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  1. So is it a random check or everybody? Or Like Dundee was on Saturday when everybody’s ticket got checked
  2. The highlights of their game was hilarious, that ajeti miss😁 the only worrying thing is the amount of chances the scum make compared to us and their tempo, their still shite though😀
  3. Showed him when he was about to come on ffs, not stopped vomiting since
  4. Great result😀 well done Clancy you did everything in your power to give them a win the penalty you never gave Utd was the the most blatant I’ve ever seen in my life
  5. Let’s face it we’re lost without Kent ,even when he’s not playing great he’s the only one who can do something different
  6. Bassey and Patterson crossing is awful scott Wright does nothing lundstram just fouls people aribo poor replica of the st Johnstone cup game last season all possession ,don’t look like scoring livi will get that one golden chance,like Motherwell🙁
  7. From their point of view, you can understand it ,their not Scottish or fans of the club they both won the league last year, play in a poor league,what else can they realistically achieve? Winning the league again of course and straight into the group stages of the champions league,but we’re never going to win it are we.
  8. Barasic has no pace at all, gets one v one all the time and he knows he can’t beat the defender on the outside, contributes nothing should have got to their goal ,he was favourite
  9. Gerrard loves him, there’s f all we can do about it, he’ll cost us more goals as the season goes on
  10. Seeing their goal again ffs, McGregor just kicks it into touch tav sleeping ,Simpson could have brought him down on the edge of the box and barasic was 50/50 to win that but he never wins tackles like that a pansy
  11. No chance he’ll be sacked, they have 2 easy games at home coming up against raith and Dundee Utd at least 6 goals in the 2 games there, and he’s the messiah again
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