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  1. Collymore the pisshead on the attack

    All because Ally pumped Ulrika
  2. New kit delay ?

    Chef your spellchecker still fucks up even in German.
  3. sfa bigot exposed

    Maybe Liewell has outed him as he is maybe no longer of any use to him. To be replaced with another of Liewells puppets with a new agenda.
  4. Scummy piece of filth Davie Cooper song

    I don't remember one about Wilson himself but there was something sung about his mother, cant remember it though.
  5. Scummy piece of filth Davie Cooper song

    Hes jungle fresh, to the tune of golden wonder peanuts.
  6. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    I don't think its whittaker either. Who is it Deanz?
  7. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    is that Arfield??
  8. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Ned to be careful hes not setting us up for constructive dismissal .
  9. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Don't quite understand that. Can you elaborate please.
  10. A long club statement coming according to SLO

    Ive emailed them to complain about it. As I still own a house in the vicinity and told them that I am against this as it hinders any visitors I have . It only takes a minute to email them guys. Heres the standard reply MESSAGE SENT ON BEHALF OF ANDY WADDELL HEAD OF INFRASTRUCTURE AND ENVIRONMENT LAND AND ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES Dear Sir/Madam THE GLASGOW CITY COUNCIL (IBROX STADIUM) (EVENT DAY EMERGENCY ROUTES AND PARKING ZONE) ORDER 201_ I can confirm receipt of your correspondence regarding the above named Traffic Regulation Order. Following the publication period, officers shall commence an analysis of all correspondence received and issue you with a considered response in due course. Please note that timescales for preparing and distributing a considered response can be influenced by the quantity and nature of correspondence received. Yours faithfully Andy Waddell Head of Infrastructure and Environment Land and Environmental Services
  11. Team for Next Season (for shits and giggles)

    Arfield has been capped for Canada mate
  12. Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    Timing is everything. Trying to deflect the shite from paedo case and also frighten off any new signings. They done similar in January where clubs were reluctant to sell players and loaned instead. In the case of Martin that worked out ok for us. Liewell is panicking about SG appointment and the calibre of player he can bring in.Some of the transfer money may be needed for court. Appoint a top law man to take on all these cunts once and for all and end this shite now.
  13. Our players hanging about with Scott Allan in Dubai..

    Beaton and Dallas arrive today
  14. Lemon - too fat to fly

    Hes now bleating on about he shouldn't be banned or in trouble for going on the pitch as we were singing sectarian songs to him. All our fault that hes a prick.
  15. Conspiracy anyone?

    I said this in a thread last week mate and got shite back for it.