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  1. Agreed. Generally speaking I like him. However, he's looking very silly right now. He's went all in, in not criticising Ole he's making no sense with some of his points and looks rattled.
  2. For all the shit Scottish football gets, this would never happen up here. Embarrassing!
  3. Yeah just checked. Think Palace were wanting 70 originally. Big Harry was £80 million.
  4. The boos at full time are nearly strong enough! Ole is being applauded off haha!
  5. I think he's a solid one on one defender at times, but what did they pay for him? Was it 80million, or am I making that up? Surely can't be that much. Also, for a modern day full back, he offers very little going forward.
  6. Absolutely. They don't have a clear transfer strategy. It's been a bit all over the place. Not signing players for key positions. Overloading signings in positions you don't need to. Signing older players (with some past their peak). Signing players that don't fit your system. It reminds me of us a good few seasons back! I think Sancho is a fine young player. However, I don't understand why midfield is not a priority. Fred and McTominay are decent. Man U need better than that though.
  7. I actually think Man U have built a pretty decent squad. However, it's still not as good as City, Liverpool or Chelsea, and Ole is nowhere near the level of Guardiola, Klopp, Tuchel. He's probably a mid table manager level at best. There's no shame in that for him. If Guardiola, Klopp or Tuchel managed Man U, they would be far better IMO. You could probably list many other managers too. If Man U are serious about contending again they need to end the Ole reign. I think he's done okay with Man U however he won't get Man U back to where they want to be. He doesn't learn any lessons. There's no gameplan.
  8. A Pogba red card is probably one of the most predictable things to happen. Being thrown on at 0-4. Ole has no faith in him. Team in the mud. No fucks given. Souness will be delighted. Shambles all round. Similar to the Norwich boy yesterday. Utterly pointless challenge.
  9. Stunning. What a pass from Henderson. To be fair I didn't think he had that in his locker. That pass is ridiculous. Finish not too bad either.
  10. Lolza. Rio, Neville and the like are part of the problem. They refuse to criticise Ole. They are his wee cheerleaders. He can do no wrong. It's never his fault. Today is a surprise to no one. After the Atalanta comeback, Rio was all excitable. Scary. Paul Scholes was the kinda the voice of reason..........
  11. Watching the half time replays of the goals just highlight how bad the Man U defence is even more. It's even worse than I thought. So so bad.
  12. Salah is relentless. Ole sacked at half time IMO. The fuck is Maguire doing haha!
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