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  1. That's what happens when you start the game like 11 statues. Not good enough.
  2. Was January not meant to be our tough run of games?
  3. Game aff, some journey for the sheep for it to get binned last minute 😂
  4. Problems with the Livi artificial pitch(again), waterlogged and officials still deciding if the game with the sheep should go ahead, was meant to be a 7.45pm kick off..
  5. Scenes when Morelos seals it with his first goal against them 😎
  6. By all accounts Livi should take more points off them at the weekend given the form that they are in.
  7. Fucking.........yaaaaaaasssss
  8. I mentioned him in the transfer suggestions after the game against us. Watched him a couple of times since then and he definitely looks like a player who raises his game for the big matches then turns in a few average performances after that. If he was consistent would definitely consider going for him as he is out of contract with them this year I think.
  9. Aye celtic will still beat Hibs the night.
  10. I reckon the game will still go ahead. Was it not Hibs who played St Mirren when 3 of their goalies were out with covid?
  11. Being on furlough has been anything but boring recently. I thank celtic Football Club for that.
  12. If he's coming into the form shown the first half of last season then we will absolutely skoosh the rest of this season.
  13. That was a decent first half from us, Kent looking on it today and a cracking finish from Alfredo. Curtis Main is such a hammer throwing brainless cunt.
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