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  1. Pena/Herrera warming up

    Canny create chances if we don't have the ball. Pena is not a ball winner. Our only true ball winner is suspended for passing the bell
  2. Pena/Herrera warming up

    I can guarantee he doesn't have 20 odd caps due to his ability to help hold onto a 1-0 lead. If he came on the game would have passed him by. I actually quite like him but it definitely wasn't the time for him
  3. Pena/Herrera warming up

    Might be a reason they aren't on the park. £3 million of "talent". Fucking unbelievable. Would run out of fingers counting the strikers in our league I'd rather have than Herrera
  4. Hi I'm mark Allan and I would like to pass the buck
  5. Murty and the board

    Hard to make any positive changes with that absolute clusterfuck of a bench Hes been sold down the river
  6. Murty and the board

    Don't let the board pull the wool over your eyes. They have royally fucked us and all anger should be directed at them. Murty done what any other cunt would have done in his position. You don't turn down Rangers when they are in need
  7. Rangers Fans Today

    Nah don't bother trying to even slightly blame murty. That's what the board want you to do. Fuck the board. Bunch of beyond incompetent clowns. No surrender Graeme Murty
  8. Big bad pedro. I wish he would stop trying to prove he's a no nonsense hard man and start fixing our shambles of team. Until he starts winning games the players won't buy into his authoritarian ways
  9. Club 1872 statement. Is this for f'n real?

    King reminded the fans to behave before the game due to the massive difference in how UEFA deals with fans behaviour compared to SPFL/SFA. UEFA use strict liability and SPFL dont. For example if we played all our games under UEFAs jurisdiction last season instead of the SPFL we would have played at least one game behind closed doors due to our songbook and behaviour. Just need to box clever when playing in Europe
  10. Can't believe they were allowed to keep their European cup

    Aye the 5 threads about it over the last couple of weeks has been overkill tbh. What we really need is a thread about what players should leave and who should stay this summer
  11. Kenny McLean

    In all honestly he reminds me of Stuart Armstrong who personally I think is one of the best players in Scotland. I would be delighted with signing Kenny Mclean
  12. Pedro doesn't care.

    I have never and will never care about what tarriers say about our club. Fuck Sutton, fuck Nicholas and fuck anyone else who played for that rancid paedo club
  13. We should have left Murty in charge

    After his settling in period we saw something at least resembling shape and progress. I can't say the same for pedro. Honestly don't know what his tactics or formations are apart from punting the ball long to garner. We look clueless. That said hopefully he gets a chance with a team that isn't full of spineless shitebags.
  14. We should have left Murty in charge

    Murty clearly did a better job than pedro. It isn't even close. Losing a 26 year old record to the sheep and getting beat 5-1off the taigs. He shouldn't be anywhere near our club
  15. Best Rangers atmosphere you've experienced?

    The Billy's boys after holt equaliser was outstanding. Absolute bouncing