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  1. Was fair enough... Thankfully not like the Leicester ref. Fool.
  2. After they amputate the decaying flesh of what remains of the spl! After all we will follow on.
  3. Private asylum.
  4. As percentage of max capacity... Rangers 92% Celtic 62%
  5. Some right muppets on this thread sharing their views. Let him stand on the seat till he's big enough to run down the front like the rest of them!
  6. Aye. and what's worse they all speak English anyway! Does anyone know how much the road sign changing will cost?
  7. What imbiciles let this get produced?
  8. Wtaf
  9. Self respecting? Most Aussies are self abusing.
  10. their there they're You want the first one
  11. Omg it's because maybe 5% were supporters that actively hate Rangers and the rest join in because they think it makes them part of the collective. I'd be surprised if anyone knows exactly why they booed or admit their prejudice.
  12. I have mixed feelings about them.
  13. Little victories make me happy
  14. Dundee unt and aberdeen are the surprising front runners kn my hate list overtaking Celtic but only just. Hope they all burn in hell.