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  1. Not getting promoted 3 seasons in a row and having to do the championship for 2 years is fucking embarrassing considering the money we had. I cringe just thinking about it.
  2. Aye they are going to think we are making a new expendables movie, a bunch of past its, with no resell value... Yay!
  3. Correct me if I am wrong not clued up that much, but isn't king making an offer to buy shares held by other people? So why would the money go to the club, if I owned shares in Rangers and King offered to buy them from me, the money would go to me? This makes no sense. The club doesn't get anything??
  4. They have made the blueprint, its harder to come up with a plan than it is to copy someone elses, look at them and copy what they have done. It shouldn't be too hard for the board. We need to start buy getting our hands on all the best youth in Scotland, promise them top flight exposure and be damned with the league as long as its top 4 and european football, instead of buying golden oldies at huge prices in wages to complete for a year or two.
  5. How long is his contract? Its no long enough tie this kid down for 6 years.
  6. This shit just makes me sad. Last time we were in the CL groups I didn't truly appreciate it for what it was.
  7. It's 2017 you can buy a fixed point HD camera for £250 1080p 60fps. It's not 1985. You could cover the whole stadium with maybe 10-15. Link them all up maximum cost 10-15k per stadium.
  8. Like every bit of technology ever, it starts out full of flaws but used over and over they are ironed out and you are left with a half decent system.
  9. Refs are human we need Var for big calls, goals, pens and cards. Then cheating isn't really possible. I work as a supervisor and all I do all do is fix people's mistakes in a boring office environment. Imagine how much easier it would be to make mistakes in front of 50,000 with a split second to make a decision. People aren't able to be 100% accurate it's impossible. Bring in Var wipe out the moaning about the refs.
  10. On the day PC is sacked we let loose a wild dog and the first person bitten gets to choose.
  11. aye but over the 17 games Warburton comes out ahead.
  12. Na it's first 17 games in PL for both Pedro and Warbuton We are better off by 2 points better off than this point last season but if you take into account first 17 games in the PL for both Warburton cames out ahead.
  13. Some taig on twitter tweeted this at me, Warburton has a better record than Pedro in the PL
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