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  1. Morelos scored the all important goal to get us playing midweek tbf to him
  2. Not seen the comments from today, but judging off his past ones I’m going to take a guess that Morelos was taking the majority of it?
  3. Thought we were decent in the first half up until the goal. Worrying how much our heads drop when we concede this season.
  4. Create his own chances from what? Give an example of an opportunity to do that last night.
  5. Morelos was one player who looked up for it tonight going forward. Constantly held it up with no support, and in the second half looked fucking raging no cunt was pressing with him. Morelos wasn’t our problem tonight.
  6. Its even better zoomed in 😂
  7. Know its shit lifted from celtic accounts/ forums, but whoevere drew that has just ruined any chance of gear and drink wearing off
  8. Just seen this on twitter
  9. Don’t expect him to win this, his defence is shit
  10. It was a shambles, but there was a group of about twenty sitting on the stairs beside us. Fuck knows how they got in when actual season ticket holders couldn’t. They were the typical wee bams you only see on European nights
  11. Holds it up so well until cunts can get close, not much more he can do in the situations hes been in.
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