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  1. Second half we should have kicked on and turned the screw but no, we sit back and let the opposition dictate far too much. We are doing enough and no more to see us through games. It will bite us on the arse at some point.
  2. Thank fck for that. Still not playing well but 3 vital points .
  3. If Jack gets another bad injury it has to be curtains for him at the club. We can’t stay loyal forever. Agree with Arfield but Bacuna?? he’s only been here 5 mins
  4. Yesterday’s mistake was uncharacteristic from the big man and he’ll be raging more than anybody. However, this chopping and changing the keeper is not helping either option imo. Dino Zoff (one for the older bears!) won a world cup at 40 years of age. McGregor doesn’t need ‘resting’ alternate games.
  5. Alfie’s going through a rough patch at the minute, like many in the team. In my opinion he needs to get properly fit and the goals will come back. In a way I’m more worried that SG just can’t seem to see how poorly he’s playing and as a result let’s him play the entire game.
  6. Sakala would have definitely scored some of those chances today. He’s quick whereas Alfie he just seems so sluggish.
  7. The pelters he was getting only a few games ago but, some turnaround it has to be said. Deserves great credit. From zero to hero.
  8. Gerrard seems to quite often subs players who shouldn’t be subbed and keeps on those who should. His subs today invited Hearts on to us, and we paid for it.
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