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  1. SasaPapacLoyal

    Gerarrds Fault

    I wouldn’t say we were very unlucky. On another day they bury another few of their countless chances and it’s even worse. Even if Morelos goal counts(which it should have, what a fucking goal) I honestly think they would have scored 5. But you’re right we get a result and I’m singing our praises. But we didn’t so sadly we have to face up to reality
  2. SasaPapacLoyal

    Gerarrds Fault

    We were near to getting a result but we didn’t look anywhere near comfortable in the game. Surely away in Europe you set up to nick a goal then see it out? We had 3 chances at it and fucked it. We didn’t look like we could hold out under sustained pressure. Away in Europe that’s unacceptable
  3. SasaPapacLoyal

    Gerarrds Fault

    Shat the bed big time tonight. Taking the lead away from home in Europe 3 times and not getting a point is criminal. It could have been a famous result but we fucked it. We were nowhere near to getting tactically correct. We might have conceded from individual errors but they looked like scoring everytime they went forward
  4. SasaPapacLoyal

    Ryan kent

    I think having Flanagan behind him doesn’t help. Allows defenders to double up on him as Flanagan gives fuck all attacking threat. He looked much more dangerous for the 10 minutes he spent on the right. Would love to see him with a better attacking fullback behind him. He’d be even better
  5. SasaPapacLoyal

    Candieas & Halliday

    I wasn't passing comment on or trying to excuse his lack of managerial nous. Just don't think it's a coincidence that the only 2 incidents of players showing dissent towards him occurred just days after kings horrendous statement
  6. SasaPapacLoyal

    Candieas & Halliday

    Hard for Murty to have any real authority considering King hung him out to dry just a few days ago with his shambles of a statement
  7. SasaPapacLoyal

    Pena/Herrera warming up

    Canny create chances if we don't have the ball. Pena is not a ball winner. Our only true ball winner is suspended for passing the bell
  8. SasaPapacLoyal

    Pena/Herrera warming up

    I can guarantee he doesn't have 20 odd caps due to his ability to help hold onto a 1-0 lead. If he came on the game would have passed him by. I actually quite like him but it definitely wasn't the time for him
  9. SasaPapacLoyal

    Pena/Herrera warming up

    Might be a reason they aren't on the park. £3 million of "talent". Fucking unbelievable. Would run out of fingers counting the strikers in our league I'd rather have than Herrera
  10. Hi I'm mark Allan and I would like to pass the buck
  11. SasaPapacLoyal

    Murty and the board

    Hard to make any positive changes with that absolute clusterfuck of a bench Hes been sold down the river
  12. SasaPapacLoyal

    Murty and the board

    Don't let the board pull the wool over your eyes. They have royally fucked us and all anger should be directed at them. Murty done what any other cunt would have done in his position. You don't turn down Rangers when they are in need
  13. SasaPapacLoyal

    Rangers Fans Today

    Nah don't bother trying to even slightly blame murty. That's what the board want you to do. Fuck the board. Bunch of beyond incompetent clowns. No surrender Graeme Murty
  14. SasaPapacLoyal

    *** The Official Rangers vs Hearts Match Thread ***

    No heard much about youngster. He any good?
  15. SasaPapacLoyal

    *** The Official Partick Thistle vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Aw for fuck sake