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    ****Official NFL Thread.****

    I fancied the Redskins big time today but stuck them in a stupid treble rather than a single. I think they could have a good year!
  2. SIRB_72

    Our worst league start since 1989....

    That's it. Nothing is won in September
  3. SIRB_72

    ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Baker Mayfield completely changed that game for the Browns. With him at QB they seem to be a well balanced outfit going forward. Happy to see them win, just for their fans because that must have been hellish to watch!
  4. So proud of the team yesterday and today. They just feel like a "proper" Rangers team. It doesn't matter how poorly we are playing or the circumstance we just seem to find results. So chuffed and it's down to the manager, he has brought standards back to this club!
  5. Even with a new centre half coming in I'm actually confident we wont lose. Villarreal aren't a superb attacking side who will cut us open, especially against a well organised side which we are. They don't have a great record against sides who sit in and make it difficult (Girona a few weeks back being a good example) It's definetely a step up but if we play and defend how we can there is no reason we can't get a point!
  6. SIRB_72

    Strange people within our support

    Disagree with his point completely. From a personal perspective every die hard fan I know voted No and would again. Despite the fact I think the guy is dillusional everyone is aloud to have their opinion (something the nats will never get) but why make that point, at that time and in that surrounding? It's just a bit embarressing to be honest. I wonder if he'll be posting a video when we no doubt will have the Sandy Jardine stand covered in a Union Flag when we play in one of our Euro group games?😂
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    ***UEFA Champions League 18/19***

    I have no great affinity for Liverpool apart from the manager but there is no team I enjoy watching more just now than them! (Out with Rangers of course)
  8. SIRB_72

    A pint with Novo

    Novo for what he was and what he cost was by far one of the best pound for pound signings this millenium. Legend may be a stretch but he is no doubt a club icon and has produced some of the most important goals in the clubs recent history. Some pretty important goals against celtic. His goals against hibs, Red Star, Falkirk, Panathanikos, the penalty against Fiorentina, as the article mentions, has given us more than what we paid. He had his moments and bad games aye but he turned up when we needed him.
  9. SIRB_72

    Perspective required

    It's definetely about balance for me today. Under the manager there has been significant progress in a short space of time. Qualification for the EL group stages is testament to that and though some may dismiss it is important for the club not just this season but going forward. However, the manager got it wrong today. Was it due to long trip or not who knows? It's not the first time he's got it wrong (second half at Motherwell). I think there are things to improve on like ball retention, defending set pieces, sitting in too deep and relying on the defence and gk to much (though we did spent roughly 7/8 million to improve there). I think all of these negatives are just part and parcel of having a new manager, a rookie manager, 11 new players and a pretty tough schedule. I dont think we should down play the 8 thursdays in a row. I do believe that if say we got knocked out against Osijek or Maribor we wouldn't have lost to Motherwell and wouldn't have set up like we did this afternoon. Not that playing in Russia should be used to excuse today either. Things for me still look positive, I've been saying it all week but I think the hard work for the manager and the team starts now. This is the bread and butter against the likes of Dundee, St Johnstone and Livingston. The fixture list looks good from now until the start of December. The toughest game being hibs away which may be moved if we beat Ayr. Until December is where we need to go on our 7-9 game winning run. If Gerrard can get the team to that level then I have no doubt we'll be a different force by the end of December when we face them again.
  10. SIRB_72

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    We won the league that season
  11. SIRB_72

    Next Four Games

    For me there are 10 games up until December and the only fixture I worry (not as much as last season) is hibs away. A lot of winnable fixtures. It's time to crack down and go on a run.
  12. We need to use it to our advantage in December!
  13. SIRB_72

    Game was lost in midfield

    We weren't even in a midfield battle, we just gave them it. Poor stuff.
  14. SIRB_72

