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    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Beat by Hamilton +1 today for an 11/1 4-fold. Had them with Luton, West Ham & Wycombe +1 (who actually won at 3/1).
  2. SIRB_72

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    They still aren't that good. I can see posters points about them in terms of quality but the table says something else. Only 3 days ago they drew with Motherwell and only two games before that they drew with Livingston. Like us they, on their day, have the ability to batter teams but just like us can be absolutely stinking. In the last 10 games they've only scored 1 point more than us and people on here think we're on a bad run. Last season they won the league by scoring only 82 points which is the second lowest amount since the league moved to this format in 2000.
  3. SIRB_72

    Christmas tree

    That's as bad as the performance last night!
  4. SIRB_72

    As it stands...

    If you take it after 14 games (because celtic haven't played their extra game). We were on 24 points after suffering a loss to Hamilton then Dundee. They were unbeaten and had 34 points. 10 point gap. At that stage we're 6 points better off now (it's only really 3 because of last night, we won our 15th game vs Aberdeen last season). They are 4 points worse off than last season. Be quite interesting to see how this works out once the winter break comes around.
  5. SIRB_72

    Signings in January

    Though I think the idea to move on from Pedro was correct, if he said that then he is right! I personally believe we are going in the right direction under Gerrard, but whoever the manager is they needed 2 or 3 windows.
  6. SIRB_72

    Signings in January

    It was always going to be the case. We weren't just going to have a superb (at spfl level) team in one transfer window. We've laid the foundations and now Gerrard & Allen need to (and will) build on it.
  7. SIRB_72

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    I certainly don't see us winning all those games either. Not based on tonight either.
  8. SIRB_72

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    We were fucking shit tonight and our two biggest failings showed up again: Our ability to defend set pieces and our ability to create through the centre of midfield. Hopefully the former is sorted in the winter break and the latter is sorted in the window. I really don't understand why in games like this we dont try and double up down the wings and get to the byline and pass across the box. It always seems against these teams we never seem to try and stretch them and get behind them I know Gerrard answered this in his press conference, but if Morelos and Tavernier do not play well the whole team suffers. On the positive side, the overall picture still looks good we got a bit of luck that they drew tonight. We were always going to drop points in this December run. Hopefully this is our only loss and I'm confident we'll get back to winning ways again on Sunday.
  9. SIRB_72

    Our manager shooting down the press

    They'd be fucked without Ousmane Dembele
  10. SIRB_72

    Did the 'journey' finally end yesterday?

    The journey from the bottom ends when we win the league and restore ourselves as the best team in this country over 38 games. Performances a like that away from home needs to happen 7 or 8 times over a season not just once or twice. However, going top is another checkpoint on our road back to the top just like getting back to the group stages of a euro competition was.
  11. I'd rather be second choice at Rangers than first choice at Hearts as well to be fair😂
  12. SIRB_72

    Our Form

    The league if you took the last 10 matches. celtic's includes the win over us it should be noted. As previously pointed out the away form is bang on the same as well. Don't let anybody kid us on we are very much in this.
  13. SIRB_72

    ***The Official Hearts v Rangers Match Thread***

    Really good result especially after going a goal down. We could have got more goals as well but as long as we score more than the other team that's all I care about. Still a long way to go but top of the league and fuck it feels good...to quote our opposition manager today we've "restored the natural order of things"
  14. SIRB_72

    ***The Official Hearts v Rangers Match Thread***

    No Middleton or Jack is concerning.
  15. SIRB_72

    ***The Official Hearts v Rangers Match Thread***

    Can see it now. Free kick against Alfie, booked for the foul, Alfie argues it and sent off for dissent.
  16. SIRB_72

    ***The Official Hearts v Rangers Match Thread***

    I put down 2-0 or 3-0 myself. The only reason I think it could be 3 is because Hearts are in such a bad rut just now and are missing their best players. Most common sense posters realise how tough Tynecastle is, but I think there is a realisation that Hearts aren't at their best just now and they're there for the taking. Though some of the loonies on here wont accept it I would happily take a 1-0 win coming off the back of the arse of a Hearts defender. As long as we get those three points😂
  17. SIRB_72

    ***The Official Hearts v Rangers Match Thread***

    I'd never underestimate Hearts at Tynecastle but I feel quite confident going there. Probably down to their important injuries Hearts have fallen to fuck. They've won 2 of their last 7 in the league. They haven't scored in their last 5 which includes a semi final. Last week they lost to St. Mirren: a team that had won 1 game all season and it was in August. We on the other hand in the league have won 7 out of 9 scoring 30 goals and conceding 6. We've only had 3 clean sheets in those 9 games but have only conceded over 1 goal in one league match against Motherwell. One thing I did notice that in the league this season we haven't won by a 1 goal margin yet, which can be looked at with confidence because we're being ruthless or with a bit of worry cause it suggest in tight games we can't see it through (Aberdeen, Motherwell, Livi, Killie for example). I do think out with Aberdeen and Kilmarnock we've been playing well and with Hearts injury issues and poor form I don't think there is a better time for us to be going there. Rangers to win to nil. 2-0 or 3-0.
  18. SIRB_72


    The guy is going to become one of our best players once he gets fit and gets run if games, especially going forward. Based on assists alone in his 7 games he has 3 assists. Kent who has 22 games has 4 assists and Candeias who has 23 also has 4. Creatively he could be a missing piece of the jigsaw.
  19. All things considered that is a good result. Allan McGregor outstanding again. That save with his left hand in the first half was great. Is there another club with as good as results as us with 10 men?
  20. SIRB_72

    The Rugby thread

    I thought it before tonight but Ireland have a great chance to win the WC next year. I hope their price doesn't dip to much but I highly doubt it?
  21. SIRB_72

    The Rugby thread

    A lot of tasty Internationals tonight. Scotland v South Africa, Ireland v New Zealand & France v Argentina.
  22. Really happy with that today! Firstly, a win when they drop points is fantastic. We haven't missed when these opportunities have came up. We are literally that old firm defeat behind them (granted there is few other games we could have made those 2 points back in). Secondly, I have to commend the team after half time. It was so easy for them just to come out and just see the 45 out and relax, but they didn't. I genuinely thought some of our play in that half was great (and I know it was 10 men) and we need to do that more often. Patient passing moving the ball from side to side with movement from midfield. I understand people will say it was only 10 men but there was a good reason why they had 10 men and gave away 14 fouls in the first half. The only way they could stop us today was by kicking us. It wasn't the best block of games for us considering the LC semi and Spartak making ground on us in Europe but in the league out with Kilmarnock we've picked up a few decent wins including a couple of away wins.
  23. Excited to hear this is on telly. I will definetely be tuning in.
  24. More goals from crosses and headers. When is this going to be fixed? Every time out with Villarreal when we've not won it's been down to not dealing with crosses or set pieces. I said after St. Mirren it's now time to trust our investment (the defence) but they let us down tonight. Also have to take into account that everything coming down flanagan's side left us exposed centrally...no excuses though!
  25. Horrible little club that are still to this very minute distancing themselves from their cover up. They should get what happened to Penn State.