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  1. If you want to make a better comparison, I would ignore Stevie G and look at Wayne Rooney. Another guy who grew up in a tough area, played his footy and developed his skills in the backstreets and if I remember correctly, took all the stick under the sun for his battling and competitive style. He was a guy who hated to lose. Disliked in the early days by many a referee and hounded by the media but he came through it and did no bad. alfie is the same, with time, guidance and maturity will move on to be a true legend. For now, let him continue to get up the noses of all. It’s a fact that neither Jullien or Ajer can handle him and whilst they try, others are delivering the goods. Long may it continue.
  2. When Alfie is continuing to receive all this attention you know that they are worried, we are on to a winner here and they know it. Trying their damndest to rock the boat and make sure 55 doesn’t come. It’s on its way but🤗
  3. Sutton’s bubble has burst now he has to concentrate on reality. Rangers are truly back and a serious threat. His team are now facing ending their run at a non record equalling 8 in a row, 4 of which didn’t even include us, and through his desperation is looking to the guy who gets right in their face and winds them all up. Well done Alfie 💙💙💙
  4. I think the front 3 of Kent, Morelos and Aribo is looking quite settled now and is as good as Gerrard is going to get from the current squad in his quest for the Liverpoolesque front line. His back four are almost settled too with only the debate around Katic/Helander up for grabs (not dissimilar to Sanchez and Matip at Liverpool). That leaves finding the most solid midfield 3 all of whom should be mobile, creative and with an eye for covering in defence when either Tav or Borna go raiding. For me Davis and Jack are shoe ins, leaving the choice between Arfield and Kamara. The former may not be at his best this season but has more fight about him and can do attack and defence. I know folk seem to love Kamara but he looks lost to me for a lot of the game and his passing has been woeful of late and is slow to recover. Arfield gets my vote for the right midfield position, hoping he can stir it up with Broony.
  5. Totally agree. I am struggling to see what others see in Kamara at present. Think he has been off the boil for weeks now. Loses the ball too much putting others under pressure, ie Jack bookings and his passing and defensive game are both below par. On present showing, think he could be the one to be sidelined when Davis is back.
  6. What an arse he is. Too old now so resorts to being Mr Angry. That deliberate barge into Goldson early doors went totally overlooked, with the ball nowhere in sight. Morelos red carded last year in the Aberdeen opener for not much different - a petulant kick out at McKenna.
  7. I think Edmundson is the most rounded of the bunch, he has it all, pace, good in the air and defensive awareness, just lacking the experience. Given time and introduction I think he will go to be a real gem.
  8. Our passing and ball retention at times is woeful.
  9. Don’t really understand why we are so quick to condemn players to the rubbish pile. The boy has had a few good games earlier, culminating in his international selection. He has it in him and like others have said he will show us all again I’m sure. If there is any comparison with Ejaria it could well be homesick. it wasn’t long ago folk said get rid of Morelos, hopeless etc, Davis wasn’t worth the risk and Barasic was woeful. Oh how things change.
  10. As the Gaffer often says, respect the opposition. Happy with whatever changes he deems right as long as they don’t strut around like Berty Big Bxxxxxxs. Today’s games have demonstrated that the minnows are up for this. Put them to the sword and move on to the next round.
  11. It won’t happen but possibly worth trying a back 3 with Helander/Edmundson introduced on the left. Strong defensively but with pace on the width in midfield 5.
  12. Thought Connor Goldson had a cracking game last night. Easy to just praise the forwards but CG was calm and in control. Still prone to the odd slip up but since scoring his goal at Killie he seems to pumped his chest out and be more fired up. Covers well for Tav when he goes AWOL.
  13. Them and us seem to have an issue with this position. Square pegs in round holes. Barasic should be more than capable but has no confidence and struggling to cope with the pressure. Flanagan is the go to man when steel is required but lacks the finesse when it comes to passing etc. Halliday will always do a job in the blue jersey but not sure he can go up a level. We plod on with what we have as we no doubt continue to search for the man with the golden boot.
  14. Totally. It was Jack who started things off for the first as well, very deep in our half. Deserves a lot of credit again for his performance and of course with him being subbed, we were less tight in the holding positions.
  15. Agreed and if you compare him to Joelinton signed by Newcastle for £40m then there surely is big money in the offing.
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