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  1. First its been directed at me, funny otherwise
  2. I got told to die for making a post and Im a cunt?
  3. this forum is full of cunts eh
  4. think yous are a bit over the top tbf just a joke
  5. Patterson, Thought he was cracking tonight, especially for his age.
  6. il buy you a pint at the louden once covid has fucked off
  7. no need for bad vibes my man, all in this together lets just enjoy it - WATP
  8. cheers mate, ive been on this forum for years I just used to use the family computer on my brothers account haha
  9. We've been through a lot. Admittedly I'm a bit of a lurker and I didnt make an account until a few years ago, but I've been through 10 years like everyone. I just wish I was still at school so I could stick it to all the tims who goaded big time in 2012. One of the biggest moments of my life, I'm never ashamed to admit how much this club and all of you mean to me. One day soon we will have a proper (legal) 55 party, and it will be amazing. All the best my friends and brothers x
  10. Mate I would massively appreciate that, can you message me to meet or something? Sorry I am new to this board.
  11. I'm not able to buy the whole Europa package because of work commitments but I want to make the Feyenoord game next week. Anyone know when tickets for this game individually will go up? Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. I'm skint but Rangers need Kent money so guess I'm taking out a wonga loan...
  13. I'm dreaming small, you're talking the real talk.
  14. He lives another day! Hopefully he skuds one of them a belter at the piggery and puts an end to their slagging...
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