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  1. Game needs moved 24hrs either way minimum, we as a team/club/support/ decent human fucking beings need to show our respects to the prince who served us well and dedicated a near 72 year of his life to us and the commonwealth whilst supporting and standing by the queen, it’s the very least we can do ffs. can’t believe some of the things read and seen
  2. Feels like forever since we played hope we don’t labour to a win today, need to turn in a good strong performance Strongest team needs to start make changes on 60 mins once cruising
  3. Do you mind the police burning tickets to see if real or not I got in as the shutters got caved in and avoided a bartering of the police by jumping a barrier horrible they were must of been 3 or 4 to 1 seat in that corner
  4. Was talking to my dad about it today the guy selling the juice got binned down the slope 😂
  5. Villarreal away in last 16 was some scene, the entry to the ground was horrible, barcelona away some travelling support- the toilet facilities and catering outlets in the Bucharest stadium were somthing else 😂 bring it on!!! my oldest boy is itching to get to an away European game
  6. Nah mate , well aye actually 😀 I know I’m right
  7. All I’m saying is he might have the ambition to play in the best league in the world.... go sign for Southampton..... do me a favour!!!! or sign for a West Ham , Everton and have a stinker you’ll no be seen again. or stay at Rangers with a world wide fan base loved and adored win leagues, play in the champions league bag a few goals then get a bigger move fair enough. all I’ll say is the grass is not always greener
  8. Someone needs to tell him if his ambition is to win trophy’s stay with us if you want to win a European trophy not many teams who are in the hunt would sign him realistically just yet so a season more winning more domestic trophy’s and a crack at Europe again fine but don’t go this window. but how many player have left us to go on and become top top players or win bigger and better things Arteta gio im struggling now to think 🤔 laudrup didn’t even do much after leaving us ,
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