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  1. Rum Ham


    Don’t think he’ll be taking anyones spot the way our current CM’s are performing. Things will inevitably get stale at some point in the season though, so glad we have another option to freshen things up if we need it.
  2. Every player putting in double the effort to win it back.
  3. Rum Ham


    Arfield has been class. Constantly looks for one, twos around the area. Morelos has been told to play a different game this season. A lot less selfish and still has 6 goals and a couple assists. If he wasn’t playing to the game plan, and doing it well, he wouldn’t be starting in the big games.
  4. No shots on goal for the opposition again. We are class
  5. Morelos didn’t score against them, punt him... @Smile @sassaaaa @any other mon. Go
  6. Audios been a bit out the last couple of league games for me.
  7. Rum Ham


    Best player on the park tonight
  8. Anyone thats mentioned that Campbell for them in the transfer forum should be banned straight away, cunt is pish.
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