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  1. Best get down to Tiny and get the boy what he wants mate save any trouble
  2. Can you not tell him your yer own man and ur no moving onto some pc shite?
  3. Get a PS5 and try the 6Ghz wifi...New xbox doesnt have it btw.
  4. Rambo1872

    COD: Cold war

    Drop that gold Gadaffi 😅
  5. Seriously though the guy was some talent. 60 is too young.
  6. Rambo1872

    COD: Cold war

    U got M13 gold? Im tryn to level it up in warzone
  7. Rambo1872

    COD: Cold war

    A schmeeelting accident 😂
  8. Obviously not social distancing or wearing a mask or even both! RIP
  9. I have heard there are a few protests at the paedodome later, one to keep tlb and one to out him. Popcorns oot
  10. I want to give them a fucking pasting mate. A good 5+ would be lovely
  11. Cancel the payment 🤣
  12. Might not be, but possible it is the same game? It is fifa afterall...
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