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  1. There isn't too much about us in this one but good insight into Beale.
  2. Listened to various podcasts he's been on and he has always been really impressive. Speaks really well. Just loves football. Seems very likeable too.
  3. Kenny McLean out with a twisted knee. Could be a bad one if surgery required. Canaries boss Daniel Farke said: "Kenny McLean is also out, we scanned him this morning after he twisted his knee and he has a meniscus tear. "We will wait for the injury to settle down and he'll see a specialist this week. We will also handle this in a conservative way. "He will be out for six weeks or if he needs surgery it could be four to five months."
  4. Apologies for the link but the headline gives the jist.
  5. The Strachan rumours are great. tlb will be paranoid out his nut knowing he is currently working with the son of the guy likely to replace him! Everything is slowly crumbling. Players thrown under the bus captain included. Duffy being a mong on social media. Duffy being shit and highly expensive. Same with their keeper. Their 'best' transfer window in years now turning out to be their worst. All the money they have spunked on transfers. Nonce youth player who they disgracefully backed turning on them on social media. Christie seemingly wanting out. Their greatest bestest striker ever down
  6. Some effort. Some player. Did he do his hammy near the end though?
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