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  1. Another great win what a goal from kent patterson was good barasic isn’t a good defender
  2. Was taken off at the right time, was getting a second booking for laughing to much😀
  3. She’s the presenter on Tim’s tv nearly every week🤮
  4. We were shite😀 great result, still unbeaten, wright looked excellent when he came on, great running aribo invisible, kamara s worst game corner after corner for them in second half morelos booking for f all
  5. Aribo s doing nothing, but he’s helping barasic on that side that’s why nothings coming down the left its the other side hagi and kamara have lost their men countless times not giving help to balogun.
  6. Should be 3 1 to the scum, balogun getting no help from hagi or kamara closing down ,that girl at left back ,he’s got acres of space every time😢 alfredo😀 I would take kamara off his heads not in it, lost his man a few times mcgregor 😀
  7. Can see Alfredo getting red carded today either 2 bookings for nothing or him getting a last chance to hammer one of them if he’s going in the summer😀
  8. Come back to me after the game😀 Arsenal will beat them home and away their well organised,some decent players But pretty average
  9. So they make a statement about the tunnel but not the incident😢
  10. Can you ? Listened a lot and can’t hear it ,I must be deaf☹️
  11. When you see the goal again, you can see arfields arm telling Patterson to go out to the crosser
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