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  1. Requires permission from GCC surely,so file that in the denied folder!
  2. Were they told not to do it, incase it causes political unrest...?
  3. Update for all concerned, the PS5 has been despatched and is on its way to me πŸ™ Wishing luck to all my brothers out there on securing one 😜
  4. Me waiting on my dispatch email for the PS5
  5. Francis....better be decent πŸ˜†
  6. Will check it out bud πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
  7. No mate, but i'm interested. I played dead rising on the xbox years ago and thought it was pretty good.
  8. Its more like Β£15 a month, iv never had then come to the door. I just told them online i dont use their service and they send a letter now and again and i tell them anually i dont need it. I dont have an aerial so nothing to worry about if they show up, i'll speak to them through an open window.
  9. 🀣 At school there was one girl, parents were doctors, and she never had a tele. I ripped the piss out her in front of everyone being a wee dick for years, now i look back and think who was the idiot! She went on to do very well in the same field as her parents, i think i was jealous of her intelligence at school looking back, she always said all she did was read books, cook, play games with her siblings etc.
  10. Stopped paying the licence fee 2 years ago, never looked back. Its amazing the feeling of knowing you dont pay for propaganda, you are subjected to it non stop in daily life for free as it is. Plenty of movies, streaming sites you can choose for free. And once the boozers are open again, more free football to watch whilst suppin a pint of lager! Plenty books as well, and the playstation. When you spend long enough away from the tele you realise you dont need it as much as you used to.
  11. I do the same. The only time i threaten to use rest mode is when i get in from work and need to wait hours for an update 🀣 Always say to the mrs thats it am leavin this on rest, then dont. Rinse and repeat.
  12. Fingers crossed mate. Im desperate to try the dualsense and fast load times etc πŸ‘Œ Have you had any problems with rest mode?
  13. My order with Very is still saying delivery before or on 11th March. Supposedly it comes straight from the supplier, being Sony? Anyone know if such a far away delivery date is standard practice but the console will get delivered before that? Phoned Very but the woman told basically told me before, on, or after 11th March, helpful so she was.
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