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  1. I watched the Aberdeen European match last week and tbh they look more capable and more of a threat than celtic. Hib’s will smell blood also…
  2. The third keeper, consequence of ‘inflation’…🙄
  3. Was just wondering if there is a bush outside his hotel for after their match tomorrow night…
  4. Don’t think he’s naive atall, now totally convinced he’s just another yes man who, as believed by yourself will tow whatever party line he’s instructed to by the board…
  5. Careful TS, a realistic danger of this common sense catching on..
  6. Judging by the sound of mate in London who’s just off the phone I’d say about 10 o’clock this morning… 🍺🍺😀
  7. Likewise mate he speaks very well and I like his focus, got a good feeling about the contribution he will hopefully be making in his time with us…
  8. Do not want anyone associated with Rangers to be anything like these two…
  9. I didn’t realise that he actually drew his hands away from making contact with the ball, serious lack of judgment. He’ll pick up all of the flack no doubt for the score line taking the focus away from how poor a team their opponents were on the night and with a home advantage could still only manage (1 point🙄):-)…
  10. It’s laziness mate, alike to not typing ‘what’ in front of👆
  11. Exactly, or either work in a %’age formula for the capacity of each ground, their inconsistency is only bettered by their incompetence…
  12. I was of the belief that for access they had to pay the money and if they were blatantly being unfair (as per McLaughlin despite his many warnings) their access would be concluded with the money lost. This may not/ almost certainly won’t change any personal held bias but in (business) money talks and boardrooms would not take kindly to ridiculous and biased editorial decisions (that’s what we’re talking about here) loosing them money and custom. I personally haven’t bought a newspaper for years and pick up all of team updated match reviews on fan media which I’m glad to say has been up till
  13. Unsure, but I’m glad the club have taken a decisive stance towards the MSM press who for years have made a lot of money basically demonising the club and support in quite often ridiculous and literally ‘stories’. Match this with the influence that Lawwell had with the press in Scotland who did and some still do bend over backwards to portray positivity in any adversity facing that club (and there is and has been a lot to choose from). Rangers are back at the top and sense a possible good run in Europe again. If forcing outlets who (will still make money) to pay thus ensures fair and ref
  14. Deserves a👏👌, very well summarised. I’ve often wondered if rival fans from Eastern European or other far off countries not akin with Scottish culture actually think that a large proportion of the population cut about in they ridiculous outfits, feathers, badges etc as that’s all they see at games or on tv for matches…
  15. I have absolutely no doubt Gerrard knows exactly how he will use and develop him to full effect in this league. On top of this, after watching his interview, if Gerrard asked him to jump through burning hoops (excuse the phrase) he’d do it and in the process try 110% to please the manager. Of course things may not go to plan but on looking at recruitment to date I have every faith in this signing. Good luck JL…
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