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  1. They will most likely do everything they can to get this postponed. Always cheated never defeated.
  2. Total collapse by the sheep, 3-0 down already.
  3. We are going to let a really really average celtic team stroll to another title aren't we? Disgusting performance.
  4. Lennon clearly still hasn't a clue what his starting 11 or formation should be, this can only be a good thing. Edouard left on the bench is a strange one.
  5. Think it was along the lines of 'I'm coming for you ya junkie hibee bastards'
  6. Motherwell concede 90th min penalty. 2-2 after normal time. Extra time and maybe pens now.
  7. Aye just seen that, defo McCrorie though according to the commentary and live text.
  8. McCrorie scores again to put the sheep ahead 1-0.
  9. They really aren't that great and have had more than their fare share of luck so far this season(St Johnstone and St Mirren games). Another 3-0 would do.
  10. Think they are all having to get ready for the night shift?
  11. Aye he wasn't great that day, seem to remember his poor attempt at a tackle that led to their 'goal'. Overall Kamara has been the better of the two this season so I think we should be alright.
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