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  1. Jim steel 😄 completely forgot about him, hard as nails
  2. Cancelled😀 believing the evening times😁
  3. People voting yes to happy up till now are insane( happy to be losers)🤮😪
  4. Tims go behind against st Mirren and win same with livi and win we go behind don’t win there’s the difference to winning a league and not
  5. He’s just a poor manager it’s as simple as that, their blinded by his name
  6. Couldn’t believe that
  7. Barasic is great going forward, but a speedy winger and he shites it at times( Utd last week)
  8. The guys an idiot 3 seasons fucked up by the board appointing him
  9. Hibs getting something at the piggery😀😀😀😀😀😀 their defence is shite
  10. Gerrard 😀 don’t give this clown anymore money another barren season livi and Hibs ? Embarrassing
  11. First 15 mins were good after that nothing happening , Gerrard needs to kick their arses at ht
  12. No it wasn’t , Boyles touch was shite and he stood off him
  13. Barrasic isn’t a good defender, fkn shocking at their goal
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