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  1. Snowflake is self explanatory, to me they are snowflakes, who run with the fox and hunt with the hounds, the Ibrox board of course could melt them at a stroke.
  2. A one of, a loyal Rangers man whatever the snowflakes say or think.
  3. Applies today as it did then. s-BWGcojjSqmIIPN.mp4
  4. A substantial ...very substantial transfer budget wisely utilised, otherwise it is window shopping or selling platers.
  5. Wasn't aware they were part of the equation.
  6. Ed said I bet you he doesn't buy a house and move up here lock stock and barrel, I see what he was alluding to now.
  7. he said as much,....“Listen, I want to be here, don’t worry about that. If I don’t want to be here, I won’t be.
  8. Must admit I am very surprised at the depth of questioning of SG's tenure and future on FF, very surprised indeed !
  9. I often wonder if things could have been different if we had pushed the boat out for Skrtel, the money wasted would have gone some way to financing a deal for him.
  10. Who says and where he is facing a ban, official source or drama queen source ?
  11. who said this and about who ! Ross won the jersey, so its a shame he’s suspended for the game as it’s his".
  12. Paradox and you are strange bedfellows.
  13. If it ever came to pass it would be a shadow over us that many would be unable to handle, all the bravado in the world couldn’t change that. but making sure they never reach 10 can !
  14. reads like waffle to me, almost loaf like in scope of lots of if your auntie had balls scenarios, why the last sentence was required is anybody's guess.
  15. As stated you do not understand, will leave you to come to terms with points accruement and winning leagues, it really isn't rocket science although you appear to think it is.
  16. Which part of IF we had won all of our remaining games we would win the league are you finding hard to understand , all of it apparently.
  17. You catch on eventually, we had the league in our hands, still that wouldn’t suit your SG is the man narritive, for which you have not the slightest evidence.
  18. The Ibrox boss and director of football Mark Allen tried and failed in January to bring in the No.10 his side were missing to unlock defences. Asked if that was a regret after failing to break down Aberdeen as they exited the Scottish Cup on Tuesday night he said: “Possibly – it’s a really good question because, to be honest and open it was an area we looked at and tried. For whatever reason, maybe the targets you’re after aren’t available at that time or the funds that are available mean you can’t go and make that happen, but it’s definitely an area of the pitch we were looking at and are still looking at. “I predict that could change in the short term. “The reality is we need to improve, that’s my job and I’m confident I’ll do it. We’re a lot closer than people think but the next four, five, six signings are going to be so big for this club, to take us to the next level, to be better in the cups, better in Europe and be closer in the league.” “Listen, I want to be here, don’t worry about that. If I don’t want to be here, I won’t be.
  19. Davy White who was the first Rangers manager ever sacked after our rag-dolling by Gornik, Davy White who despite having a 33 game unbeaten league run only to succumb to the sheep 3-2 at Ibrox and with it went the league, if SG manages to be half the manager Gentleman David White (the choirboy assassin) was, he will have done better than I am expecting.
  20. I wonder if Davie White would ever have thought that.
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