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  1. He should be scoring more than 12 in the league though at 30k a week.
  2. Edu was never rated he was always bang average in a Rangers jersey, Weiss I agree with but he was a young winger he was always going to have a lot of bad games mixed with some good.
  3. True though. I mean 12 league goals for The past two years on 30k a week is extremely poor numbers.
  4. I reckon Morelos is one of the most overrated players in our history.
  5. He’s defo pumping one of them.
  6. Wouldn’t be arsed if he did go in January.
  7. Big man has been playing well for few weeks now, let’s hope he continues to get better.
  8. Because he’s from the English championship?
  9. Just fucking win Rangers. Hagi and Roofe would be nowhere near my starting 11 though.
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