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  1. You may be and I hope you are right, however past form if this were a race, would see teflon liewell home and hosed.
  2. like his scot free tour of japan gaff....that saw the taigs get their own way, talk is cheap always was always will be !
  3. It doesn't fall if it is at the sports court it continues until they put an end to it, personally I would tell the sfa we are applying to the CoS for a ruling on this...and the conduct of the SFA, uefa would rip the sfa a new one.
  4. As far as I can see the only one he is “dealing” with is an ambulance chaser, not much of a threat in liewell’s book I would hazard.
  5. 11days have passed, lacks any urgency in my view, wouldn't hold my breath waiting.
  6. It falls at the first hurdle, NDA's cannot be used in cases where a potential crime has been committed.
  7. Interesting, wonder if liewell got his insurance inquiry idea from here 🤔 Report urges rejection of damning Freeh report on Penn State, but findings kept private for now. Posted Jun 29, 2018 (Charles Thompson/PennLive) By David Wenner | dwenner@pennlive.com A group of Penn State trustees on Friday said they have finished their own investigation into the Freeh Report that led to NCAA sanctions and a severe blow to the university's reputation, and will ask the full board to "reject the conclusions" of the report. They further say they will ask the board to release their report to the public, and to consider seeking return of some of the $8.3 million the university spent on the report by former FBI director Louis Freeh. Freeh's report looked at the university's handling of child sexual abuse allegations against former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, who was eventually convicted of sexually abusing ten boys. For now, their report and its findings will remain private until at least July, when the next meeting of the 36-member board will be held. It remains to be seen how the full board will react to their request, or even consider it. The 11-member group of trustees met during a special session Friday to discuss their report, which they said is the product of more than two years of work. All had run for the board on a platform of challenging the Freeh Report and restoring the reputation of former coach Joe Paterno, who, according to the Freeh report, was among numerous university leaders involved in a coverup of an early instance of alleged sexual abuse by Sandusky But the majority of board members, as well as Penn State President Eric Barron, were conspicuously absent Friday. That left the group which assembled Friday without a quorum needed to take any official action. Trustee Anthony Lubrano, along with a several other board members, had fought the rest of the board and the university for access to source materials needed to conduct the investigation of the Freeh report, eventually going to court. He struck a conciliatory note toward the full board, saying Friday's meeting had been called on short notice, perhaps giving justification for those who didn't attend. Still, Lubrano, whose term on the board is about to expire, had these parting words, "Why did the board of trustees not believe it had a fiduciary duty to verify the veracity of this report that to date ... has cost this university more than $300 million? That is obviously a rhetorical question I will ask myself for many, many years to come." In winning the court fight for access to the source materials, a judge had ruled that much of it had to be kept confidential. That is apparently why the board didn't discuss on Friday the basis of their call to reject the findings of the Freeh report.
  8. ah that explains it ff, last excuse was the Christchurch shooting preventing a taig expose’ being published.
  9. Where's the big breaking story that was appearing today............
  10. That could be construed the wrong way by even less than a Philadelphia lawer 😉
  11. Be yourself young lady, truth is the only freedom.
  12. Strangely I have a wry smile when thinking of chaps stirring the pot, ED was a consummate master of it, and he used enjoy telling me he was going to do it, sadly missed but only good thoughts about the big chap 😊
  13. No, it is a lot more simple than that, which makes the "insurance" angle a fabrication, insurance would be null and void as soon as it was revealed torbett was re-employed.
  14. I would exempt RM from that stigma, robust discussion and one or two stirring the pot is no bad thing, you just have to know who is stirring the pot to get a reaction🤔 There are other sites where opinion would get you banned, ff for one, RM imho has a good balance, I think the mods see themselves as Mother Hens keeping the brood intact, no bad thing at all.
  15. Prosecutor resigned from college post yesterday, looks like public opinion will see them all that are still living, go down for a very long time, POTUS will eventually be called to comment, as he wanted the chair for them, allegedly.
  16. As BNB alluded to, although not in these words, ethics and the people... at least some of them in the Justice system are utter strangers to one and other. If you really want to see what lies in wait, have a look at this true story, corruption from the justice department right down to the detectives who framed the 5 lads. Even one as hard-bitten as I, was astounded by such corruption on an industrial scale. https://www.netflix.com/watch/80200549?source=35
  17. There is a large flaw in the “secret 2 year inquiry” by their insurers, which any insurance lawyer/1st year student would drive a coach and horses through !
  18. Career killer, of that there is no doubt, strangely back in the days of the Beltramis of this world, the present day careerists would have found it very difficult to pull any strokes !
  19. https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/child_abuse_in_1991#incoming-996844
  20. The Justice System is inert, it is administered and given life by people of various morality.
  21. The Justice System is not corrupt, people who have attained power and influence in it undoubtedly are at worst, or totally incompetent at best.
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