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  1. South lower P5 above the emergency access tunnel. Looks like a shit seat, but at least I'll be there
  2. Poping in for my ticket as I'm in the area after on but if it's mobbed I'll just get another day. It's not like my tickets going anywhere
  3. I got the email but they still haven't taken money out if my account yet. Called earlier to check I still had a ticket and it's there but apparently the card details are right for the cccs but different for the semi finals and finals part (fuck knows how that's even possible)
  4. Bluenose ll in Salou seems to be the shout for future bears heading there. Argentinean bar converted to a bears pub it seems ?
  5. Thabks will have a look through them
  6. Anyone know of a Rangers bar in Salou of Cambils? Going the end of April
  7. Haven' been online much just way to busy, but now I know this was happening I'll get a donation sorted out
  8. Watched it last weekend, less of the usual hate via the MSM here, but horrific result and the usual new club rheoric just showed them as bitter little people. One thing I noticed was the imagery used when talking about religion it was 90% them, not something that the Scottish media likes to promote
  9. Did he acknowledge his part in the wasted years, or was that part glossed over by his fat friend?
  10. That might help, but most regular fans seem unsure of what they can and can't sing, coupled with sitting all over the stadium away from mates has had a big impact on the atmosphere everywhere not just ibrox. A good sized safe standing section would help also (even though I'm way past it myself lol
  11. This. We as a home support work against our own week in week out if we don't go ahead early doors. The lads who go away give back to the team with the noise they make for 90 mins unlike the majority at ibrox
  12. Regardless of the permanent or temporary nature of them they need hung properly ffs! They re a total riot
  13. Noted for next year, atm phcycotic girlfriend is pointing me in the right direction ???
  14. Yeah I'll change my birthday to the closed season ????
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