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  1. 🤣🤣🤣 I dont know if you are attempting a wind up or not
  2. Pathetic and scared, what a wimp of a man.
  3. Im not up to date with this, am i right in saying they banned their fans for racism, then allowed 10k kids in instead, and the kids were also racist?
  4. They dont give a fuck, the new culture is based on maximum money from punters and we get fuck all in return.
  5. Shut up you slabberin geriatric spastic bastard 😂
  6. Found it. You need to go to www.tickets.rangers.co.uk Harder than it should be to find that tbh. Hope this helps others who have same issue.
  7. Dont think so mate, its rangers.co.uk i'm signing into? Is their another site for the ticket side of things does any1 or yourself know?
  8. Looking for some info, on old website i used to be able to see all the tickets i purchased, cccs, etc etc. Cant find it anywhere on this new website, when i click on the symbol of the person now you only get 3 options, my profile/rtv account/sign out. Where do i go to see my purchase history, amend cccs etc, like the way it used to be? This new website is worse than the old one fs, its still giving ticket info for the old firm game from last month. I just checked my bank and iv had 3 x £39 taken, one each day since Tuesday. Cheers
  9. This is the issue with big partners, as soon as you sign on the dotted line, you're business is basically theirs. You will never operate the business 100% independent again. Example being Joe Rogan, joined Spotify and then they decide which shows are allowed and what topics you can cover.
  10. He's lost it anyway though has he not? I havent seen many tweets, just the spazzie one. Anyway, i still stand by my comment that you dont apologise to any of them, it never works out. Have seen it time and time again with folk in the US who get cancelled, as soon as you issue any apology its game over.
  11. Glad he stepped down after a pathetic apology and pandering to the mob like that tbf.
  12. Find it funny when people think giving into these cunts who try to cancel people will help. Never ever apologise, it will only end up worse, admitting to something you never done, no apologies will save you from filth coming after you its the final step before they cancel you anyway. Go down with dignity at least.
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