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  1. Considering the killie keeper got his red rescinded for elbowing kamara in the face I assume Morelos will also get his rescinded
  2. Him being a first choice player for us wouldn’t help us catch the taigs. If players can’t start for the tarriers we shouldn’t be signing them
  3. Mulumbu couldn’t get a game for the tarriers. Would make zero difference for us
  4. It would be a real shame.....Think of the many children
  5. Is this the I hope Leigh Griffiths tops himself thread?
  6. Lol you’re a fucking idiot
  7. I like McCrorie but thought he was poor tonight. Would have been the first midfielder subbed off for me. That said McAuley was even worse. Jack was ok but going forward is not his strong point. If we rely on him for creativity there’s more goalless games ahead
  8. Nah I just don’t judge our players performances on who’s the staunchest
  9. He’s been pish recently but was alright tonight. At least you know he was on the park. The only time I noticed McCrorie was when his man ran past him for the goal or when I mistook Arfield for him
  10. Worst midfielder on the park tonight by quite a bit
  11. I wouldn’t say we were very unlucky. On another day they bury another few of their countless chances and it’s even worse. Even if Morelos goal counts(which it should have, what a fucking goal) I honestly think they would have scored 5. But you’re right we get a result and I’m singing our praises. But we didn’t so sadly we have to face up to reality
  12. We were near to getting a result but we didn’t look anywhere near comfortable in the game. Surely away in Europe you set up to nick a goal then see it out? We had 3 chances at it and fucked it. We didn’t look like we could hold out under sustained pressure. Away in Europe that’s unacceptable
  13. Shat the bed big time tonight. Taking the lead away from home in Europe 3 times and not getting a point is criminal. It could have been a famous result but we fucked it. We were nowhere near to getting tactically correct. We might have conceded from individual errors but they looked like scoring everytime they went forward
  14. I think having Flanagan behind him doesn’t help. Allows defenders to double up on him as Flanagan gives fuck all attacking threat. He looked much more dangerous for the 10 minutes he spent on the right. Would love to see him with a better attacking fullback behind him. He’d be even better
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