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  1. Outstanding mate 👍🇬🇧
  2. Fuck me we'd need mega bucks to improve on the Croatian national team left back. Better get Jordi Alba in because borna had an off day.
  3. My starfish was twitching like a tramps nose outside a chippy near the end but we got the job done and that's why we're champions.
  4. Well Rangers as a club do give a fuck about the Royal Family and I'm sure they'll ensure that respect is paid in the appropriate way.
  5. They won't be virgins mate, their da or father O'shagnasty will have taken care of that.
  6. The SFA have definitely fucked themselves over. Gerrard is a household name around the world and manager of the Champions and they've never had someone of his stature firing back at them. Good on him for sticking up for our club and players. Fuck the SFA, the tide is turning.
  7. He's definitely a future star mate and with the great coaching staff we have I have no doubts he'll be an extremely important player for us.
  8. Patterson is the only proper RB cover we've had for years so hopefully he'll get the majority of cup games and also provide cover when we need it. He's still only young and learning his trade so I think Gerrard will carefully bed him in like he's done to a few of the youngsters.
  9. There's no place for racist abuse at all in this world never mind by supposed role models. I think our black players have conducted themselves brilliantly over the past weeks and they should be extremely proud. The abuse that Roofe is still getting is vile and those doing it should face jail. Social media makes it far to easy for these cowards to get away with this abuse.
  10. I would have started Itten instead of Roofe and would have left either Kamara and Davis out but then again we've got the league won so this is a chance for more silverware.
  11. The only thing they have in common is a pulse. The similarity stops there.
  12. I don't think Howe has the bottle for it up here, he seems too nice. I realise when we appointed Gerrard people including myself were unsure but he knew what was expected at a big club, he's played in big derbies and played at the highest level in Europe. The closest Howe has been to Europe is an away trip to Cardiff.
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