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  1. We probably would've got him this summer if Itten made a permanent move with a decent fee. Wouldn't be surprised to see movement on it next summer if an English Championship side don't take him in January.
  2. Not really keen on our coaches responding directly to criticism from supporters like this. Even if it’s just one guy, it creates a bit of an ‘us and them’ mentality, which isn’t good.
  3. Said I’d take a win by any means and we managed one. We go another week waiting to ‘turn the corner’ but we’re top of the league and that’s the main thing.
  4. It says he can sign a pre-contract for the summer in January so I assume that’s what we’d do.
  5. Numerous players will be leaving this summer, no question.
  6. Speaks volumes we're not confident of beating a ten-man Hibs.
  7. It’s counterintuitive but, after achieving an important success, that’s sometimes when you need to make significant changes. On paper, keeping the 55 squad together sounded great, but the reality is we needed to break the team up and reinvest (especially after the CL exit).
  8. The kids should never have been allowed in the stadium. At the very least, it gives them a PR opportunity as a reward for being racist, ‘oh, we’re not so bad: we gave these free seats to local children’. It’s absurd it was ever sanctioned.
  9. He’s one of my favourite players when he’s at his best but I remember back in the latter half of 19/20 when we were losing points and Gerrard always brought him on around 60/65 minutes and he’d do absolutely nothing. It got to the point where I just thought ‘it’s hopeless’ whenever we brought him on. I’ve been starting to feel the same way about him recently - which is a shame because the things he was doing at his peak last year were just brilliant.
  10. I have no idea who we’d go for. If we’re looking at local options, I think Callum Davidson and Jack Ross would probably get an interview.
  11. Arfield last season, sure. 21/22 Arfield looks just as ineffective as 19/20 Arfield. We need someone new to do consistently what Scott can only do at his best.
  12. These relationships always have a shelf-life. Gerrard and his team’s ideas achieved the big goal: they won us a league against the odds. It was hopeless when they came in. We were managed by Graeme fucking Murty. Now we’re on a much stronger footing. All we need is for Gerrard to deliver a league title from a position of strength over an awful celtic team. That’s it - mission accomplished. Then I think it’s time for a new manager to come in. Not because I don’t love Gerrard and what he’s done for us but because it’s the right time for a change.
  13. Last year, we'd have beaten them comfortably. I still think we have it in us to win.
  14. I think Sakala's running could be really effective against a higher standard of opponent. I'm optimistic.
  15. I've already got my bets on them -1 and -2. I'm really hoping for a 5/6 goal thumping though.
  16. Looked at Bet365 and you can still get 20/21 on Leverkusen to win. From what I've heard, they're not likely to rest more than 3-4 players, so that seems like an unreasonably good deal.
  17. The only thing I'm taking from that interview is he already feels under pressure. We need to up our performances and keep winning. If we can manage a couple of relentless months, they're going to crumble.
  18. They've spent more than us every season for at least a decade. Some of that is obviously contextual, given the leagues we were playing in (because of punishments we wrongly received), but even if you just look at spending since we've been back in the top flight, there's no question we've been swimming against the current. Last season in particular, journalists kept talking about how heavily Gerrard had been "backed", but you rarely heard them mention that Lennon spent ~150% of what we did. We've seen a similar thing recently with the talk around player retention. You constantly hear about how "lucky" Gerrard is to have been allowed to keep our top performers, but I don't remember hearing anything like that on BBC Scotland or in the Daily Record when their board paid-up to retain Edouard, Ajer, and Christie last season. It clearly suits the majority in this country not to talk about how spectacular our recent achievements have been because, if you look at it objectively, we've beaten very challenging odds to win a title. The fact that we have an opportunity to consolidate that - and actually get closer to something resembling a level playing-field - is probably why we're all so nervy about our recent performances. We know what that CL money could do and, more importantly, what we could do if the balance was truly restored.
  19. I suppose an '-ecoglou' is a period in which your team wins games. In that sense, Ange is very much 'postecoglou'.
  20. I do think we’ve carried a lot of fitness and injury problems into this season. Barisic seemed absolutely knackered around March/April - I think he even got rested for a game or two just for being knackered - and then he’s gone to the Euros and I’m not sure he’s had the rest he’s been needing for 6+ months since. Same goes for Tav, Helander, and probably several others.
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