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  1. It's not the end of the world. Our aim is to go up. We will improve as the season goes on and players come in to improve us. Perspective is needed
  2. And u know what will happen when we don't sign players for millions??? King will be accused of lying. The old skint accusations will come out again. Even tho there will be no need to spend we will be critiqued heavily for not doing so.
  3. What a great video. Shows how far we have came in such a short periods! Long way to go tho.
  4. This will be a tough game. Can't see it being as one-sided as some folk think.
  5. It's Nathan oduwa - forward And Dominic ball - centre half
  6. Agoram1


    He is much better out wide than thru the centre. We need a centre forward to make sure he plays wide
  7. Must admit I'm not overly impressed with this signing or the ones we have made. Really like the manager, the way he talks about the game, his ethos etc so will give him my trust.
  8. Honestly I'm not too confident about the way the team is shaping up just now. Granted it's partially down to not knowing the players that have come in, bar Wilson, but I also worry that these young guys that are coming from Swindon, Doncaster, Wigan etc won't have the correct mentality to handle playing for, and winning with rangers. Every time I hear war burton speak I feel more relaxed about it but still feel we are a long way off the standard required
  9. I like the fact he also has a business background. I don't think he would have taken the job without being guaranteed the club was safe going forward
  10. A disaster for me. Also don't see that inspiring lot of ST sales
  11. These are the two I want to come in. It's fresh and the fact he can ensemble a squad on a limited budget but still get them to play a nice brand of football. The weir connection is a bonus. Fingers crossed
  12. There is nothing official. I'll wait till it's all official before having a wee smile
  13. How can u say comfortably. Our team will be completely different and u don't know who we will have. To say we will go up comfortably after what we have witnessed this season is arrogance in the extreme! Let wait and see how the summer goes before making predictions
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