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  1. He said get a scout who can find players like those, not hire them as scouts.
  2. Isn't the actually video of him saying you got no fans a couple of years old?
  3. But they have the freedom to disrespect it because of the freedom that people fought for, we mightn't like it, and it is clearly a lack of decency, but we can't do anything but highlight it.
  4. So they should be thrown out for practicing what those from their club fought to protect? Also, why focus the camera on some arseholes who insist on booing the slience? I don't understand anything that could be gained from that, whilst people should raise the issue of them booing it, it shouldn't happen during the moment of silence.
  5. He seems the type of guy that if he didn't have footballing talent he'd be a drunk sitting about Cork.
  6. That is true, and still happens I believe. At the Milk Cup the only United player who was wearing boots which were not black was a trialist from Watford.
  7. I think Arsenal have a rule were all the players have to wear either long sleeves or short sleeves, depending on what the captain is wearing.
  8. Tim Martin, Weatherspoons founder was born in Northern Ireland.
  9. Brentford were the better team, better technically and ability to dribble with the ball. Rangers were generally had the physical advantage but seemingly ended going back to the long ball tactics and lumping it forward instead of trying to play through the Brentford team. Some of the players didn't look to confident on the ball and the finishing was poor, Brentford deserved their win.
  10. O'Higgins FC are from Chile, won all three of their group games and are the only team out of the 28 in the Junior section not to concede a goal.
  11. £750Million from the Adidas deal probably helps regarding the FFP, never mind including the Chevrolet deal and the AON deal for the training ground and training kit, plus the dozens of other smaller sponsorships. Team wise, they could use a new CB, I would say Evans will fit in well with Van Gaal's system. The rest of the players are decent, though a new CM would be needed. I'd say they will play 3-2-2-1-2/5-2-1-2
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