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  1. Used a racial term towards morelos after the 1-1 game at the chamber of secrets.
  2. Let them do their talking off the pitch. As long as we concentrate on doing ours on it we should be fine.
  3. If their season could be summed up in a picture - it would be this.
  4. The author of this article is one of those weirdos who put their pronouns in their bio.
  5. 2 best saves I've seen Goram and this. That is an absolutely outragious stop.
  6. Club should agreed to let Mclaughlin back in but only if he agrees to conduct all his interviews wearing a Nonce hat.
  7. Arfield to score last minute and burn his salute into their brains for all time.
  8. They want celtic to call out the 55. they should go to the advertising standar........ Oh wait.
  9. I can't get over the fact they think we are annoyed at this. They are doing everything we want them to do.... and more!
  10. I recognise that voice. Pretty sure it's one of the old Rangers Chat presenters. Good to know he's still around to enjoy this moment.
  11. There are tims telling UEFA they are wrong and posting newspaper clippings from the Gherald etc as some sort of proof. Couldn't make these cunt up. Their tears are absolutely delicious.
  12. At no point in time do I ever want they cunts to win a game of football. However I want to see us win it on the pitch. I genuinely think it is written for us to win it at their disgusting cesspit.
  13. No chance. Aberdeen have 2 reasons to exist. Hate Rangers and give the mhanks confidence boosters.
  14. Quite the turn of events. A few years ago the Tarriers were talking about deliberately dropping points against Aberdeen so we finished 3rd in the league....
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