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  1. Jesus Christ , thought that picture had been photoshopped to make her more ugly and scary. Then I googled her and that's one of the more flattering ones
  2. Me and about half a dozen mates were in the sheep end that day about 30 steps high bang in the middle behind goal. When Coops scored that free kick we went mental and did so until end of game treating them to the sash,BBs follow follow etc. Not one of the sheep bothering cunts said a word although I think a few tried to gob on our backs, couldn't imagine them getting away with that in our end.I think we played them in a couple of finals around that time which were classics. Anyway that will go down as best free kick I've seen and you could actually hear ball hitting net before crowd celebrate
  3. The point he is making is that he wouldn't want them to be stripped of title and be awarded 10 in a row.
  4. There used to be a guy who flew a union flag from his house just before you drive into Peterhead. I always assumed he was a Bear, not been up for a while does anybody know if flag is still flying?
  5. Anybody know what time you can watch 90 in 90 for today's game?
  6. Waggy salutes west enclosure after he scores,brilliant. That's got to be our best starting eleven apart from Zaleem maybe. Does anybody think we will be able to offload DAnny Wilson The boy just ain't up to task here
  7. Fuckin hate losing but it might just be the kick up the arse we need. Can see Hivs dropping more points than us to other teams so I'm not jumping off nearest bridge yet
  8. It's very difficult to support national side when majority of there supporters think we are just unionist SNP hating bastards. It's that simple
  9. Couldn't give a toss if they qualified and I bet most Bears feel the same.
  10. Did he ever give reason for daft handball v Villarreal ? What would you's give for a striker like that now, I've still got the Dado bandage they used to sell at games
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