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  1. Scared to shoot at times our boys. So unlucky for Balogun. Can go anywhere an effort like that with a ricochet
  2. We've got the battle fever on.... Come on Rangers, do these bastards!
  3. In Crossmaglen, there's orangemen whos patriotic flame will never die. And when you hear the battle cry, it will be the orangemen of crossmaglen. Fucking lets go Rangers. In to these spoon burning bastards 🇬🇧
  4. Lowe acting like he just won a game for £50 down the boozer 😂
  5. Glad Waites is out. Done nothing but slate the PDC then when BDO went down the kermit he couldnt come over quick enough.
  6. Ideal at half time. Add a couple of goals second half and i will be delighted.
  7. 2nd goal a thing of beauty. Great football from us. Get in there!!!
  8. Hoping Hagi and Aribo step up to the plate tonight. Come on Rangers
  9. A bit nervous about tonights game. Take nothing for granted and get the 3 points.
  10. I'd rather our players celebrated with each other instead of acting like that moron, Brown.
  11. Will be good to have him back for Hibs and especially Celtic. Defensively he protects our back 4 and keeps the ball well. Feel he is underrated at times.
  12. Still think MVG and Price will meet in the final
  13. Good first set for Jamie Lewis. Price not got going yet!
  14. Couldn't care less about those cunts winning the cup yesterday. Usually I would be spewing but we all know it was a hollow victory under the circumstances. Going 2-0 up and then winning on penalties just shows how shite they are. Media licking Celtics arses as well! That will be the last trophy that team wins for a while. They are rotten.
  15. He was brilliant tonight. De Zwaan hammered the 180s in but Searle just swept him aside!
  16. Any kind of win will do. Christmas bevying as well for this 👍
  17. 2 shite penalties from Hearts have kept Lenny in a job. We will do those cunts on the 2nd, they are absolutely honking.
  18. Completely the opposite reaction we wanted from midweek. This is bleak.
  19. Some of the comments in here are embarrassing. Youd think we were 13 points behind the beasts.
  20. Class mate. ....the popes a bender
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