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  1. If survival horror is your thing I seen Blair Witch on sale in Asda for 9 quid...
  2. Even if Aberdeen do win, no chance Lennon is getting sacked yet.
  3. After a relatively average start to the season he's starting to look good. Was brilliant on Thursday. I do wonder why he won't shoot more like he was doing for a few months last season before Christmas..
  4. No chance of the sheep shaggers taking anything from them no matter how bad they are, they consistently bottle it so a vital 3 points here for us.
  5. Barkas and Duffy, so far, could not have worked out any worse for them. Two utter diddies with one of them commanding a ridiculously high wage and looks like he's been out on the pish all day.
  6. Our whole team and coaching staff taking no shite. Love it 💙
  7. Even with all this water it's a far better playing surface than Livi/Kilmarnock/Hamilton imho.
  8. Very much doubt the game will get stopped now. Chipped baws aw around the park for the win.
  9. Complained to the ref when the boy handled it on to the cross bar just before half time.
  10. That was some effort from Hagi seeing it again. Goal of the tournament if that went in.
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