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  1. Yeah I would not really take West Ham as an example, don't think they went full throttle with it..ironic that they could still make the Champions League for next season.

    I reckon we would do well in the Europa, wait and see who comes in the summer. Beating them to the title would be the priority though...

  2. 12 hours ago, Tommy WATP said:

    Watched the Ross County v Dundee Hivs highlights, anyone think Jackson Irvine could do well for us? Impressed every time I see him and had a great game against Celtic in the cup. 

    Yeah I think Irvine is a decent player..always seems to stand out whenever I see county play. If Warburton fancied it I would be quite happy. 

  3. 35 minutes ago, Blue Avenger said:

    By fuck he was! Immense and it would be great if we could keep him.

    Agreed, Ball would be a fantastic permanent addition. Think he has his eye on a return down south but I imagine it will be quite hard for him to break into the Tottenham first team so you never know..

  4. For the majority of the season I have not been totally convinced by our back line, in particular Wilson & at times Kiernan. Recently it's improved ten fold and todays game was probably the first time I was 100% confident we would not concede a goal. We were fantastic. Wilson & Kiernan both so dominating and I really hope this is a sign of things to come. 

    Worth mentioning Ball's effort to protect the back 4 - he was outstanding. 

  5. The guy is a class act. On and off the park, as true a professional as you will see. 

    Said it before but I will say it again, when the players are standing in line to the champions league music again, nobody is more deserving to be there than him. 

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