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  1. Say Callum Davidson was the other option and not Gio, would you take him over Frank Lampard because he’s won more trophies?
  2. Uhh… so what standard is Europa League then? The competition that our players have done pretty well in past 4 seasons.
  3. ??? People all over Europe grew up watching Lampard, Chelsea and the Premier League in the 2000s and 2010s… the period where Lampard was one of the leagues best players and one of the worlds best.
  4. What??? The question is who would attract more players, you presented why Gio would attract players and I presented why Lampard would. Are you dumb? Lampard is a far bigger name in the UK, in Europe, and everywhere else in the world.
  5. Lampard is Chelsea’s all time top scorer… during their best spell in club history… during the Premier League boom. Lampard is far far bigger than van Bronckhorst. Lampard has won everything a player playing in England can win.
  6. Don’t understand what you mean. Lampard has worked with Championship and Premier League players… which is basically what our squad is
  7. How is Lampard just a Gerrard from Wish? Lampard has coached at a higher level.
  8. Oh yeah I’m thinking of second season under Conte but even still, Sarri had prime Hazard, Lampard lost Hazard to Madrid and wasn’t allowed to replace him
  9. He made good signings on paper, Mendy has turned out to be a top keeper, Havertz and Werner were quality in Bundesliga but played like shite under Lampard.
  10. Can’t be turning your nose up at a guy who got Derby to the Play off final in his first season and achieved a top 4 finish in the premier league, something that Sarri couldn’t achieve the season prior. He literally has a better resume than our last 4 managers combined (at the time of their appointment). Lampard or Gio, id be happy either way, 2 big names that can attract players.
  11. There were genuine shouts for Billy Davies back then
  12. It’s definitely between Lampard and Gio
  13. They even know each other? Just let Gio bring his own staff lol
  14. Oh😂😂😂😂😂 delete delete delete
  15. Well it could be a case of them choosing Dean Smith over Lampard… not Lampard rejecting them. Also it doesn’t really matter who anyone on here is interested in, we don’t make any decisions lol
  16. Talks have stalled at Norwich apparently
  17. I actually think it’s gonna end up being Lampard
  18. That’s a video he made in preparation so he could release it when it happened
  19. Well… Ronaldo was about to join Man City
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