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  1. Basrah Bear

    Andy Halliday

    Stuart Munro falls into this category as an unsung hero but first on the team sheet every week.
  2. Basrah Bear

    Graham Dorrans

    Never stop looking
  3. Basrah Bear

    On this day 62 years ago.

    Thought you were going to say @tannerallstarted school
  4. Basrah Bear

    Graham Dorrans

    Can see the young team on Google looking for Linda.
  5. Basrah Bear

    Tops Now Available To Buy - Purchase Online

    The bheasts would use that as an excuse to have us thrown out. Well spotted.
  6. Basrah Bear


    Cushy make it compulsory for Admin to decide avatar if one not chosen by member. Im sure you could use creative thinking.
  7. Basrah Bear


  8. Basrah Bear


  9. Basrah Bear

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    Gerrard said he looked a bit tired after coming back from international duty so gave him a rest
  10. Basrah Bear


    "takes a Gerrard to score against a Gerrard team"...fucking vomit of a man.
  11. Basrah Bear

    Fucking media at it again.

    looks like one of your beer cans chef.
  12. Basrah Bear

    *** The Official Rangers vs Dundee Match Thread ***

    Official site showing the score as 3-0. Riddy.
  13. Basrah Bear

    Buckle up troops

    Fighting back against these people could start with more bears attending their local council meetings and putting across our points. If its only the taigs that go to these meetings then all they hear is their points and act upon them. Sometimes it comes to a show of hands on issues which is why the fan zone got knocked on the head. Nothing to stop SNP putting a few stooges in the crowd to make sure the vote got over the line especially if it was know beforehand. I know I posted this in the politics section but we have to fight back and this is a way. These councillors are not like the ones from yesteryear who were working people that cared about their community, these are narcissists people who are wannabe MPs. Its a starting point in changing the way things are going. They only care about votes and bottles would go if they saw there were more bears getting involved of a voting age. Next Ibrox/Cessnock meeting is 7 oclock on Wednesday the 19th at the community hall in Whitlock Street. It says all welcome so no need to be local only.
  14. Basrah Bear

    SFA Statement on Morelos Red Card at Pittodrie

    Of course the linesman saw all, he was watching as Morelos was the furthest forward and anticipating a pass, making sure he wasn't offside. The camera showed he saw the barging clearly