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  1. I'm actually quite worried that we wont be even neck and neck by christmas and I'm assuming you're the same? My hope is that some lessons were learned from last year, though I doubt it, and celtic drop off a little bit. I just can't get out my head how far we dropped off last season. It's very hard to get that back and the drop off in his first season was nowhere near as bad as the second.
  2. This! Assuming we're neck and neck, or ahead, with celtic again at the time this is absolutely vital. After Scot Symon no Rangers manager has won the league without winning either the league cup or the Scottish cup before it. Walter Smith in 1991 was the exception but that was a very different circumstance. The defeats to Aberdeen x2, celtic and Hearts in the cups have been just as damaging to our league hopes than anything else for me.
  3. Windass chose to leave cause his ego was hurt. We accepted a valuation that suited us and he took the hump because how much it was. It didn't suit him playing out wide and trying to force his way into that striker role by playing well so he took the easy route and fucked off. The guy walked away from a fight and we don't need that just now. As I said I have no doubt about his talent but his attitude is stinking. This is why he is on loan to Sheff Wed from Wigan and not playing with a mid table side in the Premier League. I take your point about how cheap he'd be in terms of a transfer fee but I'd rather not have him in the dressing room and all the other baggage he brings.
  4. If Windass is the best that we can come up with then we're more fucked than we already are. A talented player but an absolute idiot who thinks he is better than the club. I think we forget he had the chance to work hard and play under Gerrard and chose to go to fucking Wigan!
  5. Best English game I've watched since the restart!
  6. Leicester's form in the second half of the season has been really poor and it's not really been mentioned much. rodgers is an absolute charlatan and I still think we let them off too easy the year we had Pedro & Murty in charge (17/18).
  7. Solid goalkeeper. The Alexander comparison fits well. I wonder what this means for McCrorie going forward. Hopefully another loan spell in the top division.
  8. I also don't think he was used properly under Murty who played him too deep. He needs to be further forward or drifting and out from the wide right (to perhaps even help Tav) like he was at the club mentioned. An underrated part of his game is that he is decent from set pieces like deep free-kicks and corners. He also could be used in different formations but the manager isn't going to do that. Not a world beater but could definietely have played 20 games last season so we wouldn't have had Arfield playing 48 games by the middle of March. The same goes for Davis in his role.
  9. Velicka is another example of having different strikers about. Wasn't a great player at all but offered enough when called upon. Scored the winner at Falkirk at the start of the season then we barely seen him until April. He comes in scores an opener at Ibrox against Motherwell & Hearts in games we win and scores a goal to put us 2-1 up away at Easter Road in a game we went on to win. These wee goals, especially the one against Falkirk, matter over the season and I just dont think that 3 strikers is enough especially when one can be unreliable like Morelos and one struggles up front himself in Defoe.
  10. This is the point I'm trying to make about having at least 4 options up top and Thompson is a good example. He didn't play much and wasn't particularly great but offered enough to get 5-10 goals for us making as many starts and plenty of subs appearances and that's enough to get over the line. We don't have anything like this just now. Different games call for different things. We can get away with playing a certain way for a while because the quality we have in the side but teams catch up and in our league you play teams enough times that half way through a season they work you out. This is why we need variety up top!
  11. By 5 I mean 4 centre forwards and 1 inside forward who would be able to also play in the centre. With one up top I'd be worried if we signed Dykes and just had him behind Morelos and Defoe. I'm sure you'd agree? I also think we'd be much better off using Defoe in a two with Dykes or someone else and as we already know it wont be Morelos up top in a two. Therefore, imo, another striker needed after Morelos, Defoe and Dykes. In the 5 I'd be willing to include Kent as he seems to be more of a goal threat than a creative threat and use him out wide to supplement Morelos especially with Hagi seemingly much more creative than Kent. You're probably being more realistic than me by looking at the managers system rather than me pointing out what I think we need to win the league. You might have more faith in our midfielders to help catch up the 25 goal deficit to celtic than I do as well. Not ignoring your quality striker needed point as well! We lost the league because of goals and we've won every title this side of the millenium because of variety up front.
  12. Based on playing on one up top which is what we're going to do. I just don't think it's enough to win us the league unfortunately.
  13. I wanted 4. If we sign Dykes I'd make that 5. With the inclusion of Dykes it would have to be a striker who could play up top or out wide as an inside forward (Naismith, Lafferty, Novo for example). We need options and variety up top and I'm personally not so comfortable relying on Dykes if Morelos or Defoe were out.
  14. Even if we sign Dykes I still think we'd need 2 more strikers. The guy is too much of a punt to rely on, all signings are of course.
  15. Even if we sign Dykes I still think we'd need 2 more strikers. The guy is too much of a punt to rely on, all signings are of course. Edit: wrong thread
  16. SIRB_72


    Americans and Australians have generally done good for us and it's definetely a market we should try to expose, like any market really. I definetely think those two markets have worked well because both countries have a host of players who work hard. The only issue with this market is both countries have fallen back a bit from where they were 10 years ago. America failed to reach the last world cup and Australia haven't really competed at WC since the "golden generation" in 2006 under Guus Hiddink. I know you can only base players on their own merits but a national side is good marker of the general quality of the game in that country. For example Scotland.
  17. Got Ulreich wrong as well. I'm just going to leave.
  18. In terms of a goalkeeper it depends on what happens with Robbie McCrorie. If he goes on loan again then we'll need a back up to McGregor. If he's in the squad then it is the next step to move him into the first team. I wouldn't understand the move to go and get another goalie, like Ulrich, who would be on big wages when the club will surely be seeing McCrorie as the future No. 1. I'd be extremely shocked if McGregor isn't No. 1 next season, avoiding any injuries of course.
  19. We've had good strikers leave and we've always replaced them with something different but just as effective.
  20. In terms of Boyd and Morelos both have very different qualities which we are all aware of. I'll say it till I'm blue in the face that we have a very similar player to Boyd on our books in Defoe. If we give him the same service and get players around him like we did with Boyd we will get 20+ from Defoe. We've seen it before when we've played Arfield as a second striker of sorts. It worries me that Gerrard is married to playing one striker because a club battling for titles should be able to rotate and change and not rely on one system. Our rivals adapted and we didn't change a thing. In our last 5 title wins we've had our strikers or inside forwards (like a Naismith) contribute 50+ goals in the league. This season our strikers (Morelos, Defoe and Kamberi) have scored 26 goals in the league. I couldn't see the three of them scoring another 24 in the remaining 9 games. Yes, a lot has changed in football since 2002 but Scottish football on the park hasn't that much. More strikers, more variety means more goals.
  21. We need 4 strikers to win the league
  22. If only we had someone who could do a similar job just now... Feed him and he'll score.
  23. I had just turned 18 and finished school so it was a big summer in general. A lot of time spent with my mates in the pub watching the games and went to TITP. I had also got into gambling! Uruguay and Diego Forlan made me some decent money that summer. Looking back at that world cup it probably wasn't the greatest but I hold it in high regard because everything around it for me personally.
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