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  1. Hagi is more than likely up there for assists/goal ratios per minutes played out of anyone in our squad. Selling at this stage would be selling ourselves shoet
  2. I was three putting constantly up until around a year ago. Now anything outside 10 foot I aim for a two foot circle around the hole. Made a massive difference. Going through a spell of shanking wedges the now if anyone has any tips? They were the best part of my game this summer up until last week and have went to complete shit for some reason.
  3. That his burd? You know you’re an ugly cunt when you’re making 10,000+ a week and end up wae that
  4. Burns was class, but should’ve got a point deduction for that shit at the end
  5. One of the kits is going to be Unibet this season
  6. Been pished since Dubai if he's still wondering why no other teams players had to quarantine after travelling half way round the world. Mental he tries to use that as an example of them being treated differently when no other club was thick enough to do it.
  7. Going by the thread, most have surrendered their country of birth. Sad.
  8. Serves the alcoholic right for not playing his best starting 11 Scotland will never learn ‘Experience’ means fuck all when the height of your career is playing for Luton town.
  9. O’Donnell is absolutely pish. Plays like a poor CB shoe-horned into rwb.
  10. Originally had over and btts. Russia looked a bit gutless
  11. Had this. Frustrating as fuck to watch there for a bit.
  12. You know we’re the only game they wont have a hard time selling to their fans.
  13. "The wee fud" helped win us that.
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