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  1. Didn’t help both Cb on yellows he’s saying he took aribo off as he was on a yellow and didn’t tackle mackay.
  2. What’s mike going to do with his 300 million ??
  3. Fantastic mate that’s awesome pm me 👍🏻
  4. Nice one great bus that used to go on it when I had my st
  5. here Ellon’s alrite good few Rangers fans around how do you get to games ? if your ever not using your ST let me know pal
  6. Unsure about the back 5 hope the communication and understanding is on point mon the teddy bears
  7. Long shot looking for 3
  8. Escalated to double gold plus the new tier
  9. What a game spent hrs editing it to get a champions euro league Kids just don’t know do they
  10. Will be a tricky this one I think the disruption of travel for players, covid ,
  11. Get well son Hagi lad know he will read this thread
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