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  1. Big ange will be dangerous when he does his 1.1 coaching badge
  2. Really impressed with that the intensity is brilliant
  3. Hungry can’t go through surley in saying that if hungrys goal v Portugal wasn’t ruled off side would of been a different game
  4. Croatia were superb England laboured to that win Kane’s heeds up his arse,
  5. Any way to not have these cunts on the telly how can you get itv on sky rather than stv
  6. Here have the restrictions in Denmark changed a far biggger Crowd in today
  7. A PlayStation goal 😂
  8. Won’t hear fuck all the wee cow will be praising them and condemning the British government for not being prepared
  9. ITV is better than bbc by miles
  10. Ffs got football training soon going to miss most of the 2nd half
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