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  1. One of the best but one of many for sure. Niven; Ritchie, Goram, Klos Where do you start? mnany
  2. What have you won thiis season you tarrier bastards? FUCK ALLL - Get it up yeez.
  3. If my memory serves me right, did we not play Arsenal for part of our centenary celebrations in 1973 and the club charged 5p entry, which was roughly equivalent to the entry fee when we first played them in1933.
  4. Came in from a 10 mile walk 15 mins before start of the game and made a cup of coffee. A CUP OF COFFEE before an old firm game? Can't remember being so relaxed before an old firm match. Even when they scored, wasn't bothered. When Alfie scored things changed, beer and whisky out to celebrate and continued till end of game. Good result, much as I'd hoped for after Thursdays European game. Unbeaten run extended, long may it continue. WATP.
  5. Stewart is a bigot and racist - his feet should not touch the ground as he is kicked out of that cesspit they call BBC Scotland.
  6. Changing channels there and came across BBC Sportscene when our players were going towards the gate. The commentary was "Rangers after beating St. Mirren 3-1 going to celebrate with fans who MIGHT be outside Ibrox gate". What a shower of absolute shite. Cannot even get the score right never mind the fact there might be fans outside celebrating. Fuck BBC Scotland.
  7. This thread is just magic today. Pity I cannot be there myself among fellow bears, but anyway: LET THE PARTY BEGINNNNN. CHAMPIONEEES. Rangers TILL I DIE.
  8. It takes 6 weeks to deal with Hearts manager for misconduct on the pitch, yet just 2 days to deal with Gerrard for a similar offence. All we ask for is fair play for all - once again it doesn't look like it from where I'm sitting. Fuck the SFA.
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