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  1. The Hall of Fame is now becoming an insult to those names who already hold a rightful place on it. Ricksen, Novo, McCulloch... Legends? Don't make me laugh.
  2. 'Hullo! Hullo! We are the Billy Boys! Hullo! Hullo! You'll know us by our noise! We're up to our knees in Fenian blood, I wish it was my neck, For we are the Brig'ton Derry Boys!' Is that not option 21?
  3. I don't think anyone can disagree with any of the above. However, the usual suspects will find fault.
  4. A game that stands out would be the 4-2 win over the paedophiles on their own patch in 2009. From big Daniel Cousins powering run, to Mendes' bullet, to Boruc's blunder, the game had it all. Even big Kirk running rings round McGeady. Our support that day was the best I've heard us. Even thinking back, that scoreline flattered them. I still think we should've won by a larger margin that day.
  5. Young Citizen, please change your username, ta. I don't want to be mistaken for you.
  6. [ My fingers don't move that fast, mate. Not a massive fan of the concert flute, but the quality can't be questioned. Excellent fluting.
  7. Not heard it their set, but that isn't me saying a definite no. They play it fast enough in my opinion. The same a Springfield. The edition of the symbols makes all the difference. Fantastic from the Thistle.
  8. I knew if you posted, this would be your choice. On the flute, you are hard pushed to find a better tune.
  9. You're correct, sir. As for the opening post, Fourstep Volunteers is a fantastic song. It just so happens that it was penned by a member of Vanguard Bears, who has written several others.
  10. The Ulster Volunteers were set up for a purpose that is still served today. Whether it's Carson, Craig, Spence or Ervine, the ethos still remain the same. Although I'm digressing. Perhaps for another thread.
  11. But, but, but...I thoughts that the big bad Loyalists had nuffin to dae wae eh Rangers?
  12. I had fun. I've got to say the Pride of Govan were in top form today, especially as they entered Lorne Street. A real credit to the community. I'd say there was easily well over a thousand Loyalist there to spectate the parade. I guess watching the bold fighting Irish coward behind the crown forces was just a bonus. Where would they be without them, eh? How they can come out and claim their cowardly actions as somehow heroic is beyond me. The usual propaganda is also being spewed and lapped up. I guess it's what they do best. There is a name fit for these underclasses. Anyways, here is to ano
  13. Before I even opened this thread I knew I was about to read one of BP9 illiterate ramblings. Thanks for not disappointing, old chap.
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