and nonsense. Pity the same sentiment was not expressly followed on the BJK thread ... the one that was taking up the challenge of innocent children who were sexually abused by staff of ... and extremely "close associates" of CFC ..... a thread that was genuinely trying to expose the real possibilities of an organised paedophile ring operating out of
  13. Funny how close Freelancer is to outright chancer ... eh? Yet ..... the amount of shite you spewed out at the time ..... about how you were just a poor semi- literate boy who had to make a living .... and if anyone else cared to cover the cost of paying all your monthly bills .... mortgage as well ... that the DR were paying you for your scribblings .... that would be fine. How you were so indebted to them for your livelihood and the chance of raising your own personal bar ..... yada yada yada ...blah blah blah ..... was all just your usual pish defending your choice to work for y
  14. πŸ‘ You're right of course mate .... the modern game and training methods has become pretty scientific based ... which is not a bad thing ..... but in the era Baxter played in .... it was all about talent as a less athletic player you will never find than him. It was the magic he could turn on with that famous left foot of his .... that few today can command .... they were all that was needed to lift the whole stadium to delirious joy at the audacity of the man. It was a great compliment from Pele ... but like you I am glad he was Scottish and forever grateful he played for us alo
  15. πŸ‘ I was of similar opinion when Laudrup appeared mate .... just like your Dad .... another magical talent who .... like Slim .... just blew the opposition players out the park ..... then we have Gazza .... a similarly talented player who was capable of turning nothing into something spectacular. All in all for magic .... Baxter is my best Scottish Rangers player ..... Laudrup my choice for best foreign Rangers Player ..... both closely followed by Gazza ..... absolute mind-blowing talents .... each and everyone of them.
  16. πŸ‘ Not an easy one mate .... as there were many great players over the years who .... in their own way .... would be in the running for that coveted title. Anyone who witnessed his best form ..... would be in no doubt that Baxter was the best individual football talent Scotland had ever produced .... he was and is my choice as the greatest ever Scottish Rangers player ... but I was not upset when that accolade went to John Greig for his stalwart presence in a Rangers jersey .... as they were both colossal for The Rangers ..... like many before them also .... it's what we were built on
  17. Regardless of whatever name tag is used mate .... they will be paid for by .... "The Blue Pound" ..... Let's hope there's a tidy bundle of them to buy in ... or pay for loanees with the quality we require .... to attain our 55th league title this coming season.
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