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  1. Gordon Strachan will be their manager come Christmas
  2. It’s gonna be between us and Hibs
  3. Well obviously but you can get one relative to the level of the Scottish Prem
  4. We played shite in a few games last season and won the league
  5. The players haven’t watched the Michael Jordan Netflix series yet this season
  6. Don’t give a fuck how we play as long as it’s 3 points tbh
  7. I mean I wouldn’t say he was the best in the world, players like van Basten and Matthaus were about. But yes hopefully his son keeps improving 👍🏻
  8. Win tonight and this is a great day
  9. More of a coach now, shouldn’t need a 39 year old coach to help us
  10. Well there isn’t much we can do is there this is a day where all we can say is at least they lost and we went 1 more point ahead. Want us to stage a protest or something?
  11. Should have just not signed Simpson in the first place, fuck knows what we saw in him
  12. No disrespect to Ofoborh because it’s a terrible situation he’s in and hopefully he can play for us at some point but him and Simpson must be the worst double signing in history as it stands
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