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  1. https://beta.bandainamcoent.eu/en/cb/elden-ring-beta Registration for Elden Ring Beta now up. Players who enjoyed Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro...you know what to do.
  2. Wha?! You’re missing out big time! One of the best games I’ve ever played. Soundtrack is incredible too. If you play it on PS5 with the enhanced performance mode, I’ll be very surprised if you’re not impressed.
  3. Only played THPS2 for a few hours so far. Really enjoying it. Each to their own, but I've played a number of games now on PS5 which I've thought were excellent. Can recommend The Pathless, Hitman 3 and Spider Man: Miles Morales. I've already played through God of War and Final Fantasy 7 remake on PS4, but I have no doubts that they would be insanely good to play through on PS5.
  4. Spot on. McGregor always punches the ball rather than just catching it, and this time it’s bitten him on the arse. I can only hope he learns from this.
  5. Bought Tony Hawk 1 & 2 Deluxe Edition for £30 from PS Store before I left for work today, so it should be ready for me to play next time I get on PS5. Let the nostalgia trip commence :D
  6. Just platinumed The Pathless. About 15 hours to do so. Excellent game. Really enjoyed it 👍🏼
  7. Opposition time wasting against us is a joke. Hibs wasted time all the way up until we went 2-1 up, and yet the fourth official still put up the board for 5 minutes of stoppage time. They time wasted, so why 5 minutes? That’s not just a pop at Hibs. Every diddy club has done it at Ibrox so far this season. Ticket holders getting short changed by persistent time wasting from the opposition. Officials should nip it in the bud right away and that would stop it.
  8. Depends on how big you are and how much you play games I suppose 😆 I’m 5”11’ and 14.5 stone and there’s plenty of room on the flanks and above my head on my Titan. I’ve had some lengthy gaming sessions and no aches and pains at all. Chair feels weighty and well made. Think it’s a lot better than some cheap crap leather one that’ll start cracking after a month 😆
  9. Got a Secret Labs Titan Softweave. Cost a fair bit but I play games regularly. Took about 30 minutes to put together and comfiest chair I’ve owned. No aches and pains after long gaming sessions. The fabric is also breathable so you don’t stick to it like leather on warm days.
  10. Started playing Borderlands 3 online again tonight. Partied up for campaign mode with 3 strangers. Brilliant shooter. Really fun.
  11. Or the Subway Loyal sauntering to the concourses 10 minutes later 😆
  12. There was a moment with about 5 minutes to go where he beat their left back on the outside and got himself into the box. At least he had a go at their full back which is more than can be said for Kent and Aribo. Kent looks like he's lost all knowledge of how to beat a man. As for Sakala's speculative long range effort...he was trying something different I'll give him that, but the less said about it the better xD
  13. I was in SJR5 and it was like a library for the majority of the game. Like the players, the crowd never got going. Kind of understandable as their goals took the wind out our sails and the way we were playing left little to be desired. To go from a brilliant atmosphere against the Tims, to a library against Lyon was disappointing.
  14. True. Felt to me like both teams were waiting to see who would make a mistake first. We did twice at both their goals and they had players with genuine footballing ability who punished us for our slackness. Their first goal was clinical. Kent lost possession cheaply, Lundstram couldn't defend and Ekambi had the ability to punish us with what can be described as a sensational strike. The reverse pass for their second was a wee touch of class too. Don't know who made the pass but it was intelligent. When do we see our players score goals from outside the box from open play or play intelligent reverse passes that put us through 1 on 1 with the keeper? Rarely. My point being that most of the players we have are good enough in Scottish Football, but don't have the footballing ability to compete with players from decent sides in Europe.
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