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  1. Did their fans invade the pitch and attack the opposition in over exuberance by any chance?
  2. London football teams are a shower of c**ts, especially Chelsea
  3. The problem they have this time is that this story is of interest in England, that's the only reason the DR is running this. If it goes into the English press and they don't print up here when it'll be on the sports channels and mainline news they'd leave themselves open to some very probing questions as to why. Just perhaps it would make people re-appraise what they were being fed about us for the last five years especially if some kindly sole were to supply any English papers with the info on land deals and how they have been financed over the years. More to the point the English media
  4. How does this lads signing fit in with the rules involving the signing of a minor, I take it he's not from the UK.
  5. A very sad day, puts how trivial something's involved with football really are. RIP.
  6. Just look at the amount Mr Ecleston got away with. HMRC don't do deals was what we were being told while they were really doing deals with everybody including the filth.
  7. Don't you mean they'll be asking for the kids boxers with phone numbers?
  8. Pretty sure if the board are supplied with pictures of those who did the damage they'll swing the ban hammer.
  9. They steal money from the club, they tell lies as they do it, they make up rules to hurt our club, they show our club no respect, yet still our fans will put money in their bank accounts by travelling to away games. When will our support get smart and realise that the only way to get to these ba****d's is to starve them of cash. For the first time in years clubs are refusing decent offers for their players and are signing new ones, and it just happens to coincide with our return to the top table. In light of what has been announced by the SFA regarding what went on at the cup final many o
  10. If we're talking about simpletons try looking in the mirror, it might stop you from posting such negative crap for a while.
  11. So if we score a second goal in the 75th minute of a game it's ok , but if it's in the 91st it's a bad thing? Personally I don't care when we score the goals as long as we score at least one more than the opposition. In fact if KM pops up in the 91st minute to get us a winner against the mhanks I'll be over the f***king moon. It wasn't that long ago that we were knocking in about four goals a game and some folk were complaining that it lacked excitement.
  12. Such a pity that some on here are doing their best to talk players down after only a few games, catch a grip and get behind the team. Anybody who honestly thought we'd be coming in to this league and turning sides over four or five nil were missing the fact that these teams will play harder against us than in any other games they'll play between now and next May. The way this season has been set up was to stop us from bedding in a new team before we play the Mhanks and give them an edge with a team that is a lot more settled. Until we get everybody fit and get into our stride player perfo
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