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  1. Glad to see Davis get rested for tonight. It makes much more sense to see him play against the likes of Livingston where we will need someone a bit more creative. Also there is no way he should be playing 3 times a week. Helander coming out is the only real surprise but we need to keep him away from niggles as well.
  2. Standard are only unbeaten at home since 2018 in Europe but have gone an impressive 10 games unbeaten which has included wins over Sevilla, Krasnodar, Frankfurt and a draw against Arsenal and Ajax.
  3. Aye that's right and Scott McDonald scored an offside goal. Funnily enough the offside goal was never heard of again
  4. I don't know much about Standard Liege but they seem to pretty decent defensively and have had a decent start domestically though the Belgian league does look like anyone can't beat anyone. I do fancy us up against anyone outside of the top 5 leagues away from home. Standard along with Benfica will be the two teams we'll be really competing with as I don't think much of Polish football. Not to be negative but a draw wouldn't be a terrible result as long as we beat them at Ibrox. I'd go with McGregor, Tav, Goldson, Helander, Barisic, Jack, Kamara, Arfield, Hagi, Kent, Morelos. Leaving
  5. I can see Aberdeen setting up similar to us defensively, probably even a bit deeper. My only worry with Aberdeen in a purely football sense is that they wont be able to keep the ball anywhere near as well as we did on Saturday which you need to do against them.
  6. "we had some good chances that we didn't take" "Ya got zero shots on target ya daft cunt" Don't know why but that got me
  7. I actually don't think it's as outrageous for them to drop points up there than it normally is. Just how the way they play with the 3 diddies at the back passing the ball to each other. Aberdeen would just sit in and let them have the ball. It would certainly be a nice wee bonus as long as we win of course
  8. I think a lot underestimated West Ham. They're much improved since last year. The 5-4-1/3-6-1 seems to really suit them. I think last year that they could have lost that game by 6 or 7. They did have an absolute disaster that first 15 minutes though
  9. Playing Arfield and Davis yesterday was pretty much non-negotiable for most of us. However I think this is where the manager has to start managing their games as we play regularly in Europe. For me I'd be happy with Jack and Kamara on Thursday with Arfield ahead of them then on Sunday bring Davis and Aribo in for Kamara and Arfield. As well as they are playing there is no way we can get 50 full games out of them and I want them ready once we get to February, March and so on.
  10. That'll easily cost them 15 points the downgrade in goalkeeper. No way would McGregor have let our first goal in today. Not to discredit our goal of course
  11. SIRB_72


    Got it spot on again as he usually does 9 times out of 10 in the big games.
  12. Well that was a fucking stroll today! The manager got it spot on again today, though at the time I was a bit mythed by Barker starting. Just giving celtic's back 3 the ball and sitting back was really effective, stopped them from getting the ball into midfield and getting it wide. The back up was that if they did get it out we'd have them out numbered elsewhere. I just can't believe they never managed a shot on target at parkhead. When was the last time that happened? A superb effort from the team and I think the two centre halfs coped well in 1v1s apart from Griffiths getting away f
  13. Was just about to say this. They love this "underdog" thing they and their media lapdog's are building up for them this week. They love being poor and downtrodden with the world against them. Despite winning just about everything domestically in recent years they can't but hate it a wee bit. That's why they jump into victimhood so easily. Truly a club and support like no other. I hope we fucking trounce them tomorrow!!
  14. I still get annoyed thinking about his performance when we lost 3-2 to Hibs at Ibrox.
  15. The way I look at it is that it's really hard to sit in with how celtic play a back 3. It's intended to get goals up the other end but have extra security at the back. If they want to do what they did at Ibrox last season with 3 cbs they'll be in for a hard time I think. The comparison I'll make for Hagi is Aribo's performances against celtic last December x2 from the right. After playing them he was seen as a shitebag and not up for that side of it and the manager realised it, moved him to starting on the right and it worked and not just against celtic. You let Hagi drift in and out
  16. He wouldn't be on his own though. He would be giving a free reign like he is every game to drop deeper, move out wide and go in behind which are all options that will be needed on Saturday. Alongside him a lot of us are hoping that Hagi, Kent & Arfield will be behind him and their movement, along with Morelos, up against celtic's 3 will stretch them. With Hagi or Kent moving inside it gives us an extra man in midfield which will leave their centre halfs with a decision to make: go with Morelos and Kent or come out to get Hagi or Arfield which if it's the latter leaves Morelos and Ken
  17. As much love as I have for de Boer, Mols & Arveladze none of them could give us as much up top in those 3 games between May and December in 2002 as Morelos can when he's on it. We've seen him do it before against them and without scoring.
  18. I just cannot see how a front 4 of Kent, Hagi, Arfield and Morelos with all that movement doesn't send their defence into meltdown!
  19. I fancy us the same as I did with Galatasaray and avoided betting on it. I'm very tempted by Rangers to score 3+ goals at 5/1 but don't want jinx us
  20. Please no to Barker. I could see the logic with Jones but it has to be Hagi from the start. These games are built on what midfield turns up or is stronger and Hagi coming inside gives us 4 in the centre of the park up against their three which includes an older scott brown along with the natural width Tav offers us it could be effective. Hagi also doesn't really need to get involved in the donkey work that any 3 of Davis, Arfield, Kamara or Jack would have to do.
  21. Now starting to feel quietely confident about Saturday and it has nothing to do with their covid worries. If Gerrard goes for this we have a great chance of winning it as I believe we have plenty of goals in this side. Morelos is due a goal against them and in general, Kent & Hagi (our two big game players) are due a goal, Arfield is in superb form at the moment and I think we're getting closer from set pieces with our centre halfs. For me if he goes with McGregor, Tav, Goldson, Helander, Barisic, Davis, Kamara, Arfield, Hagi, Kent and Morelos we can genuinely get 3 or 4. Obvious
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