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  1. Happy birthday you fucking protestant.
  2. Their statement says they are sorry that the kids were abused, not that they were sorry for abusing kids or turning a blind eye. Disgusting bastards.
  3. Proud as fuck of the UB.
  4. Isn't the SD lease up on the stadium store soon?
  5. 1-0 Backs to the wall and sneak one, we are more than capable of nicking a goal over there in the 2nd leg.
  6. A total joke, we have hardly played on the pitch and it's fucked.
  7. It's on the club website, no chance pitch will be ready.
  8. Fighting her off as I gave her a decent Valentines seeing to last night and now she is insatiable and wont leave me alone. She has that look in her eyes!
  9. Just read that he's deid, well he was a good un.
  10. I'd have been happier if they had banned the sun until an apology was forthcoming. That rag has always been a disgusting piece of shite.
  11. Reckon he will move to Cheshire to be near his beloved team.
  12. I await the taigs apology...…………………...
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