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  1. Face value only mind.
  2. If you said protestants then I maybe agree with your first sentence, it isn't Rangers fans that gave them the majority but fans of other clubs and non football supporters.
  3. I remember going to the reserve games when the goalies jumper was between McCloy and Kennedy, I was just a wee guy and was the first time I heard players shouting to each other, "Man oan" had me baffled. I also dogged school now and then and would go over and watch the training games in the Albion.
  4. Cheers mate I already have a ST.
  5. 2020/2021 Season Ticket Waiting List How do I join the Season Ticketing Waiting list? Only supporters who are Members can join the season ticket waiting list. To purchase a MyGers Membership and join the waiting list please select HERE. What is happening to the current waiting list? The current season ticket waiting list is being retired at the end of Season 2019/2020 and will be replaced with a new list that is exclusive to MyGers Members and is ranked based on loyalty points. This will allow supporters who are currently attending the most games the best chance of being in line for a season ticket.
  6. Always was the Billy Boys but now it's Four lads had a dream.
  7. Andy Murrays kit maker
  8. I'm out-Fuck that! No fucking clue if we will even get inside Ibrox before next year and they cunts want money for a membership? Nah, as I say, my choice and i'm out.
  9. Just joined twitter to get a ringside seat too.
  10. Don't think it is him mate although he probably supports it.
  11. Shameless, reptile bastards, fuck lyin brand.
  12. Fuck Hearts, hope they do go down. Shower of arse licking bastards.
  13. Try this Jinty https://captiongenerator.com/1767642/Lawwell-hears-SPFL-vote
  14. This will help the cashflow as not having to pay full wages for a few months until we get ST money in. Once that's in, we can pay the money owed to the players.
  15. I have a mug and matching coaster 😂
  16. Was that the one with arcs all along the roof edge? Edit nah that was Glasgow before makeover
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