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  2. Never a Rangers manager. He's fucking shitting himself for next season; what kind of attitude is that?!
  3. That's probably because it's Coventry. If you're a half decent player, you'll always look like you're doing well at a team like Coventry.
  4. Hence why we need Scouts; get those foreign talent players in. Or we could always resign John Fleck?
  5. Fucking higher rated than Balotelli :lol:
  6. Coventry? Guess he never made it.
  7. Whatever happened to that guy? Remember all the hype about him years ago about how he was a legend in the making , and set to be football's next biggest thing and all that... Who's he playing for these days, did he actually become the great footballer he was predicted to be? or did he flop?
  8. The high winds one that was cancelled was because part of their temporary stand collapsed due to the wind, they threw it up overnight to try and get more Rangers fans in to make more cash, and it backfired on them.
  9. You realize the English Championship and English League 1, are much better and more competitive than the Scottish Championship, possibly even the Scottish Premiership? If you're saying he can sign for some EL1 team, why wouldn't you want him here?
  10. Somehow if this gets passed; I don't think Rangers will be effected, not in any positive way atleast..
  11. Did Lennon forget about the time he went off his head, shouting "Orange bastards" etc at Rangers player Fernando Ricksen? He's a racist himself, of course he wont sack others like him.
  12. Can't help but thinking; this is something you used to do haha?
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