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  1. Shut up you complete fucking mongo.1minute after full time,your first thought is to slag a player.fuck off
  2. Far too defensive tonight.flanagan defensive fullback,mccrorie aswell in holding role,fuck sake,they had one upfront,didnt look pleasing on the eye atall,lets be honest,thats how 90%of teams are goin to play against us at ibrox,no imagination atall.windass isnt a wide midfielder,so either he gets dropped or not played atall...early days.
  3. You wouldnt take the money for morelos.i wouldnt even have morelos in my starting line up...windass up front.
  4. Middleton ahead of murphy...desperately need a creative midfielder and id sell morelos.
  5. For what reason?for completely losing the head with the manager and players after one of the most embarrassing results in our history.Accept mediocrity and thats what you will get for fuck sake.
  6. When is the torbett trial start?every bear needs to publicise this trial as much as possible,a blind man can see what the bbc,sfa and media outlets are trying do. Never forget Never forgive
  7. Exactly.total wankfest over brown all the time,he does absolutely nothing against us and brings nothing to their team,its that ntcham who does all the work,brown runs about acting the big iam,below average footballer
  8. Same shite that scudded the beasts..lighten up ffs.He was all over the park.
  9. Lol.i was replying to the guy above you who seems to think theres nothing wrong with the board.
  10. And only some of them have actually put their own money in...as i said,they have took us as far as they can,time to see who else is out their.As for asking me who?how the fuck am i supposed to know,but not these cunts anyway,they have been in charge of the club overseeing some of our worst results in the history of our football club,just let that sink in.
  11. People were willing to invest in us while we were in the 3rd division,so do you not think there wont be people again??or lets just bury our heads in the sand,nothing to see here,some fans are just happy to settle for mediocrity,king and his cronies have taken this club nowhere,fair do's they took it of people and have done some good,but the time is now for them to step aside,murray and robertson will be getting paid a pretty penny for this complete shambles.make no mistake about that.
  12. Sound.Dont come in and have a say in it,just scroll on.
  13. A silent protest will do nothing...a.proper board out protest is needed on sunday.enoughs enough
  14. The boards position is now clearly untenable.I for one was all for the current board,but we have stumbled from one shambles to another under their tenure.If the latest rumours about murty not even being present while wallace and miller blasted the players,the board have to go.From barton,warburton mcinnes,murty and now to this,this has to be the final straw,that wee snidey bastard robertson does my head in,these rat bastards are no better than the last board,this stinks of trying to offload two higher earners quicker,while making them scapegoats,they are so out of touch with working class fans
  15. Alot of the youth team seem to be doing well,you would think with the u20s coach in charge that there would actually seem a path to the first team.
  16. What a load of nonsense.anybody who's played football at any level knows that your not always favourites going into a game,even schools football,some games i dreaded playing,did that mean i shat it,didnt run or tackle.no i tried fucking harder....what gets me is that team was full of "Rangers men".i only remember dorrans half hearted chop on brown as an act of aggression,losing can be forgiven,meakly surrendering will never be.Clear out needed...again.
  17. Out of his depth.Been absolutely no progress from last year,at least getting rid of him now gives someone else a fighting chance of salvaging our season.
  18. Bury your head all you want.Pena,alves,cardoso and herrera have been all bang average,they are the managers signings.Buck stops with him,we have been knocked out of europe by luxembourg minnows,4th in the league and not won 3games in a row,absolutely shocking record,for the outlay of close to £10million pound,we should be comfortably ahead of the rest,not even that,the football getting served up is fucking terrible.
  19. So judging by the last 2performances you dont think the dressing room is lost??The club captain came out and backed kenny miller on sunday,do you think he thinks alone,its clearly a team view.
  20. Iam saying he has completely lost the dressing room,his signings have been absolutely woeful,and the results have been shocking.Im not even going into some of the statements he has came out with.The players have clearly stopped playing for him(if they even started)you cant sack all the players so the manager has to go,thats the way modern football works.
  21. If the manager was actually producing results and performances,it wouldnt be an issue,however he is not,which makes his decisions even more cringeworthy and baffling.time to go.
  22. If you highlight what you struggled with,i will try to break it down into simpleton terms for you.
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