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  1. Wonder if SPFL will look at this incident? :rolleyes:

    I hope Linlithgow pull this off......the winners have Ross County away next! :lol: What price a 3rd consecutive tie being called off/postponed?? :D

    Well they had a big meeting today about that sort of thing so will be interesting to see if anything comes of it.

    Aye would be good if Linlithgow managed it!

    Haha, it's certainly possible...anything could happen! :lol:

  2. People go on about him being kicked about which he was and it was unfair BUT he had zero end product, what's the point in having all that skill when you do nothing with it. All the best to him going forward.

  3. Love the way the manager is moulding the squad. Young, talented, ambitious lads with a real work ethic. Throw in a couple of experienced players in the summer and we will be challenging next season. Thinks crooks will make a big difference in the middle of the park. Great to see us tapping into the lower leagues of England. Alot of the players have good pedigree coming from big clubs academys but have been forced down the leagues due to the money available to buy the best from around the globe. Compare that to buying overrated spl fodder on long term deals. Wish we had the magic hat earlier!!

    Spot on, good post mate!

  4. A famous phrase coined by Hansen back in the 90s with regards to the young Manchester Utd team Fergie went on to win the title with..

    Listening to Sportsound tonight the guys in the studio were saying something very similar with regards to Warburton and us going back into the top league next season. Kinda got me thinking about if we continued the trend set so far by signing youngsters could we actually win the title with a very young side?

    What do you guys reckon?

    In no way am I comparing us to Man Utd by the way..

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