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    We didn't even try to win the midfield today we just gave it up. Very negative tactics today and to be honest 1-0 flatters us. The substitions, the order and timing, baffled me today as well. Shite result, shite performance but the hard work starts now. Can't blame europe at home to Dundee or St Johnstone or Livingston. We need to go win some games now.
  15. Aye they might have to then put us at home first and celtic away first!
  16. I've worked it out that we'll get Villarreal (A) 20/9 Spartak (A) 4/10 Rapid (H) 25/10 Rapid (A) 8/11 Villarreal (H) 29/11 Spartak (H) 13/12 This would work along side celtic and us not being able to be play at home on the same night. We'd play Spartak away first because they can't play the final fixture at home due to weather. We'd swap our H and A fixture with Rapid because we wont play 3 aways then 3 homes. Rough guess though!
  17. I really wanted that group with Lazio, Marseille & Frankfurt. Though very happy with what we got and there is an opportunity to qualify. I'm glad we avoided trips to Kiev and Astana!
  18. SIRB_72

    Europa League Draw Simulator

    Anderlecht - Sporting - Malmo & Rangers. Not the worst in terms of actually trying to qualify!
  19. Im still buzzing 2 and a half hours later. What a result, what a performance! That is a Rangers performance and everything we want our club to be. Thank you to the manager and his team for giving us our club back. We haven't won anything in terms of silver but we have our pride back and that is a start.
  20. Why is no cunt picking up that number 7?? He's causing all sorts of problems!!
  21. PAOK have just scored a lovely goal against Benfica!
  22. Mourinho needs to take a break for a year or so. He needs to go over his philosiphy and ideas and move him into the more modern game. He's still a fantastic manager but over the last few years he seems to be more worried about petty fueds with his own players than winning games. Apart from being tactically astute (not the case now, last night being an example) he used to be known for his man management and how players like Lampard and Terry would die for him. Neither exist anymore!
  23. I dont seeing it having a detrimental effect after Thursday. We've been playing on Thursdays for 8 weeks in a row during qualification and this wont be the case if we qualify for the group stages which starts on the 20th of September and runs through to mid December, so roughly 3 months. You have to factor in that celtic will most likely qualify and also have to play Thursday/Sunday and as shown already this season they don't have a superb squad by any means. Qualifying for the group stages is imperitive due to the financial gain which in this transfer window may not make a difference but in January, along with potential kit sales give us the chance to improve the squad. I'm also of the belief that despite our troubles the last six years we are Rangers and we should (if the right is earned) be playing at this level in Europe. Though this final point may not be popular I think it matters. We can lose to Ufa and Europe is DONE or we can win and add more finance to the club to compete after next year as well as having 3 great European nights at Ibrox. We can also beat celtic on sunday, for example, and things look great in September when nothing is won. We could also lose to celtic on sunday and have 34 games to rectify with a much lighter schedule (including Europa League) and a few million quid in the bank to boost the squad in January. We have to qualify on Thursday imo!
  24. SIRB_72

    Some perspective...

    The real work starts after Ufa and celtic. Get the result in Russia and get to the group stages then it's important we dont lose on Sunday either. After these two matches and the international break we need to go on a winning run of say 8 or 9 games which we did do during that last title run. The 6 Europa League group games are spread out over just under 3 months and during that time we can build a good run in the league and aim towards winning the League Cup.
  25. SIRB_72


    We need work on defending set pieces. We have conceded a few chances from set pieces so far this season and today we did it against a team who are built to create from set pieces. Our ball retention has been poor as well this season snd it's something we need to improve on. A couple of signings as well would help at centre back, a wide player and a ball playing midfielder. However, despite this there are a lot more positives than negatives just now. The team today still had SIX new starters and two (I'll include Middleton) off the bench. We were missing arguably our best midfielder in Coulibaly as well as arguably our best player from last season Candeias beause the manager, perhaps naively, wanted to try out a new formation. We have and will continue to grow as a team. We've had a fantastic start to the campaign despite dropping 4 points in the league and in 2 of our matches we played the majority with 10 men. We're on the brink of the EL group stages, which nobody expected, and won our cup game with a favourable home tie in the next round.