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  1. If you want to join the club or need any help drop me a pm 👍
  2. Have you made your mind up yet😃
  3. Great club ,there’s no specific place , bus leaves from wemyss bay every home game mostly have meetings etc in the golfers bar👍
  4. Good place, the local supporters club leave from the pub at the pier ,and the Isle of Bute rsc go their before and after games, high % of bluenoses in the area
  5. What a great picture 👍👏
  6. Press already on standby to call us racists/ bigots/sectarian with our references to Rolf Harris,skippy,koala bears, convicts,Edna everage,boomerangs etc😞 that might be his back room staff😀
  7. If he’s more interested in the olympics than our champions league progression then sell him
  8. Dire football ,no quality whatsoever, sums up Scottish football
  9. How can we go after anyone? All the articles say police are looking into an alleged incident in a video, that’s their get out.
  10. Well done police Scotland .... what a bunch of bastards, now how long will it take to investigate the pig that struck that woman in George sq . They’ll give the standard guilty persons response to all questions ” no comment”
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