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  1. The_Corinthian

    Beggars Allocation Cut

    This is something I would have welcomed since about 87.
  2. The_Corinthian

    POTY awards tonight?

    Fair point
  3. The_Corinthian

    The table

    Be doing well to finish third, mate.
  4. The_Corinthian

    £9 million we knocked back

    Which one?
  5. The_Corinthian

    ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

  6. The_Corinthian

    Terry Butcher

    The best way to shut him up, or anyone is, is to win. Fuck them all. JUST WIN!
  7. A lot could depend on how those scumbags do against Zenit this week. If they manage to fluke a result, the next 2 Europa league games would fall a couple of days before they play us at Ibrox and a couple of days before a tricky away game to Motherwell.....
  8. The_Corinthian

    *** The Official Ayr United v Rangers Thread ***

  9. The_Corinthian

    LAST time we had a hero??

    The bold Moshni
  10. The_Corinthian

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

    `Good day to go fishing`! 4 goals and counting!
  11. The_Corinthian

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

    I'm from Glasgow, hen
  12. The_Corinthian

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

  13. The_Corinthian

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Great `serve` there from Windass......
  14. The_Corinthian

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

  15. The_Corinthian

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

    I live in São Paulo and support Corinthians here. Mainly because Corinthian supporters say “we are the people’s club”. ...... It’s a kinda motto they have. Been to see them once or twice and their stadium is fucking beautiful. Also, Brazilians criticise their fans for being too intense in their support, another thing like us They are one of the biggest clubs in Brazil and, under normal circumstances, should “horse” any Scottish club (most English clubs also). They play a really fast, pressing technical game which is great to watch. lets see how this pans out. I would imagine same as the last one. A training exercise, until a team scores a goal.