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  1. It's always difficult to get 3 players to get 2 or more shots on target but I do like those 3 generally. Always good to have players who play 90 minutes and who take penalties and free kicks. Barnes is always good value too and it depends on who Chelsea start with. Are you on Betfair? The same treble comes in at around 140-1.
  2. What's the deal with Duffy for their next game? Does he need to self isolate if he's flown back himself?
  3. This guy is suggesting they could sitting be in their 40 man bubble or whatever, and finished by saying 'they're not daft'! Literally everything he was saying is not in accordance with the guidance that's in place!
  4. This cunt is in his bedroom following live flights from Glasgow to Tenerife, Lanzarote and the like!
  5. Haha! Having a beer in normal times is fine. However, these are not normal times! It's really not difficult to grasp!
  6. There's no way the likes of Barnes, Charlie Nicholas etc watch every game yet they just pluck out generic nonsense opinions!
  7. This cunt couldn't get a Chinese because we beat them hahaha!
  8. Jackie Mcnamara on the Go Football Show just now if anyone is interested. Talking about her personal issue which is obviously a shame. However his tarrier chat could be fun!
  9. I've gave up on Liverpool strikers mate. Salah used to be a banker. Their strikers have stopped shooting the last few games though. Nothing worse when you have SOT bets on, they're clean through, albeit a tiny bit wide and they fucking cut it back when they have like one team mate in the box against 4 defenders! Just shoot man! You're about 8 yards out!
  10. Big Ralph seems like a sound guy. Some turnaround from that Leicester game. Southampton have a knack of producing or signing good players too. That wee Diallo looked good.
  11. Yeah we have a bit of that in Tav, Alfredo, Hagi, Kent etc. Doesn't always come off but they always keep going. Bruno Fernandes is another great example. Always trying to make a difference, with an unbelievable attitude.
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