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  1. I hope to god we get BF2 next season then season after that BF3? Hopefully have whole Broomy front in like 10 years
  2. Oh rite, I never knew that my bad mate. I agree, last seasin Build my Gallows was getting a bit tiresome
  3. See tbh, I don't really know but I doubt they copied the Kyle Bartley song for it, I think they had that one first but unless you can prove me mistaken? I hate backing tarriers but I don't think we had that one first, they copied the Whittaker song the cunts and the Wanyama song is also a Rangers song they copied.
  4. My row is pish poor guys in middle who are there week in week out (one whos bladder is either completely terrible or he has hunger problems, always up and down those stairs) who never sing or do nothing, that one boy is a complete pain in the tits tho, why join the section if your not going to sing or create a good ''bouncy'' if you will atmosphere? Now those cunts are zoomers, no steamers like maself
  5. Should just have ''Four men had a dream'' across govan
  6. Well in Mr Whyte! Im happy with that !
  7. That looks amazing more people need to start putting vids like this up I have always wondered what it looks like and how loud it is.
  8. Have we got the tennents in this game :/ I feel we look fake on Fifas when we have no tennents and all other teams do.
  9. Deanow

    Fifa 11 Clubs (PS3)

    Is there a hack yet to get 100% virtual pro and all jump in and play with you lot
  10. No moanin mate I am just wondering, I posted a video and got told to remove it because of that reason, I love the new section btw maybe your getting the wrong signals from my posts.
  11. I thought you had to blur faces out? :S
  12. Thats true I think the Europa League game and Champions League/Hearts were the games that made me bring the TV point up, looking at it now we won't have another home game on TV other than the CIS/Scottish cup games on BBC and Celtic. WATP
  13. I am no too fussed mate just think we could have been positioned better so that we are seen on TV.
  14. Aw Remember hibs came to us at a scottish cup game and they had the whole broomy and we had the corner for that aswell and that atmosphere was better than alot of the games where we have had more seats.
  15. What about the wee corner at the other end next to Copland
  16. but yous said yous would never move to Broomy before
  17. Stick the away fans in the clubdeck and stick the tims at one half of the clubdeck/main stand/ west enclosure so they won't be seen at all. Man Utd did it to us im sure and Newcastle do it too to every team they play.
  18. Thats not the real in game ones, just read that those are Ultimate Team ratings.
  19. Well they seem correct heres other teams and best players Liverpool http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/828/liverpoolx.png/ Man Utd http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/528/manutdv.png/ Best players http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/841/top1b.png/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/220/top2no.png/
  20. Here are the ratings here http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/32/spli.png/ Its as if EA have wen't SPL fuck it just give them all 76s...
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