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  1. Bring a team n a few tools n we’re right up that Gallagate.
  2. Obviously I would how do you accept shite players at Rangers aye
  3. But he had no hand in making him known to Rangers
  4. He’s better than Moussa Dembele. Disagree then @ me ya fenian bastard
  5. CB am half canned and if you can tell me what word av fucked up then I’ll admit it. But av read the post back 2/3 times (with one eye) n can’t see anything wrong with it Maybe it’s just the Glasgow youngster coming out in me that n you can’t understand me
  6. What a boy, same age as me and he’s oot causing a savvy for Rangers n am sitting wae no idea what am doing after a stank this cider. On yersel wee man, will either go down as one of our best modern day strikers or make us a lot of money. Happy with either.
  8. i have genuine feelings for this mad proddy bastards. He hates the fucking pope
  9. His general athleticism is overlooked as well I think. His engine is phenomenonal.
  11. If a Rangers fan ever did the equivalent of this, I’d expect stabbings for embarrassing us. They weirdo paedo bastards embrace it
  12. If I was 10 years old again he’d be on the back a ma tap
  13. But what if it genuinely is a loan with it being a permanent in the summer? I agree but it is extremely weird that it might end up being a 6 month loan. However, I don’t think Jamie would act that buzzing over a loan deal (twitter etc) however nothing would surprise me with those imposters in the boardroom, but I think they may have got this one right with freeing up extra cash for another signing (if that’s their intentions) and paying the money for Murphy in the summer. That not being their intention would be the more realistic idea This is nowhere near as big a
  14. Is this not a good deal if we get him in the summer ? Why’s everyone so uptight? At least we’re going in the right direction with our targets/signings. Would be the ultimate embarrassment though if he doesn’t join permanently, can understand people’s pessimism. Enjoy it but troops, Jamie Murphy hates taigs like the rest of us
  15. Staunch fucking bastard. Cannot wait until he scores against they tarrier cunts at ibrox.
  16. Welcome ya staunch bastard. Fuck the fenians
  17. Happy new year when it comes troops. Fuck the tarriers
  18. People on here happy with 500k for him don’t think anyone who wants rid of him realises the shock they’d get if we replaced Tavernier with Hodson for half a season
  19. The best player in Scotland. Name another
  20. NO SURRENDER ROSS MCCRORIE Future Rangers captain, absolute no doubt
  21. The best player in Scotland.
  22. WGOH

    El Buffalo

    Not even just the chance a don’t think, just all round. As much as I agree he’s done and there’s no place for him consistently in a Rangers team these days, I’d rather we had Miller trying to make things happen in the second half and not an absolutely shattered Kranjcar or Pena who doesn’t know what games he’s been subbed into. I agree also, if that header falls to Miller it’s a goal.
  23. WGOH

    El Buffalo

    As much as people on here will hate it, I think we missed Miller today. Maybe not first half, but I feel if we had Miller instead of Kranjcar we’d have done more and maybe won the game. Genuinely think his experience would’ve won us that game
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