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  1. Cheers @Womble72 for the livi ticket. Much appreciated
  2. I didn’t like the decision at the time but Ojo scored and set up another in the Midtjylland game at Ibrox so cant be too critical
  3. Hard to bottle it from the bench tbh
  4. A very unstaunch result so far 🤢
  5. Read an article trying to link us to the tarriers throwing bananas at Mark Walters. We stop singing the billy boys for a few years and the tarriers tried to claim the Hokey Cokey was sectarian. What chance do we stand?
  6. Why ? See there you go that’s the kind of twisted mind that gets this club dragged to the gutter, and as fir the ‘taig’ bit, your desparate, I went to ibrox for my first time when I was six and I’m now 67 so I was watching the Rangers when you were in a saucer in the greenhouse son! I only stopped going three years ago when illness took the power of my legs you ignorant scum bag

    1. SasaPapacLoyal


      Hi Caroline, 

      what the absolute fuck are you talking about? 

    2. caroline259
  7. Bit hypocritical from Gerrard imo. He’s constantly praised our support for over a year while we have been singing these songs. If he wants to be a social activist he could have started a long time ago. Also cunts on here acting like we haven’t been singing these songs all season and this is a one off is laughable. Same goes for cunts pretending they don’t join in with them. Virtue signalling pish
  8. Hi pal, do you have a learning disability?
  9. I don’t care what minute it is in the game but tonight isn’t the first time he hadn’t made a sub when it’s been obvious to everyone else it needs to be made. Fortunately it hadn’t cost us yet but it’s a matter of time. Tbf not just Gerrard but I struggle to remember a Rangers manager who consistently made a difference with subs
  10. Can think of literally no reason to not make the Jones for Ojo sub after 70 mins. Ojo had put a shift in but had run his race. Wasn’t offering anything going forward and looked the most likely to cost a goal with his tracking back. Gerrard has done a cracking job for us but his passive attitude to substitutions is a massive flaw imo
  11. Already had a so called bear tell the polis we started the fighting. Hand wringing apologists make me sick
  12. Just a heads up to any bears staying in Herning tonight. A few Danish “ultras” stoating about trying to steal flags and scarves etc. Quite a bit of fighting near the stadium. Stay safe No apology, no surrender
  13. Struggling to see whats so different between the Flanagan incident and the Bachmann incident that means Flanagan gets his yellow upgraded while Bachmann gets his red downgraded? Mind blowing hypocrisy On a separate note Flanagan is a fucking idiot for doing it in the first place. A moment of stupidity could quite easily have cost us another 3 points
  14. Considering the killie keeper got his red rescinded for elbowing kamara in the face I assume Morelos will also get his rescinded
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