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  1. more annoyed at the fucking defense not following the shot in.
  2. mate your taking a bit of a slagging on the 2 geordies channel.
  3. did you see the one about Dan Deacon hahaha. Whos Shengus?
  4. 3 pages and no a mention of the alleged signing
  5. The English police will look into this more thoroughly than Sturgeons keystone cops ever will with Beatons death threats
  6. true mate by next Tuesday he will be worth the entire bank reserve of a small nation.
  7. hes already been pulled by a Rhabid about his twitter address with 55 in it.
  8. same with the guy from PSG he is suddenly the wonder kid and PSGs best ever striker. Neymar and Mbappe couldny lace his boots according to Mhedia.
  9. @plumbGER Michael Stewarts comments look very much like you wrote it.😋 Michael Stewart‏ @mstewart_23 Jan 3 More Michael Stewart Retweeted Mystery maker That was last year my friend and it’s “you’re”
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