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  1. That is just screaming out I am bent as a fucking nine bob note, bluesphincter
  2. cue the photos of dallas in the bristol
  3. more annoyed at the fucking defense not following the shot in.
  4. mate your taking a bit of a slagging on the 2 geordies channel.
  5. did you see the one about Dan Deacon hahaha. Whos Shengus?
  6. 3 pages and no a mention of the alleged signing
  7. Too posh in Bearsden to say walloper. Even Bostick is known as testicle glue up there.
  8. there will be more coming as well when Weah the greatest striker in the world turns out to be a dud and PSG weren't so daft after all.
  9. ive asked to be shot and put down if I ever get upset about the salary of any tarrier player. Totally obsessed with us these bottom feeders.
  10. Liewell is playing a blinder here to his Knuckle dragging raw mince eating mouth breathers. 1 Refs are at it so lets have the SFA meet with us and we will pressure the refs 2 Drones are spying on us 3 Sickness bug but Brenda bravely decided to continue with the game. all adds up for when we get 55 and these single celled amoebas have their excuses ready. Always cheated never defeated. Cunts.
  11. here I posted this already in the laugh at celtic thread
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