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  1. D'ont know what happened, must have hit a wrong button somewhere,had a few house drams.
  2. Credit where credit is due. John McGinn MOM for me.
  3. Stand corrected, as we do need something from the Denmark game to get a seeded place in the play-off. My mistake.
  4. Extremely unproffessional performance when you consider we had 6, yes six, players on a yellow and only Patterson booked to miss next meaningless match against Denmark at home. A comfortable victory and at least another three of those players should have taken a yellow towards the end to allow them to play in the fist play-off game. Amateurish at best from the manager who should have been aware of this and instructed the players to do the proffessioal thing.
  5. Maybe close but defence usually gets the benefit of the doubt in those kind of situations.
  6. Fantastic goal from Kent and we have controlled the game bar that offside goal. What the fuck is that linesman playing at . Offside all day long.
  7. Thought I heard it in the commentary before game started. Certainly heard Rangers being mentioned. Maybe put 2 and 2 together though.
  8. I think you'll find it was a tribute to SIR WALTER SMITH the legend that he was and past assistant to Sir Alex at Man U.
  9. Was that paedo Griffiths not due to appear before the SFA on 4th November for kicking the flare into the crowd last month? Not heard any word about it. Maybe swept under the carpet or have I got the date wrong.
  10. Thanks for the memories - RIP Walter - a true Rangers legend. Condolences to his wife and the rest of his family. Will be sadly missed but always remembered with affection.
  11. Happy with the result obviously but still not sure about the performance. 2 goals, hit post, bar and a stonewall penalty dismissed. Should still have been 4 or 5 but we are still not at it yet. Still in with a chance of being second, but we need to improve quickly or it will be Conference league for us.
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