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  1. Would You Support A Mass Walkout?

    As much as the board have embarrassed themselves and the club with the way they've handled this I personally couldn't protest over something where the bottom line was we weren't getting a manager who I thought might not have been up to the job.
  2. Derek McInnes

    Lordy, never expected that. Ive been on here like others saying I was far from sure that I really thought he was the right man, but lets be in no doubt getting knocked back by the likes of him is a serious red neck.
  3. There are some decent teams that do relatively well in Europe while playing in mediocre domestic leagues, there isn't a league anywhere as uncompetitive as ours though. The general standard in Scotland now is truly shocking and its proved every summer in the European preliminary rounds. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th best teams in Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland etc beat our lot year after year. The team that won our league at a canter last year got beat at home easily from an average Anderlecht team. Anderlecht though play in a competitive league, not a very good league mind but a competitive one.
  4. ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    Great result. They actually stood and were counted, I like many others didn't think a lot of them had it in them.
  5. Why take McInnes when Murty is better?

    Cos Murty doesn't really want it? Get what youre saying though.
  6. Ryan Jack

    Ha ha, what are they gonna do? shout rude names at him? Any player worth his salt thrives on that sort of stuff.
  7. Last night showed why McInnes was the wrong choice for us

    I'm not convinced I really want Mcinnes as Rangers manager and its got nothing to do with how Aberdeen played the other night. What worried me more was the interview he gave when they were brushed aside the other week from celtic. What he effectively said was that there was nothing he could do in a tactical sense that would have altered anything because the celtic players are that much better than his. Even if its true that's something you shouldn't be saying, it gives youre players the impression that getting beat is excusable. Certainly its not something he would get away with saying as a manager here. The problem is though that he may be the best manager we can currently get realistically.
  8. Ryan Jack

    There was a lot of people on this forum questioning the mans ability these last few weeks. Not being a smart arse in hindsight but ive always thought he would come good and the other night he showed exactly the kind of player he can be for us. Nothing flash, keeps it simple but does it so well. Showed why he was their captain and as others have said he showed why he has the potential to make a good one for us.
  9. Murty in charge for sheep double header

    I cant believe that a journalist is employed to write and present as news something that any cunt with half a brain already knew. I will be surprised now if we don't see out the year with Murty in charge. We are utterly rudderless, a truly pathetic state of affairs.
  10. Mcleish

    Its taken more than a month to maybe appoint Alex Mcleish. A man who was out of a job. Unbelievable you would be within youre rights to say, but this is Rangers and fuck all is unbelievable with us. Another shambles.
  11. Ryan Jacks Reaction

    Never even saw the game last night cos I was working but it sounds like it was as bad as I expected it to be. It seems like the players know that Murty aint getting the job so they are going through the motions, treading water until the new man is appointed. Whenever the fuck that might be.We are effectively in limbo, seemingly with no clue or direction of where we go from here, as others have said its a scandalous situation to be in where we seem to have written a season off in November.I should also add that some of the players are genuinely shit, going through the motions or not.
  12. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    The mistakes they made last night are the ones they can make up every week in our utter farce of a league but get away with. They are completely unable to step up to that level because they are never tested in anywhere near a serious way domestically. This should concern them, instead they and their media friends revel in it. Hence the 10 in arrow chants last night and Sutton saying they had done well at times. They do also seem to have an idealist for a manager who cant set a team up to defend.Excuses about the budget disparity don't wash when taking into account the difference in budget between them and the rest in Scotland, this is hardly ever mentioned though by the record etc.They are happy for now just making the champions league but this will not go on for too much longer. The reason they have a decent chance of qualifying is because of the champions route in the last qualifying round so they e.nd up playing the like of Brondby rather than Inter Milan. You can be sure the big clubs wont put up with the likes of Ac Milan and Liverpool for arguments sake going out before the league format and celtic,and quarabag qualifying for too much longer. And tv will be also wanting a change if it means watching total mismatches like last night.
  13. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    oooft!!!!! Theyre actually having a pop at rogers on radio Scotland here, unbelievable stuff!!!!
  14. David Murray

    Dave King and co are certainly far from perfect. No question of that. If youre saying though that we owe Murray all our success from the mid 80s onwards then that is nonsense. We were far and away the number one club in Scotland when he bought the us. We had England internationals and an all seated stadium that no one else had . It would have been hard for him to make a cunt of it but eventually he did . And when he did he couldn't drop us quick enough.
  15. If youre not watching Man city, Liverpool, Arsenal or Spurs then the football can often be piss poor, even when those four are involved you can get a boring game. What they have done is package their product in such a way that their new important markets in the far east have been conned into believing that what they are watching is the best. Its all about packaging and presentation unfortunately.
  16. Italy v Sweden

    Never picked the winner of a world cup yet but my money will be on france.
  17. Italy v Sweden

    No doubt about its going to feel strange next june having a world cup without Italy in it. Been watching the world cup since 74 and along with west Germany/Germany and Brazil they just seemed like part of the competition. The bottom line though is they don't deserve to be there, maybe complacency has played a part in their downfall, ie giving a dodderly old fool the job as manager and thinking he would do because any cunt can get Italy to the finals. One thing about them though is that they will learn from it, you can be sure of that.
  18. Is It True?

    Not being a smart arse in hindsight but I like many others never ever thought he should've been appointed Rangers manager, if you remember he was apparently given the Scottish cup games in Walters final season as manager. Even in those games he looked out his depth. In his first season as manager things were going tits up long before we went into admin. Lets be honest, when we were coming up through the leagues we should have been destroying every team put in front of us and with style as well, instead a lot of the football we witnessed was the worst ive seen following Rangers. There was absolutely no excuse for it. The man was undoubtedly working under very testing circumstances but that does not get him off the hook regarding the pish his team served up on the park.
  19. Is It True?

    Don't really know how anyone can hate Sunderland, especially enough to wish this on them.
  20. Chris Sutton total meltdown

    He is a good player, lets no kid on otherwise. A very good player by Scottish standards. And that's the thing, by Scottish standards. We will never know how good he really is until he plays at a higher level. He was pretty good last mid week but I remember last season he was shown up against Monchengladbach for example, they identified him as a weak link and tortured the boy. My point is no big foreign club will pay over the odds for a player coming from an inferior league where they are not tested, no matter how hard the papers here bum him up.
  21. Pena and Morelos

    Rozental was a player I felt really sorry for, he had just about the unluckiest Rangers careers of any player weve ever signed. Him and Prodan. Both had undoubted class but neither had a chance to show it.Pena I don't feel sorry for, if he has ability then it looks like he isn't really that bothered about showing us it. To be unfit to the degree he is in November shows he really doesn't give a fuck.
  22. Jason Holt

    Thought he was easily the best player on the park yesterday in a pretty decent team performance. As for not being the answer long term, well who knows? If he keeps playing like that then why not, all about opinions I suppose. On that theme I read someone on hear claim Morelos was crap yesterday whereas I thought he was pretty good and played really unselfishly, just lacked a goal. All about opinions as I say.
  23. Deja-vu

    Jesus Fuck! Imagine an actual newspaper giving credence to the thought that a player would deliberately get sent off. Is he trying to say we only imagined our past success? Fucked if I know.
  24. We don’t have a bad squad of players.

    It does seem that whoever comes in has at least something to work with, like many others ive suspected for some time that we aren't actually as bad as weve looked at times. Still nothing special mind, but better than the total pish we looked the last while.
  25. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Just heard he reckons that cetic were that good last night there was absolutely no way he could set his team up to compete or counteract them, well if that's the case then there is no point him coming to Rangers.