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  1. Aye the 5 threads about it over the last couple of weeks has been overkill tbh. What we really need is a thread about what players should leave and who should stay this summer
  2. In all honestly he reminds me of Stuart Armstrong who personally I think is one of the best players in Scotland. I would be delighted with signing Kenny Mclean
  3. I have never and will never care about what tarriers say about our club. Fuck Sutton, fuck Nicholas and fuck anyone else who played for that rancid paedo club
  4. After his settling in period we saw something at least resembling shape and progress. I can't say the same for pedro. Honestly don't know what his tactics or formations are apart from punting the ball long to garner. We look clueless. That said hopefully he gets a chance with a team that isn't full of spineless shitebags.
  5. Murty clearly did a better job than pedro. It isn't even close. Losing a 26 year old record to the sheep and getting beat 5-1off the taigs. He shouldn't be anywhere near our club
  6. The Billy's boys after holt equaliser was outstanding. Absolute bouncing
  7. You want tore up by a 6ft 5 African fellow?
  8. Boyd in his prime was one of the most natural instinctive finishers we've had at the club in a while. Garner has no natural instincts when it comes to finishing. Only think he looks natural doing is hitting his head off things
  9. We can talk about how we need to change or what needs sorted in summer without mentioning the taigs. Fuck having to read cunts bigging them up on here. Get enough of that in the media. Honking thread
  10. Hire staunch proddy stewards that'll kick fuck him out for trying it would be my suggestion
  11. No heard much about youngster. He any good?
  12. Canny see Kiernan being even close to championship standard. There's 10 million pound strikers in the championship. Kiernan was found out and embarrassed against absolute shite ( Stokes in the cup final springs to mind). I like him but he's dreadful
  13. Tbf we did invest properly in 2 out of the 3 positions last summer. We spend a lot of wages on 3 "quality" CM's in rossister, Barton and Krancjar. Also spunked 1.8 million on garner. Hopefully pedro gets it right if he's backed properly
  14. Aye have a go at the youth coach who was shoved into a job he wasn't prepared for and relatively steadied the ship. You can praise pedro without taking a dig at Murty. P.S I'd take a 2-1 loss at Inverness over getting shagged 5-1 against the taigs at Ibrox
  15. Aw for fuck sake