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  1. Any keeper expects that ball to go across him off the head of that big striker, not straight into the top corner from 18 yards out. Thats going in whatever age McGregor is imo.
  2. Could take your pick of videos that show the inconsistencies, not as a ‘us vs them thing’, but across the league as a whole. Media plays a massive part in the “compliance officer” role up here.
  3. I've got one the home shirt from the pre order, and a couple of training tops which are all spot on. Think they should be cut a bit of slack for the problems at the start due to the worldwide pandemic.
  4. Probably been asked before, but is it the same site you use for virtual season ticket after registering again?
  5. Will you still be able to watch this on a browser, or just apps? Why they changing shit about? Edit: Just read the email
  6. He was on a few weeks ago suggesting Brown as a replacement for Lennon.
  7. Only lost 3 games in total. One against the taigs in that final, one against Leverkusen and one against Young Boys. Mental record.
  8. Ignore the 2023 mate. Just read the article and it is a wind up.
  9. Man U pumped Leipzig 5-0 not long ago. If it was a knockout tie over two legs they would have went through with a 4 goal margin. That's against a team who are 1 point behind in the Bundesliga, and finished two places above a team that strolled it against us. They blow hot and cold and are one to definitely avoid imo.
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