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  1. FFS pull the plug. It's fucking heartbreaking.
  2. It's always been the same with England mate. It always seems so hard for the new faces to get a regular spot no matter what their form is like.
  3. When you see the way him and his coaching staff have turned players around and took the squads fitness to a whole new level I'd say it's mind blowing. He's implemented things which are usually just seen on EPL training grounds and that showed week in week out. It took time to get there but it definitely paid off last season and the fact we won the league at a canter was amazing.
  4. That's amazing mate. Hopefully a sign of things to come 👍 That smile 💙
  5. This is great news for the club. Having the influence of such an excellent professional in the dressing room and on the training field can only be a good thing.
  6. The thing that makes him a prick is the fact that when Boyd was subjected to sectarian abuse and hit with a coin Clarke said nothing at all.
  7. I'm looking forward to the Chelsea and Millwall lads kicking their cunts in.
  8. Rab, you and your family are bears mate and as you know we look after our own. As poorly as Toni is she's smiling which is amazing to see. Credit to you mate because a lot of people wouldn't be able to cope with what life's thrown at you but you and your family are truly an inspiration and I wish you all nothing but good luck from here on in.
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