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  1. I can't help it though. Can't sleep anywhere except a bed either. So when on long journeys I'm always awake. Does my tits in Oh. Just found this. It's an actual thing lol. 1% of the population are the same. uk.businessinsider.com/people-who-sleep-short-hours-2015-11?r=UK&IR=T I wake up fine. Not tired. And always have energy. I remember reading years ago that thatcher. Hitler and Napoleon only slept 4 hours
  2. Was told from the social work I need to be available 24/7 for the wee man. I.e he was off school this whole week unwell. He can't go to a child minder due to his needs. Sometimes he can go to school and have an ok week. Other times he can be sent home 4 times a week. Not working is horrible. I know I joke but me having time on my hands is not good. I do get enough money but obviously feel like a tramp cause I've not earned it. I've always worked. I've worked hard jobs for long hours for shit pay but still feel good at the end of the week as I've earned it. I don't know why you've a
  3. I never sleep more than 4. Would love to sleep 8 hours Boring as fuck. Mum said she hated me as I've never slept more than 4 my whole life ? My son goes to sleep at 9 and that's him till 7. I've seen him sleep 18 hours at the weekend
  4. Cumbernauld is 10 mins drive from city centre. You were in fucking Edinburgh yesterday. I'm upset now ?
  5. Can Imagine him at the chippy and wee chantelle that left at 16 is working behind the counter and he asks if she wants a lift up the road
  6. I was asked a question Only guessed bigsasasknobend cause he always says to me he has a great career. 36k is the limit unless going for heads jobs. Not a great career imo
  7. Maybe his online persona I wear my heart on my sleeve in here but don't for a second believe he does. Never gives anything away and don't even show his face like most have. I really don't care how much he earns. Or anyone else. I just don't believe a lot of what he says. That goes for quite a few others too though
  8. Any industry you can make a fair whack. Depends on what you do
  9. From what I was earning I'd say I end up on more. As I don't pay travel and lunch etc
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