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  1. Edmundson, Middleton, Jones, Simpson, Barker all need to go out on loan
  2. I can’t believe we are 1-0 down to tranmere but playing Real Madrid in a few weeks hahahahah
  3. I honestly don’t understand the back of Kent’s hair, does he cut it himself?
  4. Ryan Kent easily the most entertaining player we’ve had for about 15 years
  5. Ok we have the commentary but now no scoreboard… I’d rather the scoreboard
  6. https://twitter.com/rangersfc/status/1413830779604504577?s=21
  7. Nice to see Barker has finally accepted his fate edit: actually it looks like he’s getting ready for a transplant
  8. Doesn’t matter if it’s pre season or not, we have every right to complain about RTV, it’s been fucking awful
  9. I can’t deal with tranmere fans and arrogant English fans calling us shite that’s all sorry
  10. Someone say when the second half is beginning as RTV keeps replaying their missed chance over and over for me
  11. Rangers TV is fucking pathetic, should honestly get refunded
  12. Stream is shite, playing like shite, losing to Tranmere hahah
  13. Think we need Netflix to release another Michael Jordan The Last Dance series tbh
  14. Looking forward to seeing these 3 play in the second half
  15. Can’t wait to see Barkers skin head in the second half
  16. I don’t think they are, it’s just a gap left where the players name would be
  17. At least I have the scoreboard up now, still no commentary
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