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2 hours ago, ianb1547 said:


Cheers H..............we all know that info is simply that..........no one forces a bet.....so thanks for the heads up on the jockey...will certainly keep an eye on him.









you bastard....i put a tenner on him and he was f**ckn last

I backed him also ??seriously tho just keep an eye on him some of his winners are ridiculous prices

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Got the, "You're a stupid bastard" chat off my dad tonight.

"Chester's almost circular, so any horse with a wide draw in a long race is going to have to run a lot further than the rest of them. It was the draw that beat that horse, did you not see the owner on RUK saying he was concerned about the draw?"

Aye da, I saw the guy but went for it anyway. 

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