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  1. It meant we will be playing not only in Europe but on the moon. Unbelievable Jeff
  2. If we get pumped at Ibrox off the tims on Hogmany then I think he will be gone. Thats when fans will have had enough if not already.
  3. Cant help but think that £25m will be spent on some deccent players before the window shuts and they will attract them with CL football shite Israeli cunts
  4. Dont know why Holt isnt getting in the team he was class for us last season. MOH DoDoo McKay seems to be the way to go
  5. Harry Forrester is sp under rated in my opinion top class player
  6. Good one aye its defo him then sorry .... Aye awrite take your tampon oot and dont get your nickers in a twist
  7. How do you all know that was defo him that posted that ? I could easily make an account and say im Mark Warburton lol, class to see if it was actually him tht wrote that puts Naismith, Lafferty etc to shame.
  8. Hearts might aswell but the rest will put men behind the ball. Sure the commentator said something like 32,000
  9. This seasons looking bright. My fear is we have too many good players now who will be wanting a start and won't get one and heads might drop. Hopefully not but thats my only fear of this season because we look brilliant !
  10. Probably a long shott but i'll take one if any is going cheers.
  11. Just put £100 on a Hearts PSG Douuble returned £450 not bad for a days work
  12. Aye he mentioned its a one off lol
  13. Could he score on a cold, wet and windy Tuesday night in Alloa.
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