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  1. Rumour that The Fraud might step aside for Uysk vs Fury. Please please!
  2. The funny thing being that goldson likely thinks cause he was Gerrards main brown noser he is gonna get a gig at villa. He's in for rude awakening. Shrewsbury awaits.
  3. Wish Gerrard all the best if he has decided to go. Have a feeling that the team this year hasn't been 100% committed; wouldn't surprise me if some of that isn't down to a feeling the gaffer wasn't 100% committed either.
  4. He would need to do it now thought - another Usyk defeat and AJs stock hits the floor.
  5. Is there any appetite now for Fury vs the Fraud?
  6. Dunno man, the guy with the wig sliding about in his crusty socks warbling about eddie howe might never be topped.
  7. Little Dom was obviously asked to believe the unbelievable, and defend the indefensible. Must be a horrible burden on your soul knowing that you work for the original Paedo Club.
  8. Hibs will be right up for this. It really is well overdue for us to get up and off our arse and start playing a full 90mins of decent hardworking football. Need to start concentrating on what's around us.
  9. The top 20 in the world just shows why America dominated this year. Rahm at number followed pretty much by the full american team from 2-15 With Rory our next up at 16. Not a fan of Harrington but all the big guns bar Rahm are on the slide. I can't see that changing in a year.
  10. Out of interest; is that linesman Frank Connor any relation to their former player/assistant of the same name?
  11. Chisora put up a better fight against Usyk. I don't see what the joshua camp were thinking. Surely the plan should have been to over power him and AJ to come in well over 18st.
  12. You could see a corrupt draw canelo GGG style.
  13. AJ looks knackered and scared to throw a punch incase he gets sparked.
  14. This is fucking deplorable. We are an absolute shadow of last season. Every time I tune in: thinking today's the day we kick on show why we are champions only to let down.
  15. Honestly what is wrong with this guy.
  16. Massive gave already, need to come back from the break and show why we are the champions.
  17. That's the best and only way to do it.
  18. Need to press that CB pairing.
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