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  1. Started watching season 2 of Warrior on Now TV. Brilliant first episode with lots of gripping stories going on already. Personally think the show is criminally underrated/underwatched.
  2. I grew up during the 9 in a row days when Rangers actually won (meaningful) trophies. In recent memory we've won nigh on fuck all. Until that changes, then I'm viewing the coaches and players as failures.
  3. Saw it flying over Gartnavel at 14:10. Flew over the pond to the Hyndland end of Gartnavel, did 2 turns in the air and then disappeared out of sight. An anti-climax if ever there was one. Had to squint to see it, it was that far away in the end. Also looks like there's a Bermuda triangle thing going on around Hyndland.
  4. Drank Ardbeg Blaaack 20th Anniversary release over past few weeks. Less peaty than core range Ardbegs in my opinion. Worth a try if you can get your hands on a dram/bottle. Bought a bottle of Glenmorangie 10 for £26 at Morrisons to tide me over until this bad boy arrives... https://www.tyndrumwhisky.com/glenallachie-2006-trilogy-part-i.html Think that looks the bomb! Here's hoping it tastes as good as it looks!
  5. Jumping between Ray Donovan and Boardwalk Empire at the moment. Both superb 👍🏼
  6. You forgot that Charlie Prickiless also got sacked from Soccer Saturday 🤭👍🏼
  7. A bit of positivity in here mate...it’ll never catch on 🤭👍🏼
  8. When he was talking about Ryan Kent at one point, did anyone else hear him say that “He’s already scored a lot of important goals for celtic”? Pitch forks oot!
  9. Agree with the first half of your post. No Surrender! We’ve got this!
  10. Very decent one to start on. First one I climbed was Ben Lomond...path up it was as busy as Sauchiehall Street. Remote my arse!
  11. Climbed around 50 or so to date. Favourites so far have been the ones in the North West areas. Liathach in Torridon, Ben More Assynt & Conival and Sgurr nan Gillean on Skye. One that's been on my list for a few years now that I really want to traverse is An Teallach near Dundonald...looks incredible! Lochnagar also looks bad ass!
  12. Don't fully understand why McKenna and Taylor weren't punished at the goal-line stramash. McKenna for russian whipping Balogun head first into the post and Taylor for the 2 footed jump into McGregor's knees. My guess would be awful and/or corrupt officiating. If that's going to be the level of refereeing towards our players then we might as well call the game a bogey now. Absolutely no protection of our players from that baldy prick in the middle. Disgusting. The sheep couldn't beat us playing football so resorted to task and tried to batter us into submission...and this was allowed to ha
  13. Started watching Ray Donovan. 7 episodes deep. Decent so far. Vibe reminds me a bit of GTA5 for some reason. Reckon if that game was made into a show then Ray Donovan is roughly what you’d get.
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