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  1. Will be postponed as their in the cup final
  2. You don’t think it could get any better , then 1.they draw again 2. shit face gets sent off 3. Duffy clowns about 4. they’ll need 10 buses to get home😀
  3. Livi denied blatant penalty in the last couple of minutes
  4. Deep down that’s how all Tim’s really feel, like frank
  5. In the chamber of secrets things like that are kept quiet
  6. Playing the subtle fenian persecution card, they just can’t help it
  7. The scum , the comedy team that keeps on giving🤦 pity I don’t know any fenians I’d be tearing them apart🤣
  8. When he gets into the opposition box, the defenders shit themselves ,doesn’t do it enough
  9. Well done big Cedric ,him and davis pass marks,the rest shite as Gerrard said the attitude last week ,when 2 0 up then first half today, that’s not right
  10. Worst man the park, watch him at the goal fkn stands there☹️
  11. Can’t believe livi didn’t win that😊
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