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  1. If it helps them to paper over the cracks it’s more beneficial to us than it is them, no worries from me on whatever the preferred excuse is they employ...
  2. Well at least we know there’s at least one player in their team that’d like nothing more than to turn them over...
  3. Think Lennon displayed the first tangible signs of real pressure yesterday. I don’t expect their midweek game to go well for them and if Aberdeen even held them to a draw it increases ten fold and they will really begin turning on each other...
  4. Their frailties were there for all to see yesterday, if there is ever a time that Aberdeen were in a position to take points off of them (barring it denying us a league position of course) then it’s now. Maybe they will surprise us, however unfortunately I hold as much hope of this happening as yourself EJ....
  5. No pelters mate, definitely the priority this year but imo we now have the squad depth, experience and know how to handle a European campaign in parallel with league business. I almost feel at ease going in to these games in comparison with the turgid anti football low block tactics of most SPFL teams, but the league is definitely there for the taking this season...
  6. On the upside I can’t emphasise enough how much love listening to Neil McCann, the guy is a level above the usual standard of pundit rolled out to review matches, this includes a subjectivity towards us when appropriate unlike the bulk of their ex players. Actually, in retrospect it’s about the first time I’ve heard a balanced match report from MIchael Stewart, no doubt aided by sitting next to Neil who would almost certainly have ripped any of his usual nonsense to shreds (not even a mention (a la ‘trial by Sportscene’ re the Morelos ‘slapping’ incident). Saying that I thought their editing
  7. Robmc1


    Exactly the same although I always knew the score, it was the other shenanigans that came back to me bit by bit the following morning that made me think better of it🙄...
  8. Robmc1


    Voice of reason, well said👌👏👏...
  9. I honestly believe as the team mature together and we see quality added, we are witnessing the beginning of something special at Ibrox. Europe has taken care of itself and we have now gained a level of respectability there that has been missing for too long. We are now seeing (imo) us regaining the dominance domestically that has eluded us since the before us being moved down the leagues. This isn’t ott on the back of a strong performance today but when I look at the strength in depth on the bench as well as injured players we have we are on the up and celtic have not strengthened and if
  10. Never saw it MB and to be fair I tend to switch over any time she appears on screen, it’s got to the point I just can’t stand the sight of her, never mind have to listen to her self pontificate. Highlights the inept opposition and media we are currently burdened with if a ‘journalist’ like Sophie Ridge is able to put her under pressure. I know this has carried the thread off topic but celtic have no doubt benefited because of the incumbent SNP’s refusal to order an enquiry in to realistically the largest sporting abuse scandal in British (if not world) football. They are very much two che
  11. Christie is the worst for this imo and gets success on doing so on most occasions, thankfully not one to worry about for this match...
  12. Can see Jones having a point to prove against them as this was the fixture that saw his fall from grace reputationally and injury wise prior to his recent resurgence. There will undoubtedly be space to exploit against them and if chosen he is capable of doing so. I do think SG may go with one of them or surprise us all with Jo Aribo going straight in...
  13. We’re this a dystopian storyline in a film ten years ago it would be thought as far fetched, roll on ten years of SNP rule propped up with the self indulgent greens...
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