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  1. Haven't seen anything but is there any idea when he will be back?
  2. Aye anything but what he actually did!
  3. Just put the ball out the park next time Glen ffs!
  4. Defoe struggled today because we were trying to turn Hearts, especially in the first half, and Defoe just doesn't have pace he used to. We also need somebody close to him and there just wasn't that. His best football at Ibrox was when he had Arfield playing as a second striker. Wednesday and today we just didn't give him that option whether it was Arfield, Aribo or Kent. Not excusing Defoe for any bad play on his part but we all know what we have with Defoe and he needs support a lot more than Morelos does. I don't criticise the manager on much but his use of Defoe really doesn't get the best out of him for me.
  5. Rangers beat Rangers again for me. Should have been 2-0 up at half-time, our counter attacking game was hurting them and that's how we got 1-0 up then we do what we do and fanny about. I'm not suggesting that we were vintage Rangers for 55 minutes but we had created 3 or 4 chances compared to Hearts zero. Kamara for their first goal was horrendous. Two? Three times? To clear and held on and held on. Once again we haven't learned from celtic at Ibrox or away to Young Boys. Losing the ball in your own third fucks everything up, it's one of the reasons why Liverpool are the best team in Europe. After that did we create anything? They had two central midfielders playing at full back, 4 strikers on the park and no shape or rhythm to their play but we just let them get on top of us and rather than exploiting their clear weaknesses we offered nothing. The defending and positioning for their second was absent and pretty embarrassing. More so the tracking from midfield than the back 4 itself. I had no doubt that we'd drop points before the split but it's the manner today that hurts, a little like Aberdeen.
  6. Tonight went exactly how I expected it. First league game back so a bit rusty, missing our best player and one of our most influential players and captain as well as going up against a very organised and stuffy side. This was never going to be a 4/5-0 game unless St. Mirren got someone sent off. This is one people will complain about tonight and forget in May. 3 points is literally all that matters now and we got it tonight without really getting out of first gear. Personally I just want us to beat Hearts now on Sunday but my longer term prediction is that we're 4 or more points ahead of celtic going into the split.
  7. Morelos is better at football than Eduoard hands down. However what I will say is that I wouldn't be upset if he did leave celtic in January (though doubtful) because he is probably their best player and focal point. I also think who can they actually get of that quality to come in and hit the ground running? There's also the fact that lennon cannot attract the same type of quality as rodgers could and when celtic don't have the potential of CL right now it means that club can't appeal to players like it did two or three years ago.
  8. This just works into their mad psyche that they have just now. Secretly, deep down, they are delighted about this because they can up the poor underdog "big bad masons" are against us rhetoric while avoiding the elephant in the room which is they are the establishment club, they have become what they hate. We know and again deep down they, or certainly their club know, that Christie wouldn't have been banned if he wasn't injured. The SFA have given themselves free hit because Christie will be unavailable anyway but set out their stall for the future and now if any Rangers player gets involved in anything similar the precedent has been set to ban.
  9. We should be confident we're winning games at a rate a lot of great Rangers sides haven't even managed. Right now we've won as many league games as Advocaat's 99-2000 side (also dropped 7 points after 19) and McLeish's 02-03 side though they hadn't lost by this point and the same goes for the 67-68 team who didn't lose until the last day and lost the league. These are the only 3 Rangers sides to match the 2019-20 side after 19 games from 1955 when 34+ game seasons started. I stand by the fact that right now Rangers are the only team that can beat celtic or Rangers!
  10. SIRB_72

    Kris Boyd

    Doing punditry on the radio and doing a good job the couple of times I've heard him. Made such a difference hearing a balanced voice on there!
  11. He has children. How embarrassing!
  12. It would be quite incredible. I had no doubts about 90+ but 100 would be amazing considering we've never hit it. It's just amazing to watch the development of this side. Every 6 month block under Gerrard there has been improvement and there's no reason why we can't expect to keep this level up for the rest of the campaign!
  13. That was 1898-99. Incredibly over those 3 years we won 52 of our 60 league games. Granted it was less games but considering the time it's quite an achievement!
  14. Big man was a rock yesterday and another who deserves full praise. Had a few dodgy moments this season but I've never doubted him as a good defender and a leader though sometimes his dallying on the ball gives me the fear. Yesterday he played everything safe and kept the "30 million pound" striker quiet!
  15. Currently sitting at an 84% win rate in the league which no Rangers team has managed to keep up since 1901. It'll be extremely tough to keep up but these stats just back up how good a job Gerrard has done!
  16. It's amazing how daft the cunts are that they don't realise he doesn't need to score against them (though I wish he would) to have a big effect on the game. His work rate, hold up play and leading from the front was superb again today!
  17. He was phenomenal today. His experience proved utterly invaluable today imo. The blocks off the line and his general play was really fantastic and proved to be a good leader in that midfield. I even noticed when he went off he was barking orders as he walked passed the corner flag😂
  18. Take the games as they come. It's completely in our hands now and we have the more favourable run up to the split.
  19. Had to go for a walk after the game to calm down. My heart was jumping out my chest after about 85 minutes. When 55 comes in May I don't know how I'll cope😂
  20. Notice this stuff only comes up when we beat celtic!? If they won 2-1 we wouldn't be hearing about Kent's celebration. Tik tok on their publications and their team!
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