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  1. Another angle of a cup winning goal celebration. Peter Lovenkrands is acclaimed by the bears behind the goal back in 2002
  2. A different angle showing the famous celebration of the winning goal at the 1973 SCF.
  3. Rangers team lines up before the 1981 SCF against Dundee Hivs. The match ended goalless after ian Redford missed a last minute penalty. The Rangers player at the end of the line with tracksuit top on however turned in one of the great Cup Final performances in the replay, scoring the first and setting up the other 3 in a 4-1 victory.
  4. John Greig moves in on a young, aspiring clydebank winger - Sept 1976
  5. YOU KNOW YOUR PLACE! It''s in the corner, Timmy - yaaaaassssssss
  6. We need to keep it real, lads. This is not a legal argument. In all reality he cannot be sacked or anything because he was at the match. What it is is a total and utter incident of disrespect towards his employer and it’s supporters. It’s not a breach of contract so publically and legally the Board can do little. If they were to denounce this or alike then it would be food and drink for many media individuals and outlets to bash big bad Rangers with. They’re probably wanking over one false move as we speak After thinking about this long and hard I can’t but help thinking he wants a reaction to carve his way out the club with his contract in his pocket. For anyone in any doubt I can 100% categorically guarantee that’s his rhabid uncle beside him - no if buts or maybes - it’s him. So his agents statement is a total falsehood. But they don’t care about that either - it’s all part of the plan. Did he really think in this day and age he would not have his photo taken and splashed all over social media at some point??? Fuck, was he not frightened sitting amongst them. Could any other Rangers past or present even dared to do what he did last Saturday? Come on, see through it for what it is. He’s at it but that’s fine. Spread the cost of his contract out training on his own and treat him like the outcast he really wants to be. Its all well and good to come on here and call him for everything. It’s 100% justified and correct but the club MUST outwit this fuckin rhat.
  7. Boom - that's how we deal with it. He wants us to get rid of him.and with a fat pay off - no fuckin chance!!!
  8. Out drinking before the recent hearts game - someone got him on his camera phone
  9. Kai, he's working his ticket. He's not featuring anywhere near the first team, recently fined 2 weeks wages, the Pedro youth game incident and his face tripping him in Universal Studios at the meet and greet. Him and his agent are trying to engineer a way out with his contract paid up - no chance. Let him rot away with the youths and at least spread the cost of his contract monthly. Unless of course some daft team out there want to pick up that 7k a week or so which is very unlikely.
  10. Mate, I can personally guarantee it’s his uncle - 100%
  11. Oh, and welcome to the Rangers JOB Stevie lad ???
  12. Nah, Michael Francis has plenty of contacts within the Theatre of Screams
  13. Bollocks, his uncle is next to him with the sunglasses stuck on his head. He will have got the tickets either through Tom Grant or MOH's dad. The Motherwell excuse is utter bollocks. He was there, knew where he was sitting, knew his uncle was going and was cheering on his team. End of story!
  14. Just for clarity - his uncle doesnt run any CSC but he is as rhabid as it gets. A close friend to Tom Grant for many many years. The fact that he still has a relationship with his nephew speaks volumes. If he was here and 100% committed to the cause that Uncle of his would have disowned him
  15. You’re not an employment lawyer. The next sentence confirmed that
